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  1. Feel like they've really stepped up their game with the premium content lately. The opening sequence of The Exquisite Corps part 2 was amazing
  2. "Cars sucks." - A Pixar Thread

    Nailed it.
  3. I know Abby has a background in improv, I wonder if Ben has as well. Their work together feels very improv theatre inspired.
  4. Supergiant's Pyre: Wizard (NBA) Jam

    I'm about halfway through Pyre. Its just as polished and solid as Bastion and Transistor and has a great sense of style. I've still yet to be challenged though even using the Titan Stars if I have *ae on my team I can warp to the ball and drive it to the pyre with infinite stamina, or with a leveled up Pamitha- take the ball to a corner and then fly at the goal and it doesn't really matter how strong the AI is in that situation they are going to lose. I feel like this could be a really great sports game in versus mode (unfortunate that it has no online play) but the balance in single player doesn't quite get there because like most sports games, the AI is not adequately good at playing the game
  5. Blade Runner 2049

    I'm sure they make it worth his time, and its worth it for the movie's promotion to have the 80's action hero in there, so everybody wins...except for people who like to watch movies.
  6. I think Dan has become a lot better at podcasting since joining the beastcast. I was often tired of his whatismayonnaise bit at GB West but he mixes it up now and plays along better with Vinny's antics
  7. Defending medicine from a position of ignorance does it no favors. Either something has been tested and works or it doesn't, but your opinion doesn't gain some magical legitimacy because you think if it isn't xanax it must be snake oil
  8. Who are you to judge Dan Ryckert's fitness to give anxiety advice to others? Are you a medical doctor with a license to prescribe anxiety medication? If not you have about the same authority as Mr. Ryckert on this topic, if not less.
  9. Blade Runner 2049

    The trailer seems a lot like the end of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep where Deckard flies through a sandstorm and finds that alone gives me a little hope for this movie but that scene with Harrison Ford, continuing to not give a single fuck but still somehow being cast in yet another movie, is hard to watch.
  10. Cultural Appropriation

    Impossible to nail down without having perfect knowledge of another person's cultural identity/intent/skill. Perhaps it would be more helpful to say "do your research" rather than terms that are exclusively used in place of "I am morally justified for disliking this thing"
  11. The Idle Book Club 13: Never Let Me Go

    Maybe its cheaper to harvest from clones than vat grown organs all in all but then big govt gets involved and new regulations say you gotta open some preppy school for the clones by the end of it you're lucky to break even.
  12. Loved the melodramatic child death scene and the fun 'lets play in traffic' game the mother and child were playing that one and the Dougie's boss scene had me laughing the whole time
  13. Yeah me too. I kept thinking how similar she was to Nadine's drape runner obsession with the Sheriff playing the role of Ed. I guess Twin Peaks has a long running tradition of characters acting ridiculous and another character just blithely dealing with it
  14. I'm starting to suspect that this show will definitely not resolve even half of these threads in a satisfying way.
  15. How To Sell PS4 w/PT

    I believe if you've downloaded a game it can be played by any profile on that system, so just create a dummy account and try it out.