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  1. aww...I'd discovered this earlier and hoped it wouldn't be one of the episodes just because with a pretty limited number of them I was hoping for more new #content. I mean it's obviously undergone some revision, but the basics are the same.
  2. If the point of writing Hey Ya is just for money, the stock market is just such an easier and less conspicuous way to go about it. Get in on Google, Amazon, Apple etc. early enough. Make the right short calls just before the dot com bubble bursts, and again when the financial crisis hits. If you still don't have enough 5000x that by betting on Leicester City to win the premier league before last season began and you should be set.
  3. this podcast is SO GOOD you guys
  4. Persona is amazing (although it is at that point the limits of my own exposure to Bergman ends)
  5. I can second this, it's pretty great. Deeply creepy without being jump scare-y.
  6. I've seen the Alec Guinness tv series and liked it, but its long enough ago that I don't have much to say about it. It's on youtube if anyone's curious:
  7. Oh another book recommendation: Roberto BolaƱo. His Savage Detectives was my introduction to him and is probably a more approachable starting point than his magnum opus, 2666, which is pretty easy to bounce off of (though IMO worthwhile if you find you like Savage Detectives).
  8. Music: pretty much the entirety of the Daptone Records catalog. It's throwback retro soul/funk/groove jazz stuff. Some stuff you might have heard include the late, great Sharon Jones, Charles Bradley (for those of you into the "with vocals" end of things). The Dap Kings (Sharon Jones' backing band) also did the backing instrumentation on Amy Winehouse's Back to Black album. The real gold, IMO, is in the instrumental stuff though: Menahan Street Band (who are Charles Bradley's backing band), The Budos Band, The Olympians, The Mighty Imperials, and the Sugarman 3 (which, oddly, is way more than three people). Books: hardly an out of left field unknown, but Nobel Prize winner Orhan Pamuk has long been a favourite author of mine (though I've only ever read him in translation). My favourite of his is probably The Black Book which is a meandering meditation on identity, particularly Turkish identity against the influence of the West, wrapped in what is nominally a detective story about the protagonist searching for his missing wife. One of his earlier books, The White Castle features
  9. As someone who can neither confirm nor deny that one of the items in our high school senior year scavenger hunt (a tradition at the school) may have been an eight grader...well it doesn't sound like much exaggeration to me.
  10. It's a good pod, Bront.
  11. While I disagree with Gerstmann on this, I feel this kind of reaction is just a bit knee jerk defensiveness. It's a valid opinion to hold that if Bioware is going to devote x amount of money/resources to a game, where x is greater than y, the amount spent on the last instalment in the series, it was a mistake to do so if the new title isn't a significant improvement on the old title(s) (which, again, a matter of opinion, but one he should be allowed to have without some claim to authority other than "I am a dude what played the old games and then played the new one"). That is a lot of money/person-hours that goes into something like Andromeda, aren't you the least bit curious what else Bioware could have done with it if they weren't making a mass effect?
  12. I have been thinking about this, and while I understand the criticisms of the portrayal, I wonder if it was an attempt to depict some kind of utopian future in which deadnaming yourself just isn't a big deal, just another biographical detail you might include if you were already inclined to tell the pathfinder which planet you grew up on etc. That's going to ring false as not anything that someone in our current/real political context/milieu would ever do, but in some idyllic imagined future? I dunno.
  13. I haven't played a ton of it, but one thing I liked about Dragon's Dogma is that the day night cycle is not kidding around. I mean yeah, sure, some deadlier monsters only come out at night, but more than that it can get dark as heck. It's not like other games where light from the moon and stars is basically enough to get by...if your lantern actually runs out of oil in the middle of night it can be really hard to make out stuff at even moderate distance.
  14. Going to be totally honest here, while it's possible for a decent show to be fashioned out of these characters, on a superpower level they basically are all just good at beating people up which seems like a recipe for a dull team up.