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  1. Clickbait Games Journalism: Polygon vs Kotaku

    I don't like either site, but I've never been one to visit this kind of big generic gaming site. If I absolutely want to know what's up I''ll check bluesnews. The rest filters through anyway. Waypoint's of course great <3
  2. Photos of things

    Wowwwww, great!
  3. I thought it was fun to do nonlethally, I always enjoy having a limited toolset and finding the one weak point that lets you exploit them. The worst bit is when you leave someone snoozing and then they fall 10cm and die, or rats get them, and the game doesn't tell you. That's the only reason I didn't get ghost on the first game. I did get it on the later ones where there's an indicator that you fucked up somewhere.
  4. Life

    That's great to hear SAM, whew.
  5. Life

    Geez, that's horrific. Wishing you a lot of strength, hope it works out. Even if it requires up-front payment, are medical costs as insane there as in the US?
  6. Looking for TBS recommendations

    I think so, if there's a game like Auto Chess that gives you more deterministic insight in what the consequences of your positioning or character synergies would be.
  7. Looking for TBS recommendations

    I don't think the distinction is all that important to be honest, because there's a huge blurry area with stuff like setting up synergies between character builds in advance, choosing which direction each character engages from etc. Strategy's your high-level plan, at least as far as I loosely define it. Anyway going back to Clyde's original question, you can even have strategy games where you control zero characters, e.g. Majesty, Auto Chess, various tower defence games, Settlers...
  8. Looking for TBS recommendations

    How are you distinguishing your hypothetical from already-existing party-combat games like Divinity: Original Sin 2 for example, where each player controls one character? There's plenty coordination required between characters/players for good strategy/tactics there.
  9. Gosh guys, this looks aces. The trailer really sold me. A++!
  10. Half-Life 3

    Artifact VR relaunch
  11. Episode 464: Dota 2 Auto Chess

    Yessss I've been waiting for this. Such a weird game.
  12. The Good Place

    I have so much faith in the writing team that yeah things are for absolutely sure going to get real interesting relating to this. I'm most curious who/what actually brought her case up.
  13. The Good Place

    I think what happened is that
  14. Movie/TV recommendations

    Me and the missus loved this, extremely recommended. I could just watch the main character do her thing all day, she's so entertaining.
  15. I'm awful at this game but it's definitely the most positive online gaming I've dones with strangers since TF2. They did a ton of work to help with that, it's really cool.