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  1. What's the Name of the Game!?

  2. What's the Name of the Game!?

    28 looks like
  3. Intoxicated:

    It looks like we've got the 8-year old El Dorado at my local state liquour store, so I might just try it out. I'll follow jennegatron's advice first though. I've purchased enough bottles I ended up not liking Thanks for the advice!
  4. Intoxicated:

    If one has never tried rum before, what should one get? Something to mix?
  5. [RELEASED] The World Begins With You

    Putting something like this together in such a short time is very impressive! Very well done! Like has been pointed out earlier in this thread, this could very well be the prettiest Game Jam title I've seen yet! Having recently played through Shadow of the Colussus, I must say the world's aesthetic in TWBWY gave me a similar feel. There are a few of things I'd like to critique though, mostly with how the environment art guides the player through the space in one section. Hiding in a spoiler so I don't eat up all the space. Like I said in the beginning though, what you've done is truly impressive and I really look forward to seeing what you do next!
  6. Idle Thumbs: A Patreon

    If I jump onto the post card train now will I be hopelessly lost?
  7. I keep meaning to post in here, but much like these shows it keeps slipping from my mind. I actually skipped the entirety of Arrow season 1 when I first started watching, on the behest of a friend who had already finished it and found too "soapy". Having barely even heard of the Green Arrow previously I appreciated most of the show (even the flashback segments) except the way that many of the characters just keep on making the same mistakes over and over. Especially as I got into season 3-4 and that trend just keeps on going.
  8. I definitely second this. It's certainly not the worst show I've ever seen, but when contrasted to how I've devoured some of the other Marvel shows... Iron Fist sort of reminds me of the start of Agents of SHIELD quality-wise
  9. Mass Effect Andromeda - Thumb Drive Engaged!

    Yeah, from what I've seen a lot of the dialogue just seems real sloppy.
  10. Painting tabletop miniatures

    Not played that no, but Shut Up and Sit Down has had a nice article and "Let's play" of it. Semi-related to that though is that me and some colleagues have been playing a Kill Team (Skirmish)-variant of WH40K made by some folks calling themselves Heralds of Ruin. It's pretty fun with it's smaller forces where each model acts independently, coherency be damned.
  11. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    If one wanted to get into Elite Dangerous now, what would I need to buy? Horizons?