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  1. SHOWCASE WEEKEND // Welcome Thread

    Thank you for playing my dumb game! It's really fun to see people struggle with the weird controls, as that's kind of the point. The way the movement works is that you only gain momentum in the cardinal directions (up, down, left, and right), and you have to keep repeatedly pressing the buttons to increase the velocity in that direction. The ship sprite rotates with the velocity vector, which tricks the brain somewhat. In the end, I have to divorce myself of paying attention to the way the ship is pointing if I want to collect items. I'm sad that nobody has streamed the two player mode, since it's really something else trying to maneuver hands around on a keyboard.
  2. Concentric

    I found this to be frustrating when I played as well. I kept dying because I couldn't pop to one line and then quickly just pop back. Was this intentional?
  3. SHOWCASE WEEKEND // Welcome Thread

    Here's part 2: The Real Monkeys Blockbusters: The Black Case Join and Undermine The World Begins With You Il Panino di Brutto Sogno Get Hoisted
  4. [RELEASED] The World Begins With You

    I couldn't make the clip long enough, but if you go to the right of the door (behind some big rocks to an area you can't actually see) and just keep walking right, you end up behind things. Edit: You can see how I did it starting here. But also, know I'm fairly sassy throughout the game, which again, I found to be pretty incredible.
  5. [RELEASED] The World Begins With You

    I played a bunch of your game on a stream this morning (then I stopped when I died on the boat ride and needed to move on from the game) It was beautiful, and atmospheric, and very interesting. I also did this:
  6. SHOWCASE WEEKEND // Welcome Thread

    It was mostly frustrating because I didn't have a huge amount of time between locking on and grabbing the lever right at 00 seconds to fire the missile. I did it once, but as you saw, every time I tried I would either miss the window or fire too early since I didn't have enough seconds counting down to judge when 00 would happen. On re-watching myself, I don't know if I can see what key thing I was missing. I'll pop back in and fumble around more.
  7. SHOWCASE WEEKEND // Welcome Thread

    Here's the video of my playthrough. The games I played are (with links to the exact time I started playing): (A Wish Upon) Some Kind of Star Drifter Celebrity Explainer Shoot That Pizza Cavorting Among the Corpses From Earth to Pluto Idiots Laughing (turn the volume down a bit) Veggie Panino Tactics Hold On To Your B.U.T.T.O.N. Concentric Shadow of Something Awkwardness and Harmony PING The Rooster's Stupid Secret
  8. SHOWCASE WEEKEND // Welcome Thread

    About to start streaming at!
  9. SHOWCASE WEEKEND // Welcome Thread

    I'm going to try to stream a bunch Saturday morning at It'll be f u n
  10. I kind of hit a wall in the last few weeks with this game - after having a lot of fun early on, I'm playing a lot more matches where I drop, get great loot, get into the circle...and then find myself dead via someone surprising me out of nowhere. Every time I see my death cam, it seems to be a person who murders me with pinpoint accuracy. If I discover their position and try to fight back, I don't really do much damage. This is pretty disheartening, and it's endemic of a lot of online games, which disappoints me a lot. I don't have time to play this every single night for hours and hours. There's an article on waypoint about how the kill cam, and game replays actually made the author feel less like everyone else playing was an efficient murderbot, but this does not seem to be the case with me. On the recent Thumbs Ruination Cast, Nick discussed how he wasn't super taken with the game, and I think that this is part of it, but also I can't imagine playing this game solo for any stretch of time. To me, the game is at its most fun with squads of four having a silly time together up until the end.
  11. [Released] Christmas is Cancelled

    I don't know what you're talking about, that's what I expect of those Yule Lads
  12. [Released] Idiots Laughing

    I put this in the original post, but I finished the game! And I like it quite a bit. It's way more simple than some of my other games, but I think it's pretty goofy and fun. E N J O Y (please try to play with someone else there sitting next to you, especially if you stream it)
  13. [Released] Idiots Laughing

    After a pretty hectic Christmas week, I finally have spent the last three days creating Idiots Laughing. And it's both profoundly stupid and pretty silly and fun. I played around with some platforming, and maze possibilities, but I ended up realizing that something more akin to Snake was what I wanted, since I really needed something with a mechanic that required you to press four buttons repeatedly. Snake wasn't really the right thing either, since it was a game that lead to a single failstate. Eventually I settled on a type of simple game type, wherein you and your partner scramble for collectibles on a play field, and where I've disabled the ability to press and hold a button, but instead, you have to hammer away at the button to get any momentum going. Once I was happy with the way that felt with one player, I wrote up the script that randomized the buttons on the keyboard for the player. This was an interesting experiment, because it taught me that my brain can do a pretty good job of remapping buttons to whatever keys I have, providing they're somewhat oriented up/down/left/right on the keyboard. So, I had to make sure that when randomizing, the up button is one of the keys near the top of the keyboard, left is to the left, etc etc. This made the game a lot more playable, even if it's still a little cumbersome (that's the point!). Next, I added a second player, and oh boy, things got super silly there, because it's just tough to navigate a keyboard with two people, and also because I don't check to see if a key has been mapped to the other player when I assign a random key, meaning that both players can have the same key control a given direction on their ship. This is actually delightful. I think that "Idiots Laughing" is still a very apt name for this stupid little game. So, I spent much of this afternoon prettying up the game, and when I added music and sound effects (and a re-randomizer every 30 seconds), things really started to cook. With every one of these Wizard Jam games, there's always a moment where I can't help but smile, happy that something that was in my head has become a weird reality. I love Wizard Jam. I really, really do hope that people here can find someone to play this game with, since it's not nearly as fun single player.
  14. Idle Thumbs Streams

  15. Star Wars Episode 8

    hey y'all, I liked the movie even thought it was really messy. I agree with a lot of you that Finn's arc needed to be restructured quite a bit, as the film doesn't really know what to do with him. I'm way into the parts of the film that screwed over the fans, and it's always awesome to see paleobotanist Ellie Sattler anywhere (in space!) but I got a question is the red stuff the salt, or is it the white stuff on top of the red stuff that's the salt Wait, ok, I could look this up myself, the Star Wars website says it's the white stuff, which is what I thought (it makes more sense), but man that dude deffo licks some of the red stuff (EDIT 2: THANKS @TychoCelchuuu)