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  1. Jeff Goldblum

  2. I'm sure someone in the chat brought this up but in 2007 they released Pirates of the Caribbean 3 At World's End: which didn't win the Academy Award for Best Picture that year, probably staving off the doom foretold by its subtitle. That being said, in a very monkey's paw curse turn, instead of the world ending, the world kept existing and WE GOT OUR CURRENT SITUATION
  3. I played two rounds, and in the first one I got 11 kills and a chicken dinner, because yeah, most of the bots seem to shoot at you and then stand there, staring. I agree with you @eRonin, it's a pretty smooth experience, even thought it's a little janky because of the on-screen controls. It feels like the map is shrunk a tiny bit, and a lot (a lot) of the geometry has been cleaned up for the mobile version, but like, everything is there in some form or another. I am confused about how your character auto picks up items, which is a little weird, but I think likely it's something where the game assumes you'd want these items, even going so far as attaching them to weapons. It runs really really well on the iPhone X, even while streaming to my television, and I would love to try it out with a squad at some point. For a portable version of the game, it's much better than it has any right to be. I just wish you would start with like, basic clothes. But I guess they gotta monetize somehow.
  4. On the subject of the Wine, I think that the hosts (and the conversation here) have mostly been focused on this poor sommelier and their family. I think we may be missing something crucial about the sommelier's task. The wine is originally described as "tasting twice as good" each year. Well, the thing about the senses is that they are not linear, but logarithmic. If you take two light bulbs and place them next to each other, it does not look "twice as bright," for instance. You can read some more about this here, from a 2013 issue of Significance, put out by the Royal Statistical Society. This means that if the wine is "twice as good" from one year to the next, it is actually something like 10^(2^t) times increased in raw quality (flavor intensity, say). I say "something" because it may not be logarithmic with a base 10, but if it were, then the flavor intensity of the wine would then be: When you get the wine, Flavor Intensity = 10, Wine Taste = 1 One Year Later, Flavor Intensity = 100x, Wine Taste = 2x One Year Later, Flavor Intensity = 10,000x, Wine Taste = 4x One Year Later, Flavor Intensity = 100,000,000x, Wine Taste = 8x etc etc etc So, if the flavor was made more intense by "notes", the sommelier's job would be suddenly profoundly difficult, in a way that not even a large family could surmount.
  5. Wow it was only at the very, very end of the episode that I realized that Nick wasn't in the room with Jake and Chris. What an incredible re-recording, it was so lifelike
  6. This is a very good episode of Important if True. Nick did a really good job re-recording his dialogue this week, it was even harder to tell that it was a dub.
  7. This is fascinating and maddening. Like, I think it's absurd how easily people can be tricked into believing such incredible bullshit. But I guess that's the central theme of the 21st century. I agree that it's a perfect discussion point for the podcast, and you should send an email!
  8. When I need to feel uplifted and good about humanity, this is what I watch:
  9. Important If True 50: 4468, Y'all

    Lore Lord Cool J
  10. (Emailer Chris specifically mentioned that he was in a drive-thru coffee shop, where people order well in advance of paying for their items. This is where, historically, these pay-it-forward lines start up, because it's easy to pay for the person behind you as their order is already in the system.)
  11. On the subject of editing wikipedia, I discovered that a recent boardgame that was supported through a kickstarter featured a creature from Japanese folklore that was sourced entirely from wikipedia, which was a bad idea.
  12. The hilarious Human: Fall Flat

    I played this with my younger brother a few weeks ago, and had a great time. The difficulty kind of ramps up pretty quickly. Early on, the weird laggy controls are difficult to get a handle on, but eventually things make more sense, and generally the puzzles are clever. It's mostly that the game is really funny, as is the way with wacky physics simulators. Here's a video of what happens when I tried to prop a door open with a chunk of concrete:*********AllenHuhu
  13. Hahaha, this is super weird. I think that this episode, with the Landis / Elephant Show story, really cements this idea in my mind of Nick Breckon: The Most Incorrectly Confident Man In America.