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  1. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    I never posted on here much, but I've just realized that it's been somewhere around five years since I started listening to the podcast(s). Though this community is so storied that I still feel like a newcomer. I'm also younger than most of you so I often feel like (and am) a total idiot. I truly hope that Important If True comes back, or really, any podcast featuring any of the Thumbs, but of course I understand the logistical difficulties. The combination of smart discussion with ridiculously stupid humour is something that can't be found anything else, and re-listening to old eps always makes me feel better when I'm down. I guess that's really all I have to say. Idle Thumbs, as a podcast and as a network, has been super important to me. I grew up on forums, like many of you. I was on the Slack for a while but I felt what a lot of people here felt about it going too quickly and just feeling like another thing pinging all the time, even though the discussion was often enjoyable. I don't know if I'll ever refresh a forum the way I used to as a kid, but I do still check over here relatively often to see what's up, even though I don't really post. And my favourite memories have always been Chris reading auto-generated posts. And of course, Jeff jefferson jeff bloom gold jeff gate (I was Screaming with laughter when I first listened to episode 50, and eventually made this video so I didn't have to keep the episode on my phone all the time)
  2. The Hone Zone was veering dangerously close to Jeff Gone Gold territory, my personal favourite Idle Thumbs bit. Probably for the best that you didn't fully revert. That crawfish story gives me the creepy-crawlies. I was lying in bed with a half-fever imagining my room slowly filling up with water lobsters, and feeling the sensation of them tickling my feet. It reminds me of an old daydream/nightmare I used to have in school about if all bugs suddenly quadrupled in size and drowned the human population. Anyway, it's amazing how stupidly cohesive this episode ended up being (, using IIT logic of course, not.. actual logic).
  3. How is it that you guys independently, in conversations almost a year apart, came to the idea of Terminator Clooney robots? I can't tell if I'm dumb for thinking that you didn't realize this, but you guys never mentioned that this episode gets dangerously close to your previous conversation about robots wearing George Clooney's skin, in order to ..uh..do something, I don't really remember. I think this was around the era when you guys were discussing Arnold Schwarzenegger's arm coming back from the future and becoming one of the forty five brains in order to...uhh... Man what is this podcast.
  4. Concentric

    Looks like I'll have to head back in...
  5. Concentric

    Oh! Another thing I noticed is that you seem to earn stars for repeating levels. I feel like this messes with the progression of the game. Couldn't you unlock everything just by replaying the first level over and over? You should max out at 78 stars, but I have 134 lol. I imagine this is a bug.
  6. Concentric

    Wow. Another fantastic game, Zero. I was hooked from the first second, but the addition of the phantom was truly an inspired choice. Absolutely fantastic. Made a point to go through and try to beat all your high scores I love the way everything is communicated visually. After a single run, it is always entirely clear how the new obstacles work. It looks so simple, but it's clear that it was well thought out. There seems to be a slight lag between getting onto a line and being able to jump off of it; I assume this was intentional? At first it was a bit frustrating, but I quickly got used to it. Compared to the rest of the game, that one interaction feels just *slightly* less polished, possibly because there is no obvious indicator of when you will be able to jump. (This might not be necessary though, considering this "lag" is probably measurable only in microseconds.) Obviously, I still enjoyed the heck out of it though.
  7. That is so good. I am listening to this and imagining that he is approaching me at a party and using these as chat-up lines.
  8. The Ace of Spades one gives me a bit of a Van Morrison feel, honestly. Also reminds me of the track from Mouth Moods, ACVC, in just the absolute absurdity of rock vocalists being separated from their backing tracks. As someone who greatly enjoys out-of-genre covers, I am so happy to have been introduced to Songsmith. Also wanna join in on all the In Our Time love; I listened to the ep on Kant's Categorical Imperative because of the pod, and really enjoyed it. I like the producer coming in at the end and asking everyone if they'd like tea or coffee. (I have a vague memory of this show being recommended on another pod I listen to, but can not for the life of me remember where.)
  9. "Obviously, the implications of this are massive and terrifying, but the stupid version of it is ridiculous." This quote from Chris perfectly describes the MO of Important If True.
  10. I hope Nick (two?) enjoys his time in Vancouver! I'm happy the pod is still going.
  11. I think the worst part of the seventeen-hour thing is watching the times when you're just sitting there, doing nothing, and thinking about something. Because seventeen hours later you'll have forgotten what you were thinking about at the time, so you'll just be looking at yourself like "hey do something! come on!" I say this most every week, but this is my favourite ep yet. Absolutely brilliant.
  12. @eRonin it is absolutely hilarious that we posted our responses within seconds of each other.
  13. As someone who's been following and playing Starcraft II for over 6 years (with a few extended breaks), I was surprised to hear Nick's endorsement. It often feels like a game that even people interested in e-Sports as a whole completely overlook, because it had such an unsustainable meteoric rise in the beginning. It seems like people have been predicting the death of the game for years and years, definitely longer than its initial peak period was, and while it's certainly declined, I do think it will maintain a strong loyal community for years to come. I took a break for most of this year, and just started watching again last month, and hey, people are still playing some damn exciting games. I do think it's a difficult game to jump into, but I have also had Nick's experience of introducing a partner to it, and watching them go from zero understanding at all to being able to follow the flow of a match in just a week or so.
  14. Wouldn't it make more sense for the city that's based around a sunken ship to be called "Octlantis"? I feel like they truly goofed these names.