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  1. [released] Cavorting Amongst the Corpses

    The idea behind that first enemy was to demonstrate just how inefficient it is to just hack wildly, so when you learn to counter with the next enemy, you think "oh, that was so much easier. I should do that every time." In retrospect, I can see what a dick move that was and shouldn't have been designed that way. There's a lot of small adjustments I'm dying to make but I'm unfortunately still without a computer
  2. [released] Cavorting Amongst the Corpses

    Thanks for the feedback! In watching a few people play, I'm realizing that the blocking system isn't as clear as I thought it would be. I added an explanation in the description that hopefully clears things up a bit. By the way, here's where I shamelessly ripped the combat from ( skip to 6:38)
  3. Just thought I'd make a quick thread for my game before Showcase Weekend. No screenshots or game footage unfortunately because my computer shit the bed the very next day after submitting Cavorting Amongst the Corpses is a basic platformer where my design focus was mainly on combat and enemy behavior. In a system inspired by Viewtiful Joe, enemies will telegraph whether their attack will be high or low, and you'll have to block accordingly in order to stun them and counter attack. There are four enemy types, each with a unique twist. A boss battle was cut for time, so the game doesn't really have an ending. This is my first jam game, and I hope people will enjoy and leave plenty of feedback. Game located here: