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  1. WJ5 Team Seeking

    Hey I'm putting this up last minute as the person I was working with disappeared in a puff of smoke. I was really excited to make something for this jam so if anyone needs any help hit me up. Itching to do anything. Permanent resident of Deadline Hell so quick turnaround doesn't bother me, but I would need direction as I know n o t h i n g about the programming side of things. What I'm Doing: I'm an animation artist. I do visdev, BGs, animation and general 3D. Contact Info: PM me or contact me on twitter (@vehementa). Tweeting me is quickest. Time Zone: CEST Portfolio:
  2. Endorsements from Thumbs Readers

    I'd like to endorse just sitting outside for a bit. I've been taking a walk in the park every day for the past while and have found a really nice spot to sit down by a small pond. Lately the ducks and the squirrels have gotten used to me and don't mind me at all. It's nice to sit there and look at them go. "Just chillin" is the kind of thing you'd think is too frivolous to actually spend time on, but even just 5-10 minutes of sitting is really worthwhile despite not being a huge time investment. Advanced: Bring an appropriate snack for potential critters.
  3. Game of Thrones (TV show)

    Oh man I'm not sure if being let loose from the books is a change for the better. The ability to cherry pick from a vast, coherent plot (GRRM writes meanderingly, pointlessly so, but the plot is consistent and leads to payoff) was the only thing saving D&D's writing. They're barely, barely writers. They are producers? Maybe? Almost OK-ish directors? In terms of quality, the show is suffering. The consistency is nonexistent. The timing is nonexstient. The payoff is always left until the last two episodes of every season. For viewing pleasure, from now on I would recommend to read a summary of 1-8 and then watch episode 9 and 10. If you were put off GOT for the tits, rape and torture, yeah, that's gotten better (for now). And yeah, the production value is as good as ever. Whenever it is bright enough to see anything, it's usually a beautifully shot show. But hey, if you're into the equivalent of sensationalist writing that infringes on character consistency, in the style of any semihistorical drama, go for it. It's beyond peak at this point, living through the glory of past seasons, but past seasons were damn good and definitely worth watching.
  4. UK Thumbs

    While this is really shit from a lot of perspectives (EU nationals in Britain, Brittish temporary emigrants, Irish women seeking abortion services and the entire nation of Britain), I believe this is a good opportunity for NI and Scotland to gtfo gracefully. If they leave I believe they'll be living quite precariously in terms of economy... Joining forces with Ireland seems like a good choice. I genuinely believe brexit will lead to better trade from ROI as it's already attracting quite a few international companies even with London as a contesting option. Joining ROI seems a bit fairytale and silly to be honest, but maybe some new form of union? Worst comes to worst and northern ireland apathetically clings to what's left of the UK. Scotland seems hopeful to get out, though.
  5. I Had A Random Thought...

    I think the general idea with bars is you go there with a group of friends, and then they might bump into friends of theirs, you're all introduced, etc. Atleast that's how it works in the land of craic, hibernia. I've been playing a lot of CK2 lately but also happened upon my genealogy folder. The thought struck me, what if there was a historical strategy game in the style of crusader kings, that was sourced by genealogists, so that actual real life family trees could be found inside the game. Crusader Kings does damn good getting into the nitty gritty of historical family trees and the like, so I guess this would be mostly flavour, giving characters some personality traits and some small happenings. And I assume you'd have to limit relevant people to be landholders or particularly rich/influencial people... The only real problem being that CK2 ends far too early for most family trees to stretch back. I've an impressive find stretching back into the 1600's but I believe that is far from common, nearly impossible in some countries. I haven't seen a Swedish family tree stretch back further than the 1880's, unless the relatives in question immigrated from more southern areas. Still, I will dream of playing crusader kings furthering my actual dynasty... One day. Maybe.
  6. Fuck the Banana: The Game

    ban this filth
  7. International Politics

    The UN finally acknowledged that Irelands ban on abortion is unlawful and violates human rights. I do believe the UN is only calling for abortion to be legal in terms of foetal abnormality, but surely this will legitimise the amend the 8th movement and further legitimise abortion as a personal choice and a right. some articles (1) (2) on the topic I'd like to point out that this article is extremely skewed and fundamentally provides the view of a right-centrist outsider looking into a primarily leftist country and it's workings. Considering that the fundamental problem of this migration crisis (from the POV of Sweden) is issues that have arisen from the action of right-centrist governments, I feel like it's an exceptionally poorly POV to choose for an article on the topic of the migration crisis. As a participant of the EU Sweden often gets the butt of a lot of deals. In purely monetary terms, Sweden loses a lot of money and autonomy from being joined to the EU. This, in combination with the rising right wing rhetoric and a pressing migration crisis has led to the upswing of a exceedingly xenophobic and fascist movement. The resulting tiptoing around racism is following the rise of this movement. Before Swedes felt confident in expressing opinions that could be low key racist, as Sweden lived in an idea that "racism was over". However, given the current popularity of an outspokenly racist movement, the sensitivity to having an opinion has increased. Again, I reitirate, this is a problem caused by european influence, not a preexisting internal conflict. To put it shortly, the portrayal of the opinion corridor is awful, and frankly, interpreted from the most racist corner of the swedish political market. It's not a term that sits well with the average Swede. I feel like the article is presenting Sweden as pointlessly idealistic. In reality, Sweden is facing pressure from every direction, causing an internal conflict regarding xenophobia and isolationism. And on top of that, Europe has bowed out of the migration crisis, leaving Sweden to deal with it alone. In that situation, there is nothing to do but try to do you best and hope to solve it along the way, which is exactly what Sweden is doing. It's not stupiditity or desperation, but literally being left no other choice. I'd also like to point out that Sweden isn't to any capacity full. Sweden just can't take refugees in the way they're being presented at the southern border, a direct result of other europeans countries actions of locking refugees out. Integration is a problem, yes. However, integration is a solvable problem. Bottled up refugees in turkey and greece isn't. Bottling up refugees results in refugees dying. Sweden closing up the borders is not something that "can't be shunned". It can be shunned. It should be shunned. Sweden, and all other countries locking up their borders, are committing moral failures. While the article openly criticises the Sweden Democrats (althought not as much as they deserve. They are an openly racist neo-nazi party, not "quasi-fascist") it ultimately fails to criticise the surrounding context. Good article on the migration crisis? Maybe. Fair portrayal of Sweden and Europe? Hardly. You simply can't get by discussing this issue by just adding the right wing movements as a side note, they are a fundamental part of the cause and effect of the current issues. My personal point of view is that this is hardly a european crisis. There are people dying by the thousand, the crisis is theirs. No european government would have to be phased by this if the idiots could just cooperate. Squabbling is not a crisis.
  8. Intoxicated:

    excellent update: now hungover. less great.
  9. Intoxicated:

    I am currently at approximately 0.04 blood alcohol content. I saw Rich Hall in the pub, as in, existing, not performing. I apologise if this is horrendous necroposting. We can blame it on the cocktails.
  10. Idle Fiction Jam - Rumours and Hearsay

    Another forum baby signing up. Is dril tweeting a form of poetry yet? Because if so I've just the format.
  11. Mouth Feel - The Summer Wizard Cocktail Jam

    As someone with a poorly stocked bar cabinet (currently hosting a single bottle of non-acoholic mulled wine) what are good starting ingredients for cocktails and the like? For reference, I'm way into the darkest of rums and G&T's. Will appreciate the occasional lager. I suspect my cohabitant is more into fruity or sweet drinks... An appletini man if I've ever met one. Noteworthy: I've plenty kitchen experience and have access to a garden stocked with fruit, berries and herbs. Also noteworthy: I am so poor. As for those of you mad enough to be swigging malort, maybe try gammeldansk as well! From what I've heard it's like a spiced malort... I've never had malort though, so I can't offer any opinions.
  12. New people: Read this, say hi.

    I'm fairly sure I introduced myself here last time I was online... A year or so ago. Hopefully this time I will stick around! ... Maybe. I'm back because I've juicy opinions on overwatch and I've been watching the trials of similarface and subsequently got really into dark souls again. I'm an animation student who likes dank memes and I tweet too much. I live with SuperBiasedMan, who spends most of his time comparing me to lemongrab or silently judging me for sleeping til noon. Everything I say is dry sarcasm. Hello!
  13. Feminism

    I'm really enjoying the discussion between female identity and health between argobot and apple cider. As a friend recently asked me to switch their pronouns, I've kind of thought more about gender identity as well. I've never thought of myself as butch or unfeminine, but when I was a kid I had all-male friends, drove quads, took shooting classes and was generally very active. Dresses and perfumes and jewellry were more of an aesthetic fun thing than it was a mark of femininity for me. Then White Feminismâ„¢ happened. I was on a womens forum (on a normally popular website that won't be named), and meekly suggested something along the lines of: "Hey gals, maybe the threads on breastfeeding and childbirth could go into the parenting subforum. I don't mean to be rude, but not all women can have children and not all women want to. Having a child is not a requirement or necessarily an integral part of womanhood, and this is a forum for all women." I was flamed into the abyss. Like, I have actually never recieved online hate like I did then. People genuinely thought I was an idiot for not thinking motherhood = womanhood. I can't get over the massive hate I recieved for even suggesting that not all women are interested in (or that some take harm at the mention of) children and motherhood. It just boils down to: White + Middle class + Traditionally conforming feminine + Mother = Woman. And I am almost ALL of those things! And there's still enough hate towards me to feel threatened! Conclusion: White feminism is abominable and even the seemingly progressive gender roles are whack!!
  14. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hello! I've wandered over here by recommendation of my boyfriend. I only listen to idle thumbs sporadically and far apart, but I do play a good bit of games and recently found myself working on one (?? how). Figured I should do some casual research into game forums! everything you'll ever need to know about me:. I'm a forum mod over at smackjeeves. I like the smell of patchouli. Normally I make art of the non-game variety, like comics and illustrations I once bumped into a badger... we were both equally startled. I'm on twitter a bizarre amount, hopefully I can delegate some of those rants onto here. Nice to meet you all!