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  1. I've been watching a ton of actual play tabletop rpgs recently. If you're into that sort of thing, I'd recommend: Critical Role, Acquisitions Inc C Team, Dice, Camera, Action, and Corporate SINs. They're all D&D except the last one which is shadowrun.
  2. I'm not at all privy to how moderation works on waypoint, so I have no idea if this is at all applicable, but in at least one forum I'm on, stuff that is exceptionally offensive gets deleted, along with anything quoting it that responds to it. In such a circumstance, getting something flagged sooner rather than later can result in less work because if you delete the comments of people justifiably upset at the original offensive comment, some of them will understandably be upset about having their comment deleted and then the mods have to field angry pms or whatever. If you can curb the impulse by getting people to flag instead of angrily responding, then that potentially cuts down on headache not only because there will hypothetically be fewer such responses but also because you will get to the offensive comments faster so fewer people have time to respond.
  3. At a certain point it just becomes a question of how many eyeballs the mod team has available to keep an eye on how many potentially contentious threads. IMO it's a valid choice to close a thread before something bad gets posted if the mod team feels the topic is more likely than others to result in bad behavior. As for inconsistency, maybe their idea of where that "potential for badness" threshold is changes over time or depending who's on duty. It's hard to imagine a mod policy that doesn't occasionally come down to individuals making judgement calls that even the other mods won't necessarily agree with 100% of the time, moreso with a site that's still relatively new-ish and figuring stuff out.
  4. Yeah but there was also mention of her being relagated to production duties...not sure if that was just kidding around or not, but I hope she gets more time on the other side of the mic.
  5. Sure it's a system, but for the purposes of discussion, it's not one designed by the designer of a game such that it is meaningful to say whether a particular application/expression of it was intended or unintended. Otherwise we end up adding in things like a player's cardiovascular & central nervous system which are necessary unless our players are AI or something. I mean is that really a road we want to be going down?
  6. I will refrain from further commentary as I don't want to be piling on, but basically ditto what Tycho said. There can be a whole lot more going on with a video game than what is either onscreen or going on in the guts of the code. As an example, pbem Diplomacy. The mechanics implemented in software will adjudicate results, but the actual meat of the play is going to be in talking to other players.
  7. I think that in its own, different way is being reductive about what a press the button first game would entail. I could imagine, for instance, jostling for position which, out of a desire to avoid serious physical harm, would probably involve some kind of negotation about what maneuvers should be allowed and which shouldn't (no punching, kicking, etc.) Maybe there's some kind of handicapping system that needs to be developed if players with some physical attribute (longer armspan?) have a consistent advantage etc. Does the designer of such a game intend for players to bite and gouge eyeballs in an attempt to hit the button first? Regardless of whether the answer to that is yes or no, absent instructions explicitly allowing or disallowing that, players can elect to do something that was not intended.
  8. support@thekla.com maybe?
  9. I don't know anything about it but I believe there's a BBC Anansi Boys adaptation in the works.
  10. I remember thinking the book was ok, but I'd read it just after reading Tim Powers' Last Call which I thought was a more interesting take on a similar theme.
  11. aww...I'd discovered this earlier and hoped it wouldn't be one of the episodes just because with a pretty limited number of them I was hoping for more new #content. I mean it's obviously undergone some revision, but the basics are the same.
  12. If the point of writing Hey Ya is just for money, the stock market is just such an easier and less conspicuous way to go about it. Get in on Google, Amazon, Apple etc. early enough. Make the right short calls just before the dot com bubble bursts, and again when the financial crisis hits. If you still don't have enough 5000x that by betting on Leicester City to win the premier league before last season began and you should be set.
  13. this podcast is SO GOOD you guys