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  1. The LISA talk that mentioned the SOCOM DDoS is also publicly available (Thanks to USENIX' open access policy): If you've ever wondered about the computer plumbing used/required for large scale services, LISA tends to have some number of interesting talks in that regard.
  2. Wizard: Master of the Wizardry

    Not sure I'd compare it to HoMM/Kings Bounty really, given that it lacks the whole strategic-map / tactical-combat split. Tried the demo, and were reasonably entertained. I think their take was some sort of re-imagining of Master of Magic, from which I have very fond memories of. From the demo, it felt like something Civ V ish, with a few less systems and some systems replaced. Some semi-random things I noted playing the demo: No citizen management in cities, when your city grows, you get to build a new building that provides some bonus and/or access to some unit or gear. You can purchase upgrades/perks for your units, costs some gold and will usually require access to some building or developed resource No culture, your cities boundaries seemed to scale with city size I didn't see any actual cost to having cities, so it's possible that just carpent-bombing the world with cities is the way to go (providing you can defend them) Monsters spawn around the world and roam, sometimes almost right on top of your cities "Token" quests (found a city, capture a city of monster X or player Y) which provides a gold reward (At least, I didn't get anything beyond that through the demo) Tech replaced by researching spells Access to units seems mostly based on which buildings/resources you have access to, some units are summonable Goofy scottish-accent-dude from Majesty 2 provides the voice of your advisor Several planes of existence, with portals scattered around the world for access Capturing a "monster" city will provide access to units of that "monster race". For one resource, there may be multiple options for what kind of building you can put on it. I.e. for silver, there were one building which provided access to a silver weapon perk for your units, or a building that just provided income
  3. Post your face!

    I used to live a few hundred meters south-by-east of where that picture was taken. Awesome spot!
  4. Wizaaaaaards!!

    The old IBM presentation thing used as a backdrop for the idlethumbs twitter, made me suddenly remember the fantastic SICP lectures from MIT. Lisp wizardry, Hal Abelson wearing a wizard hat, mid 80ies, and a somewhat goofy special-effect-thing around the 3m mark, and a synth/midi/something-intro that'll make you cringe. If you do dabble in programming, I would actually recommend the whole lecture series. SLcZXbyGC3E The lecture might go well with a bottle of Lonely Wizard.
  5. Not really an elegant solution, although you should be able to grant minecraft a slightly larger heap to play around with by invoking java yourself: javaw -Xmx2048m -Xms512m -jar minecraft.exe Where -Xmx is max heap size, and -Xms is initial heap size.
  6. Welcome, three moves ahead

    Exciting news, being an occasional listener. Hopefully they now can afford to bribe Tom Chick into more frequent appearances. Three thumbs ahead!
  7. Laptop cooling

    I second the voices of cleaning the fan ports, although you may have to resort to actually open it to get all of it. At my previous workplace, dell laptops were regularly opened to remove dust puppies and cleaning them with compressed air. It usually worked wonders. Or, if you feel like improvising, a friend of mine regularly used to put a bag of frozen peas under his laptop while gaming to keep it from overheating and dying. While it's not really a solution, it's at least a workaround.
  8. Wizaaaaaards!!

    A while ago I played the card game "Witch's Brew", where one of the roles available are "The Wizard". When playing this card you have to loudly exclaim, "I'm the wizard" or "No! I'm the wizard" when playing the card. Having the song pop up in my head every time I played this card made it a somewhat surreal experience. The Wizard card and game.
  9. Office Pranks

    During my vacation a few years back, some of my co-workers decided that my office needed more metal.
  10. Majesty 2

    I couldn't find the demo at steam so I had to resort to the Majesty 2 website.
  11. Majesty 2

    There's a demo available from their website, which should give a small taste of the game. Only features two missions, the first tutorial-mission and one skirmish (i think) mission which I failed miserably at. Comparing to DF, you could probably call Majesty 2 a "light version" of DF. It lacks the depth of DF, but has a more appealing presentation. DF also seems open ended and replayable with it's random-world-generating-goodness, whereas with Majesty 2, I'm not sure if there's much more when I'm done with the campaign.
  12. New people: Read this, say hi.

    So.. Hi all. I've lurked for a while after listening to pods that were casted. The short description: Norwegian, dude, 1978 model. Hobbies include video games and general geekery. My gaming heritage is C64/Amiga and not the consoles, what remins are fond memories of strange games, and I've mostly suppressed my envy of those with their fancy NES consoles. At the moment my gaming mostly happens on the PC and to some extent the xbox 360.
  13. Majesty 2

    Been playing for a few days now, it's good fun and has this sleep-depravating effect. For me, the main difficulty is to get the "right" combination of buildings and heroes built quickly, to reach the point where the settlement for the most part will defend itself without much intervention. "right" varies from level to level, but there's usually priests there to keep heroes alive and a marketplace to keep the economy afloat. Also; upgrade your inn and create parties, it did wonders for the survivability of mages, the other classes of heroes usually have enough health to survive fleeing.