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  1. Tacoma from Fullbright

    I grabbed it too but waiting to play it on my new PC in a few months.
  2. It will have to the Z370, which is basically a rebranded Z270 that costs a bit more. I’m piecing together my first gaming PC by Christmas after being on consoles for last 10 years and decided to go 7th gen for now and upgrade on 9th or 10th gen as 8th gen seems a bit rushed and I don’t want the stress of hunting around for an i5 8400 and instead just want to build ASAP so I can stop gaming on my iMac. At the end of the day I got a 7600k, and saved a chunk picking it up on sale at Microcenter.
  3. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Witcher 3 GOTY is $19.99 basically everywhere Steam, GOG, IGN/Humble
  4. Divinity: Original Sin II

    I ended up not being able to hold out as I really wanted something to play and nothing on the current sales was calling to me. So, I bought it at full price planning to complete at least one playthrough over the next few months. I'm a few hours in but not far enough past the handholding sections to really get a grasp of how much I like it, but early indications are good. I think I am going to restart after I get another couple of hours in as I feel I may be shooting myself in the foot early on not speccing the characters right or using scrolls too early that I may need later.
  5. Fortnite

    is anyone playing Battle Royale? mildly interesting controversy going on right now. I picked it up and it runs pretty well on my 2012 machine (iMac, running Windows).
  6. Mouse Wrist Pain

    Wacom tablets/trackpads might be beneficial as well
  7. Battlefield 1

    I got the deluxe edition for sale on pc the other day. I'm actually playing on my 27" iMac from 2012 until I can build a new pc. I'm very pleased with the performance. It runs really well on high and looks great!
  8. Divinity: Original Sin II

    I have not played the first one, but have always wanted too. I am moving from PS4 back to PC gaming (won't be finished with my build until Christmas). Until then I am making do with my 27" iMac 2012. I was looking at the first game but it is currently $40, just wondering if it ever goes below that in any bundles or sales? if so i might wait for the sale, if not I might go ahead and get it.
  9. Rainbow Six: Siege

    got this for ps4 - haven't even played yet, will probably suck mega but would love to add a few of you. xchen05 on psn.
  10. Tacoma from Fullbright

    Hope this comes to PS4, although I might be building a pc this year finally
  11. Dunkirk

    This struck me too - can't think of another popular war movie with no clear antagonist
  12. Movie/TV recommendations

    Ozark is pretty brilliant, eh?
  13. Glow (TV Series)

    Yes, I like Marc Maron and enjoyed his character. We finished the season today and I was very pleased with it overall. Looking forward to the continuation in season two. I wish Netflix would do more episodes per season because we're blowing through shows really quick these days.
  14. Glow (TV Series)

    I have had a fun time with Glow noticing characters portrayed by actors I recognized much later after thinking, "why is this person's voice sooooo familiar". Obvious one is But more mind blowing was