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  1. GOTY of the Year

    The only game from this year to really, really stick with me is Night in the Woods so that's getting the nod from me.
  2. I'm down, I adore Silent Storm and Frozen Synapse.
  3. Designer Notes 33: Tyler Sigman - Part 1

    All things a bot would say.
  4. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    I've seen several articles citing Estonia (and to a lesser degree Finland) as a model on how to resist Russian trolling. I guess you guys are also a major testbed for their ops that then get applied globally.
  5. Crota 2Day: A Destiny 2 Forum Thread

    I want to thank you guys for making my first raid a lovely experience. It was a blast.
  6. I know. Just stating my preference.
  7. I think you're inferring a tad too much authorial intent that I'm not convinced is there with most of your "they wanted" statements, but besides that, I don't have much to add anymore.
  8. I think you understand my position. Just to clarify some points: - For me a crucial distinction between Dishonored and Doom is the type of enemies you are facing. There is a gigantic difference between killing humans and by-definition evil beings. Even then, the way that you learn how much Demons fear the Doom Guy actually made me enjoy that game less. Similarly, I enjoy Destiny, with its existential struggle versus aliens, but could not stomach The Division or modern Call of Duty. This is a position that's grown over the years, and there's plenty of manshoots I have fond memories of, but I would not buy or play those games any more. - I am absolutely fine with the game telling you explicitly you did bad shit when you most definitely did. - I understand that it can feel weird or frustrating to be explicitly handed lethal tools/options and then have exercising those options have bad consequences. However, I see this as a valuable life lesson and a sign of an internally consistent world, rather than a problem. - I would have been vastly happier if the nonlethal resolutions of the Dishonored missions involved things like capture and trial, rather than condemning, say, a person to be locked up in a rape dungeon or become a mute slave. Poetic justice only goes so far in my book. I don't think moral agency enters into it, I just don't like having no good option.
  9. I'd prefer if there were fewer deadly and more nonlethal tools (something I'm glad to say the second game and the DLC improve on), but I don't find that sufficient cause to complain about doing bad things having bad consequences. I'd argue that the ways in which other games pretend this is no problem is the issue. For me, seeing someone's head be impaled by my knife is a far, far stronger signal that I'm doing something fucked up than some npcs complaining about it after the fact, or the world in general becoming a worse place. The game seems at odds with itself if you don't see violence as problematic in and of itself, and it feels like a lot of wasted effort to put all those murder tools in there if you're then going to tut tut about the player using them - but what I find odd is that people don't just agree with the people saying you're doing bad shit (because you are), shrug and move on. At what point did you convince yourself what you were doing was OK? I think my personal biggest complaint is the way you need to condemn people to a fate worse than death to get a completely nonlethal ending, which is just... yuck. The achievement's title (Clean Hands) is ironic at best.
  10. But how is that a problem? That's what I find so mystifying. It all makes sense.
  11. That's the thing I'm an outlier about. It's the way other games let you get away with abhorrent stuff without so much as a finger-wag that bugs me.
  12. Huh, yeah, I lost track of that bit. Some rather deft goalposting by me there. Sorry. Well, whatever, I know I'm an outlier about this game.
  13. If anything it made me like the game more. At least people react to you like a normal person would rather than the jubilations your mass-murdering avatar tends to get in most other games. It's satisfyingly logical to me.
  14. It's only a negative signal if you think that the world becoming more chaotic is bad. Many of the side-effects of killing everything are to give you more stuff to kill. I've never understood this beef people have with the game. It goes out of its way to bend itself in the direction the player is acting.
  15. It totally is if you're someone else though (like me or Chris Remo) @Salacious SnakeI think I agree to some extent but it's also really cool to be rewarded in something more than points/money for exploring. If those rewards are functional you almost automatically do get some power differential. But the functionality could be lateral upgrades instead, like turning your water arrows into ice patch ones or something.