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  1. The sudden jump to New York was really surprising to me and the beautiful, slow moving drone shots were probably the highlight of the episode. Andy and Lucy were hamming it up a bit much while Hawk fits into the new tone of the show perfectly. I have to agree that its disappointing that they are the exact same people 25 years later down to Lucy's over-explaining how landline telephones work
  2. Finished this one on May Day. I too was impressed how she built the world slowly, always careful not to overwhelm the reader. Where she does get to the 'explain the past' parts I found them to be the weakest most unbelievable parts of the book. I feel like the novel would've been better to leave all that vague or unexplained, but otherwise I thought it was a fantastic story.
  3. I'm a huge fan of PKD. I read The Man in the High Castle in college but I'll probably read it again after the show left me with a bad impression. One thing that makes PKD so timeless is how he intentionally withholds detailed information about the world in his stories to let your mind fill in the gaps, something I wish the show had at least made an attempt at.
  4. I enjoyed it overall, quick and easy read and although the characters were remarkably unsympathetic (given the circumstances) I was invested in knowing what would happen to them. The asian dad stereotype was copied onto every character in the book and their inability to relate to each other wore thin, but the book is short enough that it never got too tiresome. By far the weakest portrayal is Hannah, I thought that was a really effective moment. Both incredibly sad that she would do that to make her dad happy and sad that her dad is so oblivious because it conforms to what he wants to believe about his children. It also really fits with Lydia who doesn't care about making friends or the sections of the heart or anything but performing the action that will make her parents pleased with her.
  5. I've had this on my to-read list for a long time so I'm glad to have a reason to start it.
  6. The Slate Audio Book Club had a podcast with this novel with 3 women that you can listen to, I don't remember anything specific that was said but I think the opinions were close to those on this show. The idea that male privilege is blinding us from seeing the Lottos around us could be true but it's not like men don't have to deal with other oblivious men who have unearned success in life so I'm not sure how that works unless you are the oblivious one.
  7. While I can understand sean's feelings on the subject, I think its absurd to equate the preference of branching narratives with "wanting the butterfly effect" Kind of insulting to call it juvenile as well. It's okay to not like it, people like different things.
  8. Same feeling for me. I think its weird because I listen for your opinions on games and I'm not entirely sure if you really think WoT is cool, doesn't seem like the game you'd normally be interested in. But it was obviously an ad so I didn't really care either way.
  9. Aiden's clothes in Watch_Dogs really bothered me. None of his outfits you could buy looked like something an actual human male would ever wear. He's supposed to be a sneaky hacker but wears the most ridiculously cliche outfits, anyone could pick him out of a lineup
  10. Hah! I think the things discussed is missing Murdered: Soul Suspect Capsule sounds great, I will have to pick that up some day.
  11. I'm pretty surprised its as high as 5%. I'm surprised only 12% of us have kids and are so young too. Maybe marketing really do know what they're doing.
  12. I assumed that the buying ships thing was only a temporary perk while the game was under development and once Star Citizen actually ships everyone will be able to just buy the ships with ingame currency but I guess some percentage of the players don't think so? If you can only get the best dogfighting ship if you drop $10,000 that's a depressing game I don't want to play ever.
  13. The podsurvey is worth doing just to see the fascinating results page.
  14. I agree with the reader re: Watch_Dogs. The story and ethics are brain dead and Aiden Pearce inspires nothing but exasperation but the game is fun and the magical hacking is just as good as advertised, which is a rare thing. You get to be Morpheus guiding Neo through the office and you can complete entire missions just standing on a sidewalk. There are lots of little things like how random NPCs react to you that seems lifelike and even though much of their bio details are randomized there is enough categorization that I am sometimes surprised by what I see. I thought that I wouldn't feel anything when stealing from a random poor person's bank account but I'd be lying if I didn't feel a slight tinge of regret when I hack someone's bank account that only has $300 in it...overall I'd have to say that this feature is a success. I don't regret buying Watch_Dogs at all.
  15. The dissonance in Watch_Dogs is worse than just the typical open world maniac driving (running people over at least hurts your reputation a little bit giving you an incentive to not drive through a crowd of people). While your character thinks of himself as a vigilante occasionally doing bad stuff to protect Chicago, with a single press of a button you can drain every random stranger's bank account for little or no reason as money is almost completely worthless in Watch_Dogs and with seemingly no consequence to you or anyone (at least I haven't run into a consequence so far)