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  1. The Last Guardian

    The game gone gold today. What a beautiful day that I, for a period, thought I'd never see. https://twitter.com/liljuny/status/789479784120287232
  2. Recently completed video games

    I also completed The Witcher 3 last night and I'm on the same boat of people who doesn't play RPGs (before Witcher 3, Chrono Trigger was the only RPG I ever finished).I loved the game, it's definitely one of my all time favorites now. The world is so beautifully crafted, all the missions felt important, even if it's only importance was to make the important ones more relevant. It's amazing how surprising the outcomes of the quests are, you just can't expect how a lot of things will end, it's like the world just works in a very independent way and you can't really change the course of things so much. There's a sense of helplessness that, somehow, feels great, because it's not like you're engineering something to get a predetermined reward, but you just make your actions based on your values and guts, hoping for the best - but it's a not a game in which the best outcomes always happen, it's quite the opposite actually. I'm going to take some time before jumping into the expansions (heard that Hearts of Stone has a fantastic story), but it has been a while since I felt so empty after finishing a game, never expected that I'd enjoy it so much.
  3. Pokemon GO

    I just saw this video: What is this game doing to people? The app haven't been released in Brazil so far, so I wasn't aware of this craziness.
  4. Finished it last week. Fantastic game, probably my favorite Uncharted. Loved how they handled the enemy encounters this time, I remember being a bit tired of the constant waves of enemies by the end of Uncharted 2 (even though I still love that game by all means), now they made it more reasonable, you just have these amazing open areas and can face them however you want, at least most of the times. I also think that there's no other game with so many visually memorable moments, it's so beautiful. Loved the increased focus on the characters this time, and how the treasure story relates to them. It's definetely the story that I got most invested in all of Uncharted games, even if does have a good number of flaws. This is probably my favorite PS4 game, brilliant. I'm interested I do need to renew my PS Plus though, and find some time to engage with the multiplayer. But feel free to add me. PSN ID: umsobre2
  5. STREET FIGHTER 5 (PS4/PC exclusive)

    I'm so bad at this game, the last time I bought a game of the series was in the SNES era (SF Alpha 2). I'm slowly getting better, hope I can win a ranked match sometime lol. I'm loving the game visuals, specially on PC, the animation with the motion blur is fantastic.
  6. Quantum Break coming to PC

    Shit, that's disappointing. Here's hoping Scalebound eventually arrives on PC then, love Platinum's titles.
  7. Quantum Break coming to PC

    http://www.gamespot.com/articles/quantum-break-pc-version-confirmed/1100-6434694/?ftag=GSS-05-10aaa0bJust saw this at Neogaf. Amazing move by Microsoft, it's great to know that they care about PC gaming that much. I also believe it's a decision that makes sense business-wise, they haven't been able to secure better sales for XB1 even releasing more exclusives than the PS4, it's better to have better sales overall for these games then. Will definetely get Scalebound and Quantum Break.
  8. Backlog Busters

    I disagree, at least in Alpha Protocol's case. If they're looking for more realism, I don't believe that adding a number to limit your skill is a good system to convey the complexities of shooting in real life, considering that you effectively control the act of shooting in the game. I think it would be better to add physics, a more shaky aim and other stuff that directly interferes with your input, to the point that you can actually learn how to control the shooting better considering all these variables. This mechanism used in Alpha Protocol is great for tabletop and isometric RPGs (well, it was created in those games, I believe), in which your input is not as relevant to the combat, but mostly the level of your attributes. However, in a game that you have direct input in the combat, I don't think it's adequate. But that is a thing of mine though. I usually dislike games that try to add a lot of mechanics, sometimes I perceive it more as barrier than something extra, I enjoy when mechanics are more streamlined.
  9. Backlog Busters

    Alpha Protocol seems great in some aspects, but I couldn't stand the fact that your skills are tied to your character attributes, it feels weird to see that you're aiming properly but the game will deliberately make you miss the target because you don't have enough skill poins or something. But the dialog options and it's consequences seems great wished I could play just these parts.Anyway, this week I decided to clear some of my backlog before buying new games (ha!), and I discovered the gem that is Ori and the Blind Forest! Damn, this is by far the best metroidvania since Castlevania SOTN (I'm not well educated in metroidvania though, so my opinion means shit). The game is so challenging but not frustrating, beautiful with amazing sounds, and the gameplay is super tight. Probably will be my GOTY (unless I play MGS this year and it is the masterpiece that a lot of people are saying).
  10. Detroit: Does Quantic Dream of Awkward Subtitles?

    I still remember the first time I played Farenheit. It was great seeing a game that focused so much at telling a story, but it already started in a weird fashion when the first thing that happened in the game was seeing a digitalized version of David Cage teaching how to play it. Years have passed and, even though his games improved since then, they still lack the subtlety and good writing that any drama, interactive or not, requires, and the end result is always weird. It would be amazing if David Cage just gave the writing on this game to Alex Garland, for example, he did such a fantastic job with Ex Machina and already made a great debut in games with Enslaved. But I don't have a lot of hope in this title with David Cage writing (which, unfortunately, seems to be the case, considering the writing on the trailer).
  11. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    Thanks for the answers guys, I'm convinced to get the game now, even if I don't get all the plot-twists and references to previous entries, the game seems good enough on its own. I also watched a "MGS in 12 minutes" by game trailers that was a bit helpful, so I learned a bit more of the story beyond MGS2, even though I'm obviously missing a lot of things. Yeah, I'm not a big fan at all of this manner of storytelling (it depends of the game, I loved it in gone home), but I guess it will be good for newcomers, because it will focus more on the main story of the game instead of telling stuffjust related to other parts of the story.Edit (spoiler of the trailer, just in case someone is in a full blackout):
  12. Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

    Do you guys think it's possible to play this and have fun even if I'm not fully educated on MGS story? I'm conflicted if I should get this. I played only MGS2, and while I recognize that it is truly an unique work, I just couldn't take the story seriously because of the writing and the constant plot twists, that kinda banalizes the whole thing. But it was still kinda fun.
  13. Recently completed video games

    I finished Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. It's possibly the best thing I played on the PS4 so far, certainly the most beautiful one, musically and visually. It has a lot of sensibility that's often missing in games. Really enjoyed this one. This game has been sitting on my backlog for a while, as lot of other games are, but I guess I should just skip this one then.
  14. One Evening Games!

    I like this thread. I recommend Thirty Flights of Loving. It really uses it's 15 minutes of duration well, doesn't waste any second of it. Brothers is beautiful as well, great pick.
  15. Thanks! Watched a gameplay vídeo last night, seemed so good! The writing was great from the small segment I saw. Might get it earlier then. How long is the game? Hope it's short.