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  1. Ozark is pretty brilliant, eh?
  2. Yes, I like Marc Maron and enjoyed his character. We finished the season today and I was very pleased with it overall. Looking forward to the continuation in season two. I wish Netflix would do more episodes per season because we're blowing through shows really quick these days.
  3. I have had a fun time with Glow noticing characters portrayed by actors I recognized much later after thinking, "why is this person's voice sooooo familiar". Obvious one is But more mind blowing was
  4. Anyone watching Glow yet?
  5. No it's literally XBOX but you got most of the way there
  6. I went to the Reflektor tour and it was nuts! Their ability to filter their music and never have an off song is second to none. That show was one of my favorites ever. There's a new Phoenix record out tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it but have tempered expectations after Bankrupt! I'll be back in here this weekend with my initial thoughts.
  7. Definitely loving all the tracks you mentioned. Grabbed Arcade Fire tickets already, getting the War on Drugs next!
  8. I played through in two sittings and was very satisfied! As someone else said I'm glad to have another game to show non gamers! This is the perfect game to get my wife to play while I sit there grinning while she freaks out. Watching her play Gone Home with white knuckles was satisfying as hell and I imagine this will be the same!
  9. So I finished the Sense of an Ending and it definitely resonated with me (as someone who was a total shit in the past). What should I read next?
  10. Curious, do you always scale things in reverse? Most people would indicate greater excitement with a greater number such as 10/10, etc.
  11. Jared Leto is in it?! JFC!! All hope is lost!
  12. Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave has died
  13. As a child I learned of photic sneezing from the children's television show Pete & Pete. Since seeing that episode approximately age 8 or 9 I have made use of it over the years, and have found artificial light works for me as well! anyone else watch that show growing up? One of the best kids shows ever.
  14. Sleepy Hollow has been cancelled. I'm not caught up so can't speak to the quality of recent seasons but I intended to catch up on it since it's filmed in my town. With the amount of filming being done here now I'm sure some other production will move into town soon.