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We've used "sunglasses off" "sunglasses on" in a few meetings to discuss how to manage state changes in the engine's acting system. I wouldn't want to work on a CSI Miami game at all, but it would be pretty sweet to have a fully modeled and animated Caruso character just for sunglasses abuse.

Here's some research materials I dug up for the team...


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Sorry wha?

razorblade do you have a link to the forums. I'm not much fussed about getting the achievement but I'm just interested to see what I did 'wrong'.


so I take it the chances for a ttg CSI:Miami are slim? ;) what about dr who, that rumor keeps coming up on the intertubes.

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Ah, I see.

Well, it is two years later and I sat down with Situation: Comedy and started going through the entire first season. I am on episode Reality 2.0 right now and so far each of them has offered up something fun or enjoyable.

I think I enjoyed the balance of puzzles and interaction/deduction in Episode 2, the story line and gags of Ep. 3 were great and the setting, gags and premise for Ep 4 were great (Especially the 'What's up Supes?' line which sounds suspisciously like 'What's up Scoops?' did I see a thank you to Steve Gaynor in the credits, I think I did).

I stopped early in Reality 2.0, mainly because I had been playing for about 8 hours at that point and had to get some rest. I really like the fact that the episodes flow into each other, that there is a continuity and that the running jokes or themes don't feel overwrought. In fact, their usage helps a player get used to the puzzling and the kind of arc to expect from each episode.

I have to say that apart from Episode 2, there has always been one puzzle or item search that has had me stumped for a bit too long and only once did it feel like I had a solution that should have worked but the game decided that was not to be (it was in Ep 4 with the lobbying).

Kind of sad that it has taken me this long to get round to finishing a bunch of them as they are pretty damn fine adventure games and the season format works remarkably well.

Also, I kind of love Bosco he is just the right level of ridiculous

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