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  1. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Yeah, I think it might actually be my favourite Metroidvania now (30+ hour mark, still a bit to go to complete it) although my tastes in the genre are not typical. I couldn't tell you the number of times I've backtracked through an area and found what I thought was maybe a trapped grub or charm room only to discover it was a whole new area of some size. I'm at a boss I might well never bear but I've had my money's worth and then some with this. Glad to hear it's sold very well for them.
  2. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I like Octopath Traveler very much. Combat is interesting enough to be engaging without being too fiddly to stay fun, graphics are pretty and the sound is superb. Ticking all my JRPG boxes at the moment. Looking forward to finishing the sublime Hollow Knight so I can really get into it.
  3. Bayonetta

    No, and no. IMO. Which for what it's worth is the opinion of someone who just beat B1 today having never really given it a chance before. I did get up to Chapter 5 on the Wii U version but I was playing it expecting it to be great with all the hype and wasn't feeling it for whatever reason - I would pick it up for twenty minutes here and there over quite a long period until I got to a notorious sticking point in the fifth and gave up. This time it clicked and I've been playing through a chapter or two every morning while on the exercise bike (!) and really enjoyed it in the main, with the exception of some QTEs that it really could've done without but it is basically 10 years old now and that's what we did back then. Normal difficulty never gets harder than chapter 5 and never asks any more from you than some really basic combos - I was PPKKK and PPPKKK-ing all day - and learning to watch for tells, dodge often and don't get greedy. I'm awful at Platinum games usually but as long as you're OK with stone trophies for a first playthrough then there's nothing to stop you seeing it through. Anyway I liked this game and the bosses are especially great which is notable because I hate boss fights. [7]
  4. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    I spent a long time trying to convince myself I wanted a Switch for any reason other than gadget lust as I had a Wii U and already rinsed Zelda and Mario Kart but oh lordy there's a ton of great stuff on it right now. Picross S, Golf Story, Mario+Rabbids, Monster Hunter XX and I've just finished Splatoon 2. So much things. Part of me really wants to save Odyssey for Christmas day and I just might be able to with the current backlog.
  5. Recently completed video games

    Splatoon 2. I enjoyed the first but the campaign did feel like a glorified multiplayer tutorial, this time I feel I go my money's worth already and I've yet to touch online. Reminded me of Galaxy in places. Wonderful stuff.
  6. Recently completed video games

    Sonic Mania. Oh man. Stupidly pre-ordered on impulse, having seen pretty much nothing of it and not having really played a Sonic game since Sonic & Knuckles. I think it was just the sheer contrast of all the lovely primary colours standing out against the rest of the items on PSN but what a package it is. Quite a substantial length with a well designed trophy set that kept me busy for most of the weekend, still got a couple of the blue spere related ones to get so that will be my go to game for unwinding with a podcast after work for the next couple of weeks. Wonderful. So much so that I'm going to dig out my PS3 to play Sonic CD having bought it ages ago in a sale and never bothering to try it.
  7. Some of the background text on buildings and posters is distractingly low-res but that's the only obvious hint to its PS3 lineage I've noticed in the opening hours. It dazzles with style though, so it could be running at 15fps pushing N64esque character models around and I wouldn't notice or care. This will be old news no doubt if you've been following it and watching videos etc but I went in dark and I'm just consistently wowed by the dumbest shit, like the strutting after a battle or how much of a delight it is to scroll through the item menu. This does though make it all the more heartbreaking they've disabled the Share button entirely after the opening 10 minutes of play.
  8. Nintendo 3DS

    Almost imported that BoxBoy set last month but the charges were a bit too steep, shame if we don't get it but I'm hardly surprised. I'm back into my 3DS in a major way at the moment. Recently played through Fire Emblem Fates and now 3D Picross Round 2 has utterly consumed me. Dragon Quest VIII is a bit disappointing but that's OK because then I would have less time to spend with 3D Picross.
  9. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Oh five games is plenty for me too but I'm an idiot. I've wavered back and forth all week and if it had anything alongside Zelda that looked interesting I'd have one on order but I can't convince myself £40 for Bomberman is a wise purchase, or that I need to buy a third copy of Disgaea 5. I have a Wii U, I'll play Zelda on there framerate be damned. What's weird is that I browse NeoGaf and in North America this seems to be quite a big launch (although it could just be the type of people who post on there) but here in the UK it is utterly, utterly dead. Is this all over Europe or just a local indifference? I've had increasingly desperate emails from retailers all week begging me to place a preorder for the stock they're drowning in, and on the high street two days before launch the only place you see mention of it is a poster in the window of GAME, incidentally dwarfed by an eye-catching display encouraging preorders for Red Dead Redemption 2 which we all know won't be out for a year.
  10. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Yeah, I had a preorder I was undecided over until the embargo went up yesterday and I decided it was just too much of a risk right now. If they can't give me Virtual Console to help with the lean first few months or reassurance in plain language that they've sorted the account system out then I'm not giving them £300. I doubt I'm alone - hype for this is zero here and preorders are easy to come by. Wee bit concerned for the system already given they don't have much of a presence at retail currently to build on.
  11. Quitter's Club: Don't be ashamed to quit the game.

    Unless someone wants to convince me I'm making a huge mistake I think I'm binning Oracle of Ages. I've put 15 hours in and cleared 5 dungeons - if it were a normal game I'd probably push through but the prospect of having to play Oracle of Seasons after it to see the proper ending is too much. I like the dungeons, I just hate the overworld bits so much. Does Seasons do the time travel gimmick too? Not a fan of that in games either.
  12. Fire Emblem Heroes (iOS/Android)

    It's not trying to be a Fire Emblem game at all though, it's a gacha game in an FE skin. Literally nothing more. It's the first one I've really played and on the penultimate chapter of the story it's 1) fucking terrible as an actual game and 2) terrifying, in that the summoning of characters is so addictive that I can understand why someone might spend the ludicrous sums of money they want for orbs rather than play any more of this brainless shite. And every hour or so I keep picking it up to do another couple of maps. It's powerful stuff.
  13. The Nintendo Wii U is Great Thread

    Earlier today I accidentally saw only the second footage I've seen of it since that first trailer and almost wept. I am 36 years old. I've taken a long weekend off work for it which is a first for a video game and I don't even feel daft about that now.
  14. Recently completed video games

    Oh yeah! I only found out about the rhythm element to the combat by accident after a few hours and moved from playing it on my phone to on a Revo K101 which was definitely a wise choice in retrospect although it meant I couldn't take screenshots or use save states. Another accidental discovery was DP - the currency of the game - which I kept waiting to unlock as there's a menu entry for it but I never seemed to earn any and I assumed it must unlock at a later point. After about 15 hours I discovered the frogs are banking it in the background as you play and I was a secret millionaire, it was great! Although I felt a bit stupid. I just beat Resident Evil 4 again and that is still a good game. I have bought this nine times now, completed it pretty much as often and the final third is wearing a little thin on me in places but it's a ridiculously entertaining ride all the same. Once you get used to the controls anyway, what were we thinking back then? Ooof.
  15. Recently completed video games

    It's really something. It probably helps that the project lead was a professional translator and they already had Earthbound to take tonal reference from but even so it's of such consistently high quality with no obvious rough edges that you soon forget you're playing something unofficial. I'm looking forward now to being able to binge on all the developmental videos they put up on their channel as the little snippets I allowed myself while playing were interesting.