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Favorite Games

Found 2 results

  1. E3 2015

    IT'S (almost) THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN, FOLKS! In just two short weeks, we'll all get to worship at the altar of rampant consumerism and cheer at grown men announcing toys on a stage in front of increasingly elaborate projector setups. We're gonna be talkin' 'bout E3 in Thumbs IRC this year instead of Steam Chat. Remember how to join? I've got my traditional bingo card all set.
  2. Microsoft Surface

    Microsoft announced their new tablet, the Microsoft Surface. Although it's a bit funny, I'm glad to see Microsoft has started to take pages from Apple's book of marketing tricks. Their focus on weird hardware details like the camera and kickstand both being tilted at 22 degrees, and the numerous iterations they went through to get the kickstand snapping sound like Steve Jobs at his best. A third contender on the tablet market can only be a good thing, especially now hat Apple is showing signs of laurel-resting with their latest iOS version. Since it's Microsoft, I'm always expecting them to stumble and make fools of themselves at some point in the process – the tablet will be delayed, or it will be buggy and slow, or no-one will want to develop for it, something like that. I hope it turns out good, though. It looks like a pretty god damn sweet piece of technology, and if it runs a fast, slick OS that lets people surf the web (with Flash omg!), do their email and play their Draw Some Angry Temple Rides without draining the battery or crashing too much, this might be the best Microsoft hardware since the Sidewinder Force Feedback 2.