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  1. Pre-Discussion: NW

    Ha! I knew this was coming. Sad to hear it's my least-favourite of hers. Maybe I'll give it another go, I may have changed.
  2. Supergiant's Pyre: Wizard (NBA) Jam

    I quite like this game but I loathe the sportsball. It's the same disastrous thing that happened with Frozen Synapse turning into Frozen Endzone. I just can't enjoy sportsball computer games, and I've been trying since Sensible Soccer, probably (maybe speedball?). Luckily the art, writing, world and characters are enough to make the ballgmae speedbumps bearable. Supergiant games all have in common for me that their mechanics are adequate at best , from Bastion's meh Zeldalike, to Transistor's irritating pause and sprint gameplay to, well, this. But they are still just such a joy to partake in just because everything else draws me in. Oh well.
  3. DOTA 2

    Kuro's totally blank reaction during the interview and then just tearing up... oh man. Beautiful.
  4. Episode 402: Battle Brothers

    Great reply Rob. I wonder what it is about 3MA that attracts such a reactionary audience compared to Thumbs.
  5. bitcoin

    There are two main things making bitcoin an ethical and environmental disaster: - The fact that there's a limited amount of BTC that will ever exist (the rate of new ones being 'mined' is decreasing by design) makes the currency inherently deflationary, meaning the rich will only ever get richer. The world is already in enough inequality trouble with mostly inflationary currencies. - The power used by the network is already at the level of a small country and will only increase due to the increase in size of the blockchain and associated computing requirements.
  6. DOTA 2

    Some really hype games yesterday. I've only just dropped in what with having been on holiday. Sad to see my man BigDaddy drop out, glad to see Liquid doing good.
  7. I Had A Random Thought...

    This has been our approach as well. So far it's worked great, but with the eldest at almost 7 I'm anticipating some way tougher calls ahead.
  8. I actually thought it was a Queen reference.
  9. Diablo III BattleTags

    I'm tootling around on a necro, it's pretty damn fun! My deets are in the id thread.
  10. Splatoon is Ink-redible

    Played in the splatfest a bit, had some fun but boy do the controls in this game make me mad. Definitely not a 60E purchase for me, especially given that you can't do local multiplayer without getting a second Switch involved which would be crazy.
  11. My first thought as well. Maangchi is a great endorsement, I'm addicted to her kimchi.
  12. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

    It's interesting which of these games will suit whom - I never managed to get into AssCreed, and only the first Batman game held my interest, but Mordor was just what the doctor ordered. Something about messing with the nemesis system and orcish hierarchy made the world feel much more alive and interesting than the creedlikes.
  13. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

    Yeah sorry just joshin' a bit. Reading your fps thread is super fun but also is demonstrative of the extreme difference we have in tolerances. Anyway, shame this game didn't click for you, I found it to be great fun.