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  1. So, I got my first chicken dinner, with a fun end to a squad match where I really didn't contribute much, although it did end for me in a spectacular fashion.
  2. Ok, so, I second Nick Breckon's Star Guitar recommendation, but also I want to point out that Michel Gondry made a Making Of video that was on the like, DVD of his music videos that I had in college, and it's less amazing, but very charming: Yes, it's like, 10 minutes long, but stick with it, especially at the end. Also, I drove on the Lancaster musical road (it's a bit away from a huge poppy field, if anyone is in southern California in early spring and wants to see something incredible), and while the effect was nice, it was highly variable on the speed you drove the road, which made me think of someone driving the DRINK COCA COLA road during a day with more traffic would get the version where it's some sort of demon advertising a soft drink.
  3. Modest Tech: The NX Generation (Nintendo Switch)

    There was a new Nintendo Direct this afternoon, and my takeaways were: 1) Jeez, JRPG exposition is long and tedious and I do not care about it. A bunch of people must care! I am not one of those people. 2) There's some Snipperclips DLC coming out, with expanded and a new Snipperclips+, which is the original game plus the DLC. If you haven't picked up Snipperclips, this is a good game. 3) Doom and the new Wolfenstein game are coming to the Switch, which is a pretty big deal, actually. They only showed clips of Doom, but it looks like it's running pretty well? 4) Super Mario Odyssey looks completely nuts. There's an insane amount of content, and unlockables, and little moons to find. It looks like, between this and BotW, this is perhaps one of Nintendo's greatest years for game releases.
  4. Important If True 26: Get Hype

    Every time I read an article that references something discussed (or tangentially related to something discussed) on Important if True, I wonder just how many people think they're going to be the only people who email that article to the podcast. For instance, here's an update on the self-driving car impersonator: How many times will this appear in the Important if True email inbox?
  5. I definitely agree. What I think is more likely is that, growing up, Trader Joe’s pushed this made up fact (perhaps in its Fearless Flyer monthly ad magazine) as a way to promote their no-sugar ketchup, and this was then told to me (and whoever wrote that website I linked to). Edit: I just texted my parents, asking if they remembered this ketchy thing, and my dad very confidently stated this ketchup has to contain a certain amount of sugar, otherwise it’s catsup, (a fact which is not shown to be true anywhere on the internet). His response was that this is a “pre-internet thing” and something must have changed since he learned this when he was younger. So now I know the source of my own wacky misconception.
  6. When I was a kid, I swear that Trader Joes made a thing they called "ketchy," and I once asked my parents why it was called this and not "ketchup," when it was actually just ketchup. I think that my parents told me that the word "ketchup" was reserved for a tomato based condiment that contains sugar, and other companies weren't allowed to call their condiments that if there wasn't added sugar. I thought this for most of my childhood (even into adulthood), although it is definitely not true. EDIT: wait, I found this website here, which at least echoes my insanity from above. Could this be true? Does ketchup have to have added sugar? EDIT 2: Perhaps this was just Trader Joes advertising? Here is a newspaper ad from 1980 which says:
  7. Oh, "sassy carl" is what steve gaynor and his pubg buddies call the SCAR-L.
  8. Ok, I just managed to get #5 solo, with a pair of kills. The first was right near the beginning, when some fool tried to run me over with a buggy, crashed it instead into a wall, and then got a shotgun to the face. The last was one of the final few, who was trying to be sneaky and ended up getting a 4x scope sassy carl to the noggin. I died racing into the tiny shrinking play area, like a dope. Jeez, this game amps up the adrenaline, oof.
  9. I played a bit more last night, and I have yet to actually fire on someone. I am not saying I have not gotten a kill, I am saying I have not actually seen someone for long enough to shoot at them. It's fun to play with my friends, but man, the end game is just profoundly unsatisfying when you find yourself just surprised and murdered.
  10. Man I am Not Great at this game, but I suppose that'll change as I play more. I would be interested, this week, in playing with some of the Thumbs, I suppose I'll head to the slack to find some people who want to fumble around with a complete idiot (myself).
  11. I just built a computer, because I was tired of listening to friends, and podcasts, and hearing about PC GAMING, so I went made a computer. And I played my first four matches of battlegrounds, and it's real fun, even if it's pretty wonky. I think that this game has a lot of those moments where you just straight-up die out of nowhere, which is lame, but, it's exciting enough leading up to that moment that it balances out pretty well. I should go and see if there's some sort of Thumbs steam group for playing with other people.
  13. This episode featured Chris giving a hearty "Fuck You" and "Fuck off" to BOTH Nick and Jake. The rare double fucker! Edit:
  14. Life

    I'm a member of the science team for the primary instrument on the telescope. And when it came to flooding/leaking, the mirror and instruments are all packaged up inside the space environment chamber, and they're incredibly safe. Johnson Space Center, while it got real wet, never flooded: Clear Lake stayed just barely below the banks. The people running the tests were very conscientious of our safety, switching us from 8 to 12 hour shifts where we were shuttled in twice a day. I was on the overnight shifts and oof, it was rough, especially as the rain kept coming. I would get back to my hotel, fall asleep, wake up, and get ready to come back in. And the testing continued. I was relieved yesterday evening as a couple of my colleagues drove in from out of state to take over, and I'm sitting in the Dallas airport on my way home. I am very lucky to have been in a place that was relatively safe during this insane storm. I only hope that necessary services: gas, food, groceries, medical supplies, are quickly brought into the city. On my drive north I saw hundreds of trucks moving south to Houston with boats and supplies. It was heartening.