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Zeus, do you know if you can you mix local and online? I think you can. If so, we're on PS4. I don't remember my username off the top of my head, I'll add you next time I'm on.

We've seen one of those goblin packs, that was a blast! And then, shortly thereafter, we got our first Vault portal from a lone goblin. Holy shit, walked out of that place with 75 Million gold apiece. We've had a handful of ancient items drop for each of us, definitely an upgrade over regular legendaries.

I think I'm only two pieces short of having my Barbarian equipment complete, which is exciting. He's probably not perfectly optimized, but lord is he fun. Got a third Raekor's last night and can infinitely charge now. That's just stupid fun. Probably need to start working on actually leveling up some legendary gems now.


could make an alternate Earthquake set


jump around making things pop




my new focus is building a Wave of Light monk set, it supposedly drastically increases damage output but needs a few key pieces to be viable spirit wise

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Yeah, I really want the earthquake set!  Leap is actually my favorite ability on the Barb, but I've set it aside for now because it just doesn't have a good roll to play in my current build.  I have two pieces, and a RoRG, so one more drop and I can try it out. 

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I got into this so much over my holidays that I actually quit the IT clan to play with some RL friends in their clan. Don't be strangers though! Osmosisch#2711. Always happy to boost someone or dash through rifts/bounties/whatever. (PC)

Vacuum condemn crusader is friggin' hilarious.

I also really dig the season system, and the rifts.

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