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  1. Apps struggle with kids! Should I give in?

    I like Operation Math pretty nice production for an educational game
  2. Have to agree, it would be slightly different if he was playing a jerk who was really great at the game but he's both terrible and his coward shtick is annoying
  3. Socialism

    I mean the type of winners and losers you don't intend to create. All public policy is rife with unintended consequences, even if you start with competent legislators. Then (if you're fortunate) you have programs you like with aspects you don't that you can't change for the better because doing so would be incredibly unpopular (see: doing anything to medicare).
  4. Socialism

    I think realizing that no policy is perfect and there will always be winners and losers will set your expectations at an appropriate level. There's a wide difference between believing a policy like single payer or all-payer rate setting will be the best thing for the country despite its drawbacks and believing that your panacea would fix everything if only the powerful would listen. Having a humble attitude about how your pet agenda will work with real people is not the same thing as 'having no conviction' it's being realistic about how much change you can (and should) affect on other people's lives.
  5. Socialism

    Whenever socialist governments implode its always capitalism's fault somehow Also constantly talk as if the end of capitalism is superduper nigh, as if the two ideas are compatible in any way. The socialists I read on reddit and tumblr are every bit as fact-averse as the libertopians Avoid rigorous ideologues if you want to maintain your sanity.
  6. It's also a pretty tough mission that comes early on. I've often lost at least one guy when they start dropping enemy units in on your sniper like that. Just wait till they get to that all chryssalid mission, its gonna be a bloodbath lol
  7. Its way more fun if they take chances and die a lot. If every run was a overwatch fest the show would be like watching grass grow
  8. Feel like they've really stepped up their game with the premium content lately. The opening sequence of The Exquisite Corps part 2 was amazing
  9. "Cars sucks." - A Pixar Thread

    Nailed it.
  10. I know Abby has a background in improv, I wonder if Ben has as well. Their work together feels very improv theatre inspired.
  11. Supergiant's Pyre: Wizard (NBA) Jam

    I'm about halfway through Pyre. Its just as polished and solid as Bastion and Transistor and has a great sense of style. I've still yet to be challenged though even using the Titan Stars if I have *ae on my team I can warp to the ball and drive it to the pyre with infinite stamina, or with a leveled up Pamitha- take the ball to a corner and then fly at the goal and it doesn't really matter how strong the AI is in that situation they are going to lose. I feel like this could be a really great sports game in versus mode (unfortunate that it has no online play) but the balance in single player doesn't quite get there because like most sports games, the AI is not adequately good at playing the game
  12. Blade Runner 2049

    I'm sure they make it worth his time, and its worth it for the movie's promotion to have the 80's action hero in there, so everybody wins...except for people who like to watch movies.
  13. I think Dan has become a lot better at podcasting since joining the beastcast. I was often tired of his whatismayonnaise bit at GB West but he mixes it up now and plays along better with Vinny's antics
  14. Defending medicine from a position of ignorance does it no favors. Either something has been tested and works or it doesn't, but your opinion doesn't gain some magical legitimacy because you think if it isn't xanax it must be snake oil