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  1. PC Gaming - Graphics and Performance

    The ideal thing would be replacing your GPU and processor/motherboard. For immediate gains though, the GPU first is a better upgrade.I had a good GPU paired with an old CPU in the past and the result wasn't great, of course it was an improvement, but not as great as I thought. Everything got better when I bought a Core i5, it doubled the framerates in some really demanding games, like Crysis 2. But if you can't afford a full upgrade right now, begin with your GPU, like Jon suggested. The GTX 970 has the best price for the performance I think, I probaly would buy this one. The only downside of it is the RAM, I think, maybe 4gigs won't be good enough for future AAA super demanding games.
  2. Batmazement: Knightly Man Bruce

    It's crazy how they allowed this game to ship on PC in it's current state. I honestly thought that the new consoles having x86 architechture would make things better for PC, but it seems that this wasn't the main problem with bad ports we had last generation. Anyway, my PS4 copy arrives today, can't wait to try it. Loved Arkham Asylum but disliked Arkham City, let's if I enjoy this one more even considering it's open world nature. All I know is that the water seems to look terrific in this game:
  3. Mirrors Edge at E3

    http://www.polygon.com/2015/6/16/8791399/mirrors-edge-catalyst-no-guns-ea-electronic-arts Beautiful.
  4. The Last Guardian

    I think the frame rate is more solid as well, I remember the old footage having some slowdowns when structures collapsed. Also noted how clever and simple their design choices are. Instead of assigning a button combination to make the catbird jump, you just call him and jump at the end of the bridge. Beyond being a elegant way to implement a mechanic, it represents with fidelity how interactions between humans and animals works.
  5. The Last Guardian

    I believe the move to PS4 was technically necessary. The game always seemed to rely a lot on physics and it had pretty good animation and lighting, I always saw it beyond most stuff we ended up seeing in PS3 in those aspects. I believe most of the problems came from this, Fumito Ueda said back then that his work on the game was done, so the creative parts probably were done or planned back then. Considering Team Ico's history of torturing the PS2 hardware with Shadow of the Colossus, I believe they overestimated the PS3 capabilities as well. But yep, it's the same game, same assets, probably just an upped resolution.
  6. Not anymore, Bjorn, not anymore The E3 segment was awesome, can't wait for Firewatch.
  7. The Last Guardian

    Yep. The gameplay just shows why Team Ico games are so unique. The subtlety of this game is pretty great, no overdone soundtrack, just you, the wind, and the "catbird" and his reactions with you figuring out what to do. It's awesome how you must figure that those purple structures are bad for Trico based only on his face and reactions, which looked really subtle and well done. The animation is top notch. People might feel weird about it because E3 trailers are usually packed of action, so it might feel weird to see a game so quiet and introspective, but this is exactly what I wanted from this game.
  8. E3 2015

    Hell, this Sony's E3 is paradise for crazy believers. First The Last Guardian (OHHH FUCKK YES!), now Final Fantasy VII remake, unbelievable. Talking about their conference, the Firewatch Trailer looked amazing, hyped as fuck now. EDIT: Ok, Shenmue III now. This is fucked. It's a kickstarter, but the 2 million goal probably is just to see if there's enough demand for the game. Probably Sony will help fund it if they reach the goal.
  9. The Last Guardian

  10. E3 2015


    Or Jeff Goldblum
  12. E3 2015

    This Unravel game looks gorgeous: That Gopher!!!!!!!
  13. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    Fantastic trailer. Couldn't undesrtand shit (played only MGS2), but that is amazing.
  14. E3 2015

    Yep, I always wanted to play the 360 version of Red Dead Redemption, the PS3 version was pretty bad in terms of performance. I'm really tempted to buy an XBO now, the only problem is that I already own three consoles and a PC and barely have time for those.
  15. E3 2015

    Microsoft sure wants to make me buy a Xbox One. Backwards compatibility, Rare collection, mods... Phil Spencer is doing a fantastic job.
  16. Recently completed video games

    I finished The Order 1886. It's a disappointing game because you really wish that their engine should be used in a better game. The visuals are just fantastic, beyond any other game on consoles or PC, and their cinematic push was really well done, some usually terrible effects like chromatic aberration and film grain look just perfect in the game, it's truly an outstanding work in art-direction and visuals. The gameplay is fine, there's nothing wrong with the shooting itself, but sometimes you face some poor design decisions, like unecessary big hordes of enemies on the same location to make the game longer. But the most disappointing thing of all is the story, the character's actions don't make any sense a lot of times, and the ending is terrible, it really seems that devs didin't finish the story before the budget was over, so they needed to finish the game without any closure at all.
  17. Steam Summer Sale Spendapalooza

    I thank humanity for meticulously crafting the perfection that this video is.
  18. The Last Guardian

    Yep, the game looks super charming, but I really don't know what to expect of it, and that's kinda cool. Austin Wintory is involved too, I love his soundtracks.Back to the topic, I'm completely excited for this E3 because of The Last Guardian, but if they don't show anything that's it , I'm moving. My heart can't take it anymore.
  19. The Last Guardian

    If we consider that some of the staff of thatgamecompany founded another studio (Funomena), then we have three possibly great games in the making. However, Keita Takahashi (the guy from Katamari Damacy) is in this studio, so I wouldn't expect anything similar to Journey.
  20. The Last Guardian

    Are you talking about ABZÛ? The game is looking pretty good, but it's not from thatgamecompany, it's made only by the art director of Journey, Matt Nava. Today they released a new vídeo with gameplay footage of it, it looks super good:
  21. The Last Guardian

    Amazing haha SotC is perfect indeed.
  22. The Last Guardian

    Well said. This is exactly how I feel. With a very few exceptions, there are no games that I consider similar to SotC and ICO. To be honest, there was no game that I consider actually similar, of course that some games were inspired by them and we surely have a wider range of artsy games nowadays, but Team ICO games were so unique that you can't have something else to fill the gap.That's why I just want this game to be released, even if it isn't as good as the others it will still be singular.
  23. The Last Guardian

  24. Splatoon is Ink-redible

    Still have to try the other stuff said here, but Sno's advice about motion controls is so true. Aiming with the gyroscope is way more effective than using the gamepad, doing much better now when facing other squids.
  25. Yeah, some screens looks weird, but others look good. I'm not sure, seems like a lot of work for someone to fake these things, but it's stiil possible, people do a lot of crazy things for attention. What I think it's weird is this random youtube channel getting all this info.