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  1. Dreadlands: new turn-based game!

    Looks right up my alley, I'll put it on the ol' wishlist.
  2. Frozen 2

    Same, OP, same.
  3. Life

    Mid-life crisis buddies high five I think it's a shame that this concept has mostly been treated as a source of comedy (getting fast cars and upgrading your wife) instead of talking about the deep existential dread and awareness of mortality that underlies it. At a certain point you (or at least I) realise that you've completely lost sight of what you're doing thing for. I'd tell you the solution if I had one. Anyway, fuck slack, yay forums.
  4. Compact view broken

    Hi, is it just me or is the compact view in the 'unread content' page no longer working? Paging @Tabacco
  5. [Dev Log] Dot Gobbler in Sock Justice

    Congratulations, very cool. I love the look.
  6. Steam store downish?

    Huh, I got a blank page, but refreshing fixed it. Interesting.
  7. Half-Life 3

    I'd gladly take a podcast over whatever their next game is :/
  8. Life

    A familliar thing to hear Erkki, unfortunately. It feels like the elasticity/capacity to deal with life's blows has been going out of things lately. Try to take some time off, you *really* don't want to get into burnout territory.
  9. Something True 2.4: Okaasan

    Easy enough to check https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lady_Tsukiyama
  10. Infinite Jest

    I think it's a testament to how good and moving some parts are that people recommend this book to anyone at all ever. I still love it.
  11. I mean, the game is much less fun than the soulslikes, so makes sense.
  12. Life

    Congrats! You made it
  13. The transcript link leads to a 404.
  14. Clickbait Games Journalism: Polygon vs Kotaku

    I don't like either site, but I've never been one to visit this kind of big generic gaming site. If I absolutely want to know what's up I''ll check bluesnews. The rest filters through anyway. Waypoint's of course great <3