[Dev Log] Super Expert Pro: The Fable of Love

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Let's do a Wizard Jam!


We're mashing up two episode titles, Super Expert Pro and The Fable of Love, to create the ultimate competitive multiplayer dating advice simulator.


Players take on the roles of competing processes within Cyrano de Serverrack, the ultimate dating-advice-giving machine. Use your expertise to influence the outcome of a traditional dating gameshow and ensure that the bachelor or bachelorette gets paired with the right partner. The only problem? Each player believes that a different match is the correct one.


Take turns adding words to a phrase that will be whispered to and spoken by the contestant. Try to sneakily work in words related to your chosen match's likes and dislikes while also looking for ways to sabotage your opponents, but be careful because you can only ever see the last word that was added to the sentence.


The team:

It's me!

Also Justin Terry (JTerry)

And James Palermo (Jimmay)

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Nothing flashy so far. I've just been making fun editor tools to simplify the process of organizing words while Justin works on the networking code.



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Unfortunately, do to everyone being busy adults with important things to do, our game is going to be a bit late :(

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