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  1. I would totally play killing floor with you, it's one of my favourite zombie shooters.
  2. Can't think of a nobler purpose. Steam or GOG?
  3. If anyone wants a copy of the game, I got a spare one for free off backing Phoenix Point; Steam or GOG.
  4. Outside is my favourite Bowie album by quite some distance. I think it's because I became music-aware partially on its strength.
  5. I just shared a 'racing' story in another thread haha, this episode made me regret not saving it.
  6. It's super cute but also is kind of like a double-ended dong also? The screenshots are reminding me somewhat about that Genital Jousting game.
  7. I had a trifecta of assassin dagger (with bonus damage to frozen), freeze grenade and phase going, and it just felt unfair. Like chaining 3k crits on a frozen group.
  8. I pulled out of a slip and spin on an unpaved road driving in Canada purely on instinct because I'd been playing so much Colin McRae 2 on my force feedback wheel. Turns out that force feedback was pretty accurate! Only afterwards did I have to immediately pull over once I realised what had almost happened & it hit me. Of course I may have been going a bit faster because of playing racing games so much as well. But it turned out well, luckily.
  9. I found Levels of Life to be very good. One of the most accurate accounts of what love and loss feels like, to me.
  10. The more I play this game, the more I love it. I'm also super happy to switch to a new combo whenever one pops up, I'm more of a variety player than an optimiser I guess. I don't think any game has let me feel flow as well as this one since... probably either a Souls game or maybe my days when I was good at TF2 spy.
  11. Potion Explosion is a gigantic hit in our household. Both my daughters also love it (4 and 6) - the younger at a more physical level, the older also trying to think ahead about chain reactions. The only knock I'd give the game is that it encourages very long turns because there's so many options once you have a few potions done that you want to think everything through. But that's also just the kind of players we are and know so maybe more of an indictment of our playgroup.
  12. Haven't had time to play it yet but it looks great.
  13. This is exactly me, and I bought and love this game. Good overview vid, looks like you've gotten a bunch further than I did. So far the environments haven't started to bore/grate on me at all, I love the character they added with all the little graphical touches like the fluttering banners on the ramparts/promenade path etc.