Something True 6: Häxprocesser

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Something True 6:

Something True 6

Who was this mysterious boy from the city of Gävle? Johan came to Stockholm in 1676, an orphan. His mother had been executed. Executed because Johan accused her of being a witch. And he was just getting started. Stockholm was in trouble. Trouble with a capital T. And that rhymed with G... which stood for Gävle Boy.

Read a full transcript of this episode on the Something True website.

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Music on this week’s episode:
Jahzzar – No-End Ave*
Caligine – Mε Πιάνουνε Ζαλάδες
Josh Spacek – Six Weeks to Live
Advent Chamber Orchestra – How Beautiful are the Feet (Handel)*
Fabrizio Paterlini – Profondo Blu*
Weinland – People Like You*

*modified for the podcast.


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Haha.. I haven't listened to the episode yet, but saw Gävle mentioned in the description and hoped that the show would reference the ridiculous Christmas goat thing. 

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Our town wanted to put a huge Christmas goat in the style of Gävle goat for some reason last Christmas also. It didn't come as a surprise to me that two idiots went during one Saturday night and burned it. They were recorded on surveillance tape, though I don't know if they were caught because I didn't follow the news enough after that.


Regarding the episode, once again excellently written and performed.

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On 5/2/2017 at 3:09 AM, osmosisch said:

I heartily recommend also taking a gander at the wikipedia page for the Gavle goat:



The exploits trying to destroy the thing are great reading as well.


"On the night of 23 December before 04:00 the South Merchant goat was set on fire and was burned to the frame, even though it had a thick layer of snow on its back.The goat had two online webcams which were put out of service by a DoS attack, instigated by computer hackers just before the burning."


Gävle Boy would be proud...

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