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  1. Plug your shit

    We have had the genital jousting comment quite frequently and i take it as a compliment! The movement and gameplay in that game is just brilliant.
  2. Plug your shit

    Thank you! jennegatron!
  3. Photos of things

    I volunteered recently at the Dundee Design Festival here in Scotland. They had filled this old warehouse building with different objects and demos of making processes, the windows were covered with these amazing coloured gel film that created beautiful squares of light on the floor.
  4. Other podcasts

    I thoroughly enjoyed S-Town despite it depicting a fairly grim reality. I do often wonder what parts were left out from the hours long phone calls.
  5. Plug your shit

    I am new to the forums but a long time listener. I just graduated and began working on a small game with two friends. The game is called PHOGS! and has you and a friend go on a double ended dog adventure, cooperating to help strange creatures and solve puzzles. You can check out the devlog over at TIGForums: https://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=60202.0 as well as on twitter @bitloomgames. Here are a couple of screenshots of prototype gameplay: This is just fantastic!
  6. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Long time podcast listener first time wizard. Excited to be here.
  7. Spoiler