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  1. Paused the cast to check out Mouth Moods on my drive home; ended up cracking up the entire ride. Awesome plug!
  2. Admit it you enjoy reading it, you neocon
  3. I'm with you Mington. I beat the story and was trying to get as many of the trophies as possible but I'm just over it and ready to move on to something new.
  4. I need this game so bad.
  5. So I decided to revisit this for the audio commentary and I love the way it was incorporated. I've never played a game with audio commentary on but I'm not sure another developer could top how clever Campo Santo was putting this together.
  6. Try jumping on them and doing a drop attack. Do the robots count as kills?
  7. Picked up Talos Principle for PS4. Guess it doesn't count as a deal as I bought it on steam a few years back at full retail.
  8. Hey - thanks for such a thorough post, as soon as I get a minute I plan to follow up! Thanks to the rest of you too, I realize we don't see eye to eye but civility goes a long way and is a welcome change after such a long and brutal campaign cycle.
  9. I'm going to keep with your bullet format! I want to give a bit of my background too as it might make the context of my replies even weirded! I'm in the metro Atlanta area in a county that wen't blue for the first time, and many friends and co-workers would openly tell me they couldn't believe anyone would vote for Trump and that they were openly voting for Hillary with varying degrees of support ranging from enthusiastic to lukewarm or minimal. I was raised in a Republican household but in my formative years became much more libertarian and socially liberal while remaining pretty fiscally conservative. After 2012 I completely left the Republican party as I felt the party no longer represented me and career politicians on all sides were ruining the country. I was supportive of some of the primary candidates, and completely unsupportive of others this cycle, and was pretty turned off by the long primary campaign. What were your main reasons for voting Trump? Because he's not a career politician (and I would argue not really even a Republican) Because I think he'll be better on economic issues affecting me, my friends and family, and you! Because I think he truly thinks America is the greatest country on Earth and wants it to succeed again where it's been stagnant for many years What are your thoughts and feelings with regards to Trump's campaign rhetoric? I thought it was largely a tool used to great effect as proven by the outcome. I don't think he actually holds many of the positions he claimed to, which is fine by me as I don't hold them either. In many ways I think quiet Trump supporters like myself - in a way it's like a silent understanding between him and the voter where you realize he's making a ludicrous claim just to have the left get outraged and distracted, and in the end he ends up softening the position considerably. In the previous post I replied to there were lots of questions about Trumps comments with regards to Muslims and how we could be OK with someone threatening to create a Muslim registry. The answer is I'm not OK with that, but I also don't think there's any way that happens. If you want to continue on with this conversation, PM me. Which of his campaign promises do you think are the most important ones? Economic issues Doing something about undocumented immigration (but not necessarily the Great Wall of America(tm)) Combatting the spread of ISIS and radical ideas to Western society Do you expect Trump to follow through on his campaign promises? By the follow through I mean a reasonable attempt at getting the thing done. I'm not sure, as I have never really considered this something we can reasonably expect - I'm pretty used to feeling screwed over by politicians. Is this a thing for the left, and if not, why? Obama had a ton of unfulfilled promises. Do you feel the last 8 years have been successful, and did you see Hillary as four more years, the natural selection, or a way to make right on things Obama left undone?
  10. Sorry, I just can't agree with this. By this logic everyone who votes for anyone would be complicit in all of the candidates past behaviors. Hillary's done tons of gross stuff. Are you complicit in all of that because you voted for her? You said yourself you dislike Hillary, I'm curious if you turned out to vote for her or stayed home like so many others. I think this type of attitude toward people of differing opinions is why they election turned out the way it did. I don't support everything Trump said, not by a long shot, and I don't think he even supports all of it. I'm going to address some of this more in follow up replies which I will be getting to ASAP. In my reply to you I mostly wanted to comment on the failed tactic of Hillary's campaign to choose to attack the Trump voter, which I think you echoed here. If you broadly put massive amounts of people into a "basket of deplorables" or say they're complicit in a bunch of gross stuff they don't agree with or feel complicit in, they're just going to tune you out. I could go on about what I think Trump's tactics were, why I'm OK with some of them, and why they were successful if you want to continue the conversation.
  11. I'm still planning to reply to your questions later on this week once I can get to a desktop, so if anyone else wants to chime in with some before then I welcome those as well. Love unimural's bullet format so feel free to keep those kind of questions coming. Happy Thanksgiving, friends!
  12. I'm willing to offer my perspective as a straight white Trump voter living in the south if anyone wants to ask a specific question on my outlook or why I voted the way I did in a polite an open minded way. I also was NOT that surprised by the outcome, but remained cautiously optimistic during the campaign while largely remaining silent in political conversations with anyone not outwardly supporting Trump.
  13. If you think Clinton ran a solid campaign you should probably widen your sources of news consumption. There were weekly scandals and slip ups constantly and I think trying to write them all off as "sensational" and mainstream media not doing their job is failing to see what went wrong here. Hillary Clinton is obsessed with power and fought the most dirty campaign fraught with corruption. They colluded with the DNC to fuck over a sweetheart like Bernie (who would have won). The upper echelon of the DNC is all out, and the interim chair had to resign from CNN after being caught floating multiple questions to the campaign (major conflict of interest and a huge failure by the media this cycle). Hillary and the people around her have been so cavalier with their emails and it showed in the Wikileaks dumps. This election was a referendum on Hillary and corruption and if all want to keep denying that then I'm not surprised you were all so shocked to see the obvious happen on Tuesday.
  14. I love it (but I love experimental music)