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  1. Unreal Tournament (The new one)

    They did change the movement all the time though and also added and removed gametypes and stuff like vehicles over the iterations. They also switched up some weapons. The game is still very very early so I'm sure they will change and add a lot of things over time. I just hope the basic weapon selection isn't final yet.
  2. Unreal Tournament (The new one)

    I got to admit I'm a bit disappointed that they left the weapons mostly untouched. I wouldn't mind seeing some old ones replaced (Biorifle anyone?). They are redoing the basic movement system slightly, so that's a start. Also I hope someone puts domination back into the game soon.
  3. Star Citizen

    Great, didn't hear that before. I was hoping they would release it as a whole but whatever. Anyone remember Origin's first try / steps regarding DLC, the addon missions for WC5? Those were pretty good. I'd be happy with something like that although I'd wish for a full on Strike / Wing Commander style campaign with talking heads in shady bars.
  4. Elite: Dangerous (Kickstarter)

    RE: console version The same state of the universe + community goals across platforms implies synchronized patches etc. Warframe attempted this but they had to abandon that idea. Now the console version lags behind. If they keep it in sync I wonder if you can use the same pilot across platforms.
  5. What's a good space 4X game?

    I used to play a lot of Ascendancy and Star General. Both weren't too complex and had great atmosphere IMO. Only the music in the latter was terrible but aside from that I especially loved the simple ground combat they did there. I was really disappointed in that part of GalCiv2. GalCiv2 and Endless Space are both decent but I never got really deep into either. Also I think the art direction is all over the place and everything feels extremely generic. I couldn't even tell you the difference between the two now with some distance to the last time I played them. Another decent one would be Empire at War which has a huge Star Wars bonus going for it and of course Star Wars Rebellion which was more of a 4x boardgame adapted as a video game.
  6. An email I sent to Giantbomb

    Why is that funny? The way they interact with other often can give that impression.
  7. Star Wars VII - Open spoilers

    I watched pirates 2 yesterday and hell that is maybe my favourite scene in the movie. It's really well done IMO.
  8. I loved the LA adventures for their story mostly but also for their presentation which was AAA in it's time. Seeing MI on an Amiga 500 was amazing. Sure, I can still go back and enjoy Monkey Island to this day, so I won't judge unfairly. But time has passed and games have evolved - the verbs were terrible even back then and every LA adventure seemed to find a way to reduce them until they virtually went away and transformed into a mouse cursor icon. I just wish they would have picked a later game to continue their retro legacy. Like The Dig which was also a fantastic adventure IMO. Also, I don't really like Twin Peaks as I incidentally found out recently so that story doesn't do that much for me.
  9. General Video Game Deals Thread

    I upgraded my PC for the first time for that game. I was blown away by the cutscenes but also by the 3d visuals. Visible, transparent shields, holy shit! I played through the game in 3 afternoons after school which was kinda disappointing. It was the first WC game I played, I was an XWing / TIE Fighter guy, and WC was a game my Amiga 500 friends used to play (C64->PC here). It always looked cool, but playing it, it felt a bit simple in some ways. The non-linear story aspects (you could annoy people) were somewhat bad IMO. If you skipped every possible dialogue, soon enough everyone would hate you. I'm a little afraid to go back to it. I loved the game - even though back then it felt short and kinda simple, I thought very highly of it. I still have the CDs lying around somewhere. Nostalgia is a bitch though. I found very few games actually hold up after 20 years. I think my biggest problem nowadays would be to find a joystick for it. Maybe I'll get back to it when/if I get one for StarCitizen.
  10. Unreal Tournament (The new one)

    This looks really good so far. I hope someone will make assault maps again. Also I'd love to play a multiplayer FPS again in which most weapons aren't hitscan.
  11. Android Games

    OpenFeint is also getting shut down soon. If google would step up with gaming, it would 100% be tied into google plus somehow. That's where they've been heading for the past year full steam ahead. Can't wait to spam-post my highscores to my circles. There is no way around iOS when it comes to games though. If you want the best video games platform on a smartphone or tablet you'll have to stick to apple. My anecdotish experience suggests that it is this way only (mostly) with games. For everything else there isn't much missing and then android has some fine exclusive non-game apps of it's own. That doesn't mean I think there aren't games on android; quite the contrary, android has been really good at the catching up game this past year. But the most unique games people keep talking about are usually exclusives to ios. To get a bit back on topic here, these are some Android games I have enjoyed in the past: - Z (yes the old pc game) on a tablet (can't really recommend it on a phone size screen) - Final Fantasy 3 (the actual part 3, but this is the 3D DS remake which is pretty well done) - Chrono Trigger (the iPhone port version which was well done) - Draw Something - Puzzle Quest 2 - Plants vs Zombies - World Series of Poker ("WSOP") - the usual suspects: PS1, SNES, GBA, ScummVM emulators (if you own the original games of course) Something I haven't tried but heard good things about is Splashtop 2 for turn based PC games like XCom or Civ 5 via a tablet.
  12. Routine

    That looks amazing. Nothing better than horror games set in space! I love how Amnesia popularized this whole genre of games where you cannot fight but still die while not being a sierra adventure. Which is probably not a good name for a genre.
  13. Half-Life 3

    We've to keep believing. $100 say the next installment in the Half Life franchise will be out before the first human sets foot on Mars.
  14. Iron Brigade

    I only really bought it to support double fine, I wasn't expecting anything from it. Seems like a good port to pc and decent play on the usual tower defense formula. The game throws new stuff at you pretty fast and I don't really have a feel for what I should use, only played it for like 2 hours though. Also it seems there is no way to sell any tower you placed? Since I don't know in advance which enemy type comes from where that makes it a bit annoying. Accidentally placing a shotgun tower in the path of only air enemies makes me feel stupid.
  15. Have you ever tried to make a game?

    Again and again over more than 2 decades now. Started with the c64 like so many. I've started a lot of little projects, often I stopped when I had the basics down though - I was always more interested in the inner workings and mechanics than the actual game. Usually once I felt the game had the right feeling and the gameplay was what I wanted and then "only" had to start creating content (more than the minimum that I did while creating the framework of the game) I lost interest and moved on. I even did this with Neverwinter Nights. I mean I completed a couple modules in NWN but most the things I did where create a different type of gameplay within the limits of the game (while trying to extend those limits). For example I made a mod which played like thief (I think I spent 2 days trying to figure out how to make LOS work for npcs without making the CPU go kill itself) and one which was a persistent world with a skill based system - I hear there where a lot of those later on but I never played those, no idea how they worked. In my version you had a certificate like item in your inventory which the game used to determine your level of a given skill like fishing or chopping wood or whatever. Both mods only had two maps where I played around and tested everything. I also tried to reenact the original Diablo where the interesting part to me was random loot (which wasn't in NWN). Making my own loot tables was incredibly fun I thought, really cool to be able to balance that kind of thing in a game and see it work it's magic. I can't remember though how many of the original 16 levels I then implemented. I did a slideshow intro with Terminator 2 music for the game though which was pretty horrible but it was one thing I never did before (making a video) so I had to try. The last game I completed to finish was a vertical scrolling 2d shooter with an upgrade system (although I never really played it I think r-type had a similar one). It had 2 levels with an endboss and ran on windows & 360 (and I made an effort to make both control schemes feel good.) Here is a lame screenshot where you can almost see nothing going on at the moment: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/28489/screenshot.jpg It's not the last game I worked on, that one is in limbo now for a couple years now - it's a combination of asteroids and bomberman for up to 4 players. I had some real trouble with the physics since I didn't use any existing frameworks. Maybe I should have just left drifting out of the game for now, it was already in a pretty playable phase last time I worked on it. The most important things if I want to complete a game have been, use existing stuff (programming frameworks, engines or even just mod an existing game, existing assets like graphics / music / sound from legal free sources on the net) and set realistic goals. I did this in my free time and when I knew I could do this or that in 2 weeks of working on it every night it meant in reality I would need 2 months. Also important in the realistic deparment to me was to have a list of the important things for a finished game - over the course of each development I come up with a million things I could or should do and so I started to make a feature list for the 1.0 and the 1.1 version with everything not vital going to 1.1. It is so good a feeling when you reach that 1.0, I really would recommend doing it that way.