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  1. [Dev Log] In The Shade of the Puffin

    Nice! I used to be into a similar game called flash cat, and the shadow seems like a cool addition.
  2. [Dev Log]I Considered an Oeuvre

    I've been busy the past couple days, but have been working on rough ideas in the meantime, like: Manipulated Through Time, players face off as dueling time travelers, who can use time travel to give themselves an advantage in the fight, but doing so will make it more likely that they erase themselves from reality via a paradox; or there's Up On a Boss, where it turns out your house was built on the shoulder of a sleeping giant, who has risen to destroy the world, and now you must find your way down safely. But, before I finish those, I want to show the general idea of what to expect from these games, so here is the text of Rolling With the Pope: 'Sup cool kids? Sorry to bother you, but there's some geezer wandering around... Wait. Holy shit. That's the goddamn pope! He's slipped the Swiss Guard and wants to experience a day in the life of a regular cool kid! I'm gonna leave him here with you, do not fuck this up. Actually, before I go... All of you, what are your names? Yeah, ok. Everyone give the pope something to disguise himself with. Good. What? You have stuff you were going to do today? What could be more important than rolling with the pope? Give me two examples each... Okay, yeah. That does sound dope. But take the motherfuckin' pontif with you, he could even help out. I don't know, he can buy you liquor, or some shit. How about this. You can ditch him after one of you does whatever you wanted to do today? Whoever does that first, get's bragging rights. You should also know that the pope is both Chill and Pious. If there was a sliding scale, of say, six with one being Chill and six being Pious, he'd be a solid three at the moment, but if he becomes aware of earthly sin, he might slide one of those points into piety. He also seems excitable, so if you do something rad, he might add a point to his chillness. Getting him do do what you want to do? That's a roll of the die. Do you need him to act pious or chill? Being young's about taking risks. Roll that die, my dude and see what side of that line it lands on. What if it doesn't work? Then something bad might happen. Roll a die and pick one: 1. The pope wanders off 2. The Swiss Guard shows up 3. The pope gets recognised 4. Cooler kids show up 5. The pope wanders off again 6. The Dean of Students comes to drag you back to school A'ight, got it? Peace out. No, I can't take him, my break's over and this Arby's needs its manager.
  3. [Dev Log]I Considered an Oeuvre

    Day 1 game: Fundamentally Dangerous to the Notion of Culture. For 3+ players. The gist i that you play as members of a small, midwestern town council. You all go around in a circle proposing ideas to help the town, but one of you is secretly an alien whose proposal will lead to the destruction of human civilization.
  4. So, my medium of choice is tabletop RPGs. My last Wizard Jam attempt, a procedurally generated, mega-dungeon crawler Twenty-Year-Old Weird House, is as of yet unfinished, so I'm trying a different tact. I Considered an Oeuvre is a collection of small, single-session RPGs. I'll be aiming for one game per day, but who knows how that'll hold up.
  5. I think it's worth noting that scorpions also glow under UV light. I don't think they know why either.
  6. While I don't have anything as wild ir long lasting as the Koopa Troopa story, I do remember watching the movie The Double, starring Jesse Eisenberg, and for no apparent reason assuming that the entire film was set in an underground complex.
  7. 314 might be especially noticable because it's the first three digits of pi.
  8. I was coming here to say that the robots sound like shitty fairytale riddlers. Just picture the anything they say coming out of a gross leprechaun.
  9. I can't help but think that Christmas is Cancelled is just a weirder, shittier, and far more specific version of American Gods. Also, which other Christmastime characters would join the Yuleniverse? I vote for the Christmas Log. I also vote against Black Pete.
  10. Twenty Year Old Weird House

    Thank you
  11. Twenty Year Old Weird House

    Some quality cover art
  12. Twenty Year Old Weird House

    The following is a list of items you may acquire in the Twenty Year Old Weird House: The Bear's Black Heart A Baboon's Heavy Heart Slyboots The Ring of Internalization Owen Wilson's Nose A Gun A Space Gun A Reminder The Blockbuster Black Case An Artful Chair The Three Antidotes Diplomatic Pouch Old Fruit Dirty Water Robot lips The Pleated Hair of the Refund Whale Dead Letters Breckon's Similar Sausage Face A Palpable Dream Mikami's Iconic Hat Doctor DNA Ridonkulous Rift Esophagus Sarcophagus The ON Blade Seed of a Sneeze The Eyes of Luigi
  13. Twenty Year Old Weird House

    It was built on your street in the mid-Nineties. You've never met the owner. Every year they put up and take down their Halloween decorations two weeks early. Even though you have since left the neighborhood you can't get it out of your mind. It calls to you. You've contacted the your childhood friends, they feel the same. It's almost the holidays, you'll be returning home soon. You all will. You and your friends meet at night and head to the door. You turn the handle. It's unlocked, the door creaks open onto a dark hallway. You take one last glance at your friends to steel your nerves then enter the Twenty Year Old Weird House. Premise: Weird House is a randomly-generated non-euclidean dungeon crawl tabletop RPG meant for 3-5 players. I'm planning on doing the sourcebook in Twine, allowing players (particularly the GM) to easily skip between relevant section of the book. The game is about your search for an exit from the Weird House, which is a byzantine and thoroughly nonsensical mashup of hallways, bathrooms, basements, kitchens, etc. all randomly decided by the roll of the dice. In the House you will find enemies such as Pizza Hut Big Dogs and A Person Shaped Thing, while trying to appease the various Masters of the House. Perhaps you have been sent to acquire warm beer for legendary frost wizard Jeff Coldblum to make frosty, or you must help find the missing Molyneux. Either way, it's going to be dangerous, so strap on a pair of slyboots, and grab the nearest object that can conceivably be used as a weapon, and fight until you've made your way out, or until you die. That can happen. You can also become a BADASS WIZARD.