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Ben X

Wizard Jam 10 *Team Recruiting Thread*

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This thread is for recruiting team members! If you have a game idea and need help from a reader with a particular set of skills, post in this thread, preferably in the below format to make it easy for people to find you. Once you have enough members, please edit your post and note that.

If you're an individual looking for a team to join, and there's nothing here that suits, you can pimp your skills in the team-seeking thread.

And everyone can join the #wizardjam channel on the Idle Thumbs Slack channel for team-building, advice or just live chit-chat while we're working on our games!



Pitch: Game Pitch (Try and keep this to one or two sentences!)

What I need: What you need (Artist, programmer, writer, etc)

What I'm doing: What you're contributing

Contact Info: Your contact info (PM, email, whatever)

And optionally:
Time Zone: It's probably easier to work with people who aren't 12 hours off from you? But maybe it's fine.
Portfolio: A link to your portfolio / website / whatever if you have one, so people can check your style.

[Then whatever else you want]



Pitch: I wanna make 'You, Fisher', a 3D stealth fishing game about casting lines without being spotted by security, and catching as many fish as possible before sunrise. I want to learn UE4 and C++

What I Need:

3D artist who can animate some fish (and help with design!)

Audio person to make some sneaky music and fish noises. Smoky jazz?

What I'm doing:

Programming in UE4, Sam Fisher impressions

Contact info:

PM me on the forums or message me on the Idle Thumbs Slack

Time Zone: 
EST (UTC -5) but I'm usually up late


Here's my website with some gifs of other games I've made! 


I've been a fan of Splinter Cell since first seeing screenshots of their dynamic shadows in ~2005 and I have a Sam Fisher bust above my fireplace. I'd like the game to have a light stealth system, fully rigged realistic humanoid characters, and a dynamic music system that's entirely early-2000s style drum and bass but made exclusively out of samples of water splashing and seagull noises.





What I need:

What I'm doing: 

Contact Info: 
Time Zone:


Thanks to those who came before me and created this thread format. I am standing on the shoulders of giants.

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Pitch: @Brett E, @Mythalore @Travis and I are making a First Person Explorer where you travel through different cyber-realms, each with a different theme.

What we need: people to help us make assets. Most important is audio, but help with graphical assets would be great too. If no one is available, we'll scope so that we can manage it on our own, but it would be great to get the production values as high as possible by increasing the amount of av content. Anyone helping us with these assets may also be invited to fill out the environmental storytelling by writing books etc to be found and read by the player, though this isn't 100% yet.

What we're doing: art, coding and design.

Contact Info: PM us on here or tag any of us in the WizJam channel on the Slack
Time Zone: GMT
Portfolios: ,,

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Pitch: I have made Beppo's Hole in One Golf, dev thread here: 


What I need: Some music in the spirit of 1990s DOS or SNES era sports games. MIDI or chip tune-ish. The NBA Jam menu music comes to mind. Basically "ESPN Sports Commercial Break Transition" vibes or something?


I picture an "opening title" menu music loop that can repeat in the menus prior to the round, and perhaps another small loopable theme for the end of the round.


What I'm doing: Things are mostly wrapped on the game, aside from the music and some VO work.


Contact Info: PM here on the forums or tag me on the Wizard Jam slack @Richard (brendonsmall)

Time Zone: EST 


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