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  1. Suppressing that very gross recollection seems like fair subconscious self-defense on Chris' and Nick's part!
  2. That seems like a fair representation. I've read some interesting DSII apologists' articles on that game's world design, but the interlocking puzzle box of Dark Souls 1 continues to dwarf anything else I've played.
  3. I found myself nodding in agreement so much during the discussion of older shooters' lack of an XP grind or various other "incentives" locked behind hours of playtime. That felt very fresh to me in 2007 with CoD4, but anymore, it just has an incredibly chilling effect on me maintaining any long-term interest in keeping up with the game. I feel a level of pressure to keep up that usually instead just means I drop the game entirely since I know I don't have the stamina to reach the higher levels. And of course, if I don't persist with a game off the bat, I can look forward to being plowed over by all the folks that are willing/able to put in that time commitment... I'm very hopeful that Overwatch will allow me the opportunity to get into a game where everything is available up-front again and where I really can have a game that is the equivalent of a casual game of golf or chess.
  4. Very much agreed. I fell off on keeping up with the Idle Book Club in its last iteration, but when everything was working as intended, I greatly appreciated the extra push to pick up my book. Look forward to this starting up again! My wife is also participating, so even more incentive for me to actually keep up on my reading!
  5. Thinking back on the handful of standout moments I really enjoyed this season, and was surprised at how straightforward Ray's dream dad's monologue is after the finale! Hahaha, my fianceé and I both burst out laughing at Farell's reaction there. How else could you react to that line?
  6. I've been unable to unsee this comparison since my fiancée pointed it out in episode 2 or 3. I do find the actual elements of his storyline interesting, but I really don't care for the actor much at all.
  7. Movie/TV recommendations

    My fiancée started watching Supernatural when it first popped up on Netflix a few years ago, and by season 3, she had be fairly hooked it as well. We've agreed to a mutual delusion that the show ends right before that last moment of season 5, and everything else is just fairly well-financed fan-fiction. She's continued to watch it, so I catch and episode here and there, but it's just, eugh... And now that it's about to start season 11, it earns the infamy of being a long-running show with more bad seasons than good.
  8. I'm experiencing something similar after dropping the game about a week-and-a-half ago due to an unexpected workload increase eating up any potential video game time. Now that things are settling down again, I'm don't feel much motivation to return to playing; I had fun in the moment, but after Demon's and Dark Souls, there's far less urge to return. I also stopped playing before seeing any rooms full of spiders. And I know there's always that room full of spiders somewhere. Urgh.
  9. Twin Peaks Discussion

    And around and around we go...
  10. eReaders - What is everyone's thoughts?

    It really made a world of difference when my fiancée and I both switched to models with built-in lights. Now when she stays up past 2 am finishing a book, my own suffering is limited only to seeing a grumpy zombie shuffling around the next morning before work!
  11. I have a PS2 related dilemma.

    Seeing the prices various sellers are pushing for new units, oof. I also remember seeing the glut of new PS2s between 2008-10 ready for the taking. I remember snagging one for about 50 bucks along with the ludicrously small GameBoy micro (with two extra faceplates). Haha, remember faceplates?
  12. Dragon's Dogma

    Those images are accessible for me; very nice! I enjoy the shots with your lantern as the sole source of of illumination. Night-time being something more than just a minor aesthetic change was something that caught my interest in seeing a preview of this game. Has that borne out in the finished product?
  13. Hitman: Absolution

    I think that shallowness is the source of my apathy. This trailer contained no thoughtfulness; it was not produced by someone with a vision. It was created by people in a machine, looking to make a calculated marketing device, using basic, surface ideas of what would be "cool," inserting their brand in the form of 47 into an otherwise disconnected marketing vision. I can be offended to the point of anger by intelligent, thoughtful arguments crafted by people diametrically opposed to my views and principles, because I know that they actually mean what they've said, have thought about what they said, and still landed somewhere deeply hateful or disgusting. In the case of a person who is spouting thoughtless ignorance, I feel pity, not anger. And, in the case of an advertisement, created in committee by people chasing potential sales and courting controvery, not to make any point, but only to spur interest in the brand, I feel... nothing, really. It feels wrong that they should be allowed to affect my sensibilities in any way at all, given how little thought was put into what was produced. I agree with disgust at the themes people are reading into this. I just think it gives too much credit to believe anyone responsible for this was actually aware of those themes during conception or creation.