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  1. Also, for everyone who liked Jon Bois' 17776, beyond Breaking Madden, my favorite thing he has done is his series Pretty Good, where he also wields Google Earth to tell weird stories. My two favorite episodes: This episode where he talks about a REAL football game with a final score of 222 to 0. This amazing story about the weird awful 1904 olympic marathon. You don't need to give half a crap about sports to enjoy the weirdness of this. He's a good storyteller.
  2. oof, this is a very good post also, yeah, medians are all the rage. Jake mentioned that the use of the average was really popularized by astronomers, but we often just go with median because of weird outliers. And if anyone hasn't seen how easy it is to create data sets with a given average, they should take a look at the datasaurus dozen: ...a set of datasets that have the same x and y averages, mean, standard deviations, and Pearson's correlations to two decimal places but are totally wacky compared to each other.
  3. It seems to me that they start the game with Jason surprising the teens because it gets to the point where there is defined gameplay: for the teens, survive, and for Jason, hunt. From the podcast, it sounded like Chris/Nick are sad that each round starts with the teens already in flee/survive mode, when they would rather the early game experience hew more towards the films, where there is a calm before the storm. Chris brought up the fact that this is perhaps an impossible thing, because the players know, going in, what the game entails, so there's no real surprise. Jake's suggestion just shifts the random roll for choosing Jason to a slightly later moment in the round, but I don't know what the players would be doing while waiting for Jason to appear. Would they all be scrambling around looking for survival/escape items? This doesn't seem to be much different from what the game is already. Edit: This was discussed further on in the episode. To replace this comment, I have a question about New Donk City - do you suppose that this is the same city from the arcade Donkey Kong game, where Mario bounded up a construction scene to rescue Pauline? Also, I'm confused as to why Chris thinks that the citizens of New Donk City are "normal humans" whereas Mario is a "capering homunculus." Everyone in NDC is suspiciously similar, and I don't know if I would call them "normal." Is it because they're wearing business suits? I would argue that the style of the Mario games up until now makes the NDC citizens profoundly abnormal. The only other time (that I can remember) Mario has hung out with a group of people much taller than him is in Mario's Time Machine. It should be noted, as well, that only one person in NDC can be controlled via Cappy, the RC Car dude who is not wearing a hat. Cappy can only allow Mario to "cap-ture" (Nintendo's term) characters that aren't already wearing a hat.
  4. I agree, but also I sided with Jake that burning the food for energy would probably annoy the genie and the energy would just (makes the noise Jake made at 43:10 in the episode, "booo"). The version where the food is placed in a flat surface that then falls to power flywheels or whatever, that could just be one step in a food delivery system, keeping with the spirit of the whole enterprise.
  5. Yeah, and then the thread plummets, and it's even more embarrassing.
  6. dev log OH SHIT YOUR GAME IS BLOWING UP also wizard jam advertising
  7. Thank you! It was super fun to work with Unity, and I was helped a lot by people here in this forum and on the slack chat. That was super great! Also, unlike some of the other engines I used, Unity has an incredibly extensive set of tutorials, and there are a ton more on youtube and in various forums. I wasn't making something super complicated, and once I figured out how to write scripts and pass around variables, it became pretty straightforward to run in a similar way to the other engines I've used. I really liked working with Unity, and it's amazing how many completely-different-looking games in this very jam were also made with the same raw tools.
  8. If Jake is worried about power generated from genie food, you don't need to burn the food to generate the energy. If you have a series of people generating their allotment of food at some point where that food has potential energy, then it can be used to power turbines and still disappear entirely. Hell, it can even be dropped down the power chute and then collected at the bottom and eaten, thus providing unlimited free energy and still working within the spirit of the wish.
  9. They expand on the update a little more here. It looks as if they've got some content that isn't random that better introduces the powers. I was someone who played the game, saw the various powers, realized that they were expensive and seemingly not worth it, and just moved on. It seems like the powers are vital to progress apparently. I think about this game a lot like Spelunky, and I viewed the powers like the teleporter, where yeah, I'm sure someone who was really good with the game could use it, but for me, it didn't make any sense how it could help considering you so often used it to kill yourself.
  10. So, the Tumbleseed developers just released this INCREDIBLY FASCINATING writeup about their game's difficulty, along with an update that addresses this. It reveals a whole bunch about their internal thought process when it comes to how this difficulty directly impacted sales and the way people interacted with the game. I really wonder what everyone's thoughts are!
  11. I endorse this letter that incredible science fiction author Octavia Butler wrote to herself:
  12. There is only one other StKoF. : (
  13. Oh jeez, that's...that's a very difficult thing to remember to keep track of, especially with that Tetris style of random clothing generation. Oof, once more into the breach!
  14. I think that the game works, although I don't know if the game is not giving me points if there's something I'm not doing to finish the job, but I laughed a bunch, so that's really what matters!
  15. Oh my gosh, thanks to both of you! I really appreciate hearing that people are liking it, and also it's pretty fun to listen to these VO comparisons.