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  1. [Release] Computer Processing Unit

    Sadly I had the same problem, probabaly a resolution issue! Would love to play it though, it looks intriguing!
  2. [RELEASE] LPBs and HPBs

    After seeing Spenny play the game on his stream ( i realized how completly unintuitive it is that you are faster than the ball. Thankfully it was an easy fix and the game is now a lot more playable! EDIT: Also it was stupidly hard so i lowered the amount of enemies a bit!
  3. [RELEASE] LPBs and HPBs

    If this was a youtube video I would instantly file for a DMCA takedown. (RADICAL PLAYS BRO)
  4. [Release] The First Age of Extreme

    Man, that internalization meter + webcam is so well implemented!
  5. [RELEASE] LPBs and HPBs

    Thank you! Second try is impressive, have you played a lot of virtual desktop dodgeball games? Also I had a lot of fun making the premise as stupid as possible!
  6. Idle Thumbs Streams

    Two or more thumbs streams are the best but personally I really appreciate single thumbs streams as well. Seeing Nick, fueled by rum and complete isolation, descent into madness playing Dark Souls 3 is beautiful.
  7. [RELEASE] The Eyes of Luigi

    Luigi singing along when you put in the tape killed me. I'm sitting here alone laughing audibly.
  8. [RELEASE] LPBs and HPBs

    Released! Now I'm looking forward to playing everyones submission!
  9. [RELEASE] Doctor DNA

    Smart solution, I like that it solves the movement of both mice (Or is it mouses when talking about computer mouse?)! Thank you for taking time to explain it! My virtual game is in 3d and uses unitys prefab first person controller, which makes this a bit weird for me so I sadly can not use your solution! Looking forward to release my own and play all the other games tonight!
  10. [RELEASE] LPBs and HPBs

    For the lore-nuts that is interested in the rich and deep lore of LPBs and HPBs! Currently I'm working on menus and some polishing, looking forward to sending this in tonight!
  11. [Release] The First Age of Extreme

    Oh man! Shooting the title screen is way too good!
  12. [RELEASE] Doctor DNA

    My game also includes a desktop simulation and the mouse moving on the desktop is making me really envious! Nice!
  13. [RELEASE] LPBs and HPBs

    This is getting stupider by the minute! A poster for the in fiction game:
  14. [RELEASE] LPBs and HPBs

    A bit of progress today! Added some simple UI elements and created enemy spawners and a health pickup! GIFtastic as usual: It's a cool idea, hopefully i will have time for that in the 2-3 hour polishing phase
  15. I really enjoy the stunt cam! Great work!