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WIZARD JAM 8 // Showcase Weekend

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Hey folks!!


Hope you're all hype for WJ8 in a couple days!

As @Dinosaursssssss mentioned in the welcome thread, we are going to have another showcase weekend on the Saturday/Sunday following the end of Wizard Jam 8. That means Saturday, February 2nd and Sunday, February 3rd.


If you'd like to participate in this streamy event, please say so in this thread and I'll try to get everyone organized into a schedule. Just post your Twitch/Youtube/Mixer channel info and times that you'd be available to stream (all times in PST, the official time zone of Idle Thumbs). Please give a range of times and how long you'd be able to stream for (assuming at least 3-6 hours of jam games worth of Content based on previous jams) I'll reach out to you once I put everything into an algorithm* and figure out the ideal lineup.


We also have a confirmed IT's very own Nick "Nick Breedon" Breckon will be streaming on the Thumbs Twitch channel at 2pm on Saturday the second so maybe avoid that slot, yeah?


And if you'd like to stream but aren't sure how, I'm sure folks in this community can point to easy resources to set stuff up. You've got more than 3 weeks to practice!!


Thanks all, this is the best community~

-elvaq :sombrero:


*algorithm may or may not be mechanical turk

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I would be remiss in not throwing my hat in the ring but I'm not sure when it would be and I'm not completely sure I can commit. Maybe I could just start on the beginning of the day Saturday and make a day of it? Not sure yet.

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Hey again folks!!! BUMP BUMP BUMP


As a reminder, streaming starts in just about 24 hours from now. Game makers! Please get your last minute patches ironed out and uploaded ASAP - I figure a lot of streamers (myself included) will want to download stuff ahead of time so the sooner your final version comes together, the better.


Streamers! Give a shout out here or on Slack or Discord and I'll make sure to trumpet the heck out of your stuff on those channels.


Looking forward to the Content Feast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This weekend I streamed a few games, which you can watch here:



I played:

Always Support the Danger Layer (link to portion of the video here)

This Crazy Robot - Pizza Tonight (link to portion of the video here)

Shootie Pizza (link to portion of the video here)

Meet the Kerfluffles (link to portion of the video here)

Unmasking the Brain Burglar (link to portion of the video here) (I play through the entirety of this game and SUPPLY MY OWN VOICE ACTING FREE OF CHARGE)



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