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  1. That's right.
  2. Those shots are amazing Valyrian. The second one looks like a Civ advisor portrait in the best possible way.
  3. Shadowverse I just can't get over the art. It's so gross. Shame too because it looks fun to play.
  4. I've mostly switched to other computer CCGs, that also mostly are a lot more generous to low-budget players than Hearthstone. Right now Gwent's mostly grabbed my interest, and I occationally dip into Eternal, Duelyst and Elder Scrolls: Legends. I recommend trying those out, they're all very, very good in their own ways. ES:L especially manages to be a Hearthstonelike that adds a lot of interesting decision making.
  5. I'm also extremely thankful that transcripts are provided, those fit my preferences better.
  6. OK. Try to cool off a bit and do some of that allegedly deep thinking about more than The Witness.
  7. Er, what
  8. Dang this page has some good-lookin' gents
  9. As a great fan of DFW, I think that's a great article. I'm happy I've mostly grown out to recommending things without considering the audience, so there's not much pain reading this, mostly retroactive embarrassment I'd already handled. The Zadie Smith piece she mentions is also excellent by the way.
  10. Wonderful! That looks very good. Want to taste dat bread :o) Wife's also quite impressed!
  11. Wow Roderick. Superdupercongrats! That's amazing.
  12. The biggest variable is the flour. The culture in your starter mostly comes from the wild yeasts and lactobacillae living on the grain and hence in the flour. If the flour's been sterilised things aren't going to get off any time soon. I'd advise trying out several flours in separate starters to see what works for you. The general process is always the same, add equal parts by weight water and flour daily (we do ~40g or so) and stir (consistency should be like yogurt), then let it sit covered. Within a week there should be small bubbles appearing, and the mass should give off a mildly sour, yogurt-like smell. The consistency also may have changed somewhat, becoming more stringy as the gluten are separated from the starch. We got the nicest starters from buckwheat and especially spelt flour. @RubixsQube that looks great! About this popping up, I can't speak for others but for us our latent desire for home-baked bread came to the fore because we watched the Cooked! series on Netflix. The bread episode left us both slavering.
  13. I'm going to endorse baking your own bread. It's both enormously simple and enormously satisfying. You start with a flour and water porridge, let it develop into a starter over a week and then you're set. We've not bought bread for several months now and we're very smug about it. I've mostly been using Dutch language resources so I can't help you much there but there's a crapton of resources out there. A lot of the joy is in the experimentation anyway. Go!
  14. @TychoCelchuuu what on earth is the flour/starter on that bread, dang it looks light & fluffy, never managed that on my own sourdoughs. Not whole-wheat I'm guessing? My best effort:
  15. I'm considering getting a sheep because I'm so fed up with mowing the lawn if that counts.