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  1. If you're referring to the durability system, I kind of disagree - Making weapons expend themselves makes me treat them like consumables, ie. hoard them instead of using them. I realise that's on me though.
  2. I got a urn with lid big enough to fit 4+ heads of cabbage for my kimchi, so kimchi jigae is back on the menu
  3. Divinity: Original Sin II

    Huh, haven't seen a non-Loss CAD in the wild in some time. He really hasn't improved, has he.
  4. Looking for TBS recommendations

    I loathe Chaos Reborn's randomness with every fiber of my being, even though I liked it as a 'chat with friends over voice while the game doesn't matter' game. Chess is cool but I take losing personally in a bad way somehow. Maybe because I learned it too young to disentangle it from ego.
  5. Looking for TBS recommendations

    Looks like you're a good canary for the coalmine of my opinions Henke because I agree with all those things, except being a bit colder on Satellite Reign and not having played Shadow Tactics yet due to the realtime angle.
  6. I read this in Nick's voice

    Of course! But here's the thing. That may be what you think you want but maybe instead you want a thread where people just post, you know? I mean, only the other day, I... Ah, forget it.
  7. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Lego Worlds also supports local co-op but you do need a double set of joycons. My 5.5yo finds it a bit too tough still with the 2-stick controls. Mario XCOM does have 2-player on a single set of joycons but it's a tad too violent for my tastes for kids.
  8. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    Bought myself Mario XCOM for my birthday. Game does not disappoint, it's amazingly fun and kinetic.
  9. Life

    Congrats Mawd, hope it's only up from here
  10. Left 4 Thumbs - The Homethumbing 2

    This is basically it in a nutshell, really.
  11. Looking for TBS recommendations

    If you've got a Switch, the Mario Rabbids game is excellent. It makes me want to play XCOM, and XCOM makes me want to play Mario. What a time to be alive.
  12. Mouse Wrist Pain

    - stopped playing Diablo (or similar game) - played with a controller for a bit (sorry I don't have anything more serious)
  13. Left 4 Thumbs - The Homethumbing 2

    The interesting thing to me is that when TR went off on their own again they also produced something that wasn't as good, in Evolution. Some real synergy went on in L4D1 development apparently.
  14. What is wrong with you?? Like, what thought process makes this ok?
  15. Cephalopolis would be my pick for the next one