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  1. Curious, do you always scale things in reverse? Most people would indicate greater excitement with a greater number such as 10/10, etc.
  2. Jared Leto is in it?! JFC!! All hope is lost!
  3. Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave has died
  4. As a child I learned of photic sneezing from the children's television show Pete & Pete. Since seeing that episode approximately age 8 or 9 I have made use of it over the years, and have found artificial light works for me as well! anyone else watch that show growing up? One of the best kids shows ever.
  5. Sleepy Hollow has been cancelled. I'm not caught up so can't speak to the quality of recent seasons but I intended to catch up on it since it's filmed in my town. With the amount of filming being done here now I'm sure some other production will move into town soon.
  6. Congrats! It's an exciting time!
  7. This was just renewed for a second season. This time with more neck tattoos.
  8. For a second a show called Love Bites came to mind, but I realized it wasn't the show you were talking about.
  9. Thanks! Didn't realize there was one. Will be sure to give it a listen!
  10. Picked this up at the library yesterday on your recommendation. Will report back!
  11. American Gods started last night. Anyone watching?
  12. Started Girlboss on Netflix, liking it so far! Jake Fogelnest of 90s internet tv and Sirius radio fame is a writer/producer which was a pleasant surprise in the credits.