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  1. Other podcasts

    With the current absence of Important if True, I've discovered After On, which is really quite good. It annoys me that the first 5 minutes of every episode is like an NPR donation drive, but the content is stellar. More cerebral and less entertaining than IIT, but the topics and presentation are some of the best I've ever heard. Definitely worth checking out.
  2. My sad haiku: Four-five brains online Now the four-five brains are gone Have they come for me?
  3. So, my wife and I are in Iceland for our anniversary, and decided to visit the phallological museum because, well, why not‽ Interestingly, they have a small room that contains displays of cryptozoological penises, including none other than our friend the Yule Lad.
  4. More importantly, why did the show not devolve into a conversation about the obvious biological necessity for fluorescent beaks... Puffin raves.
  5. @lycaon - I believe there are more than one. I read some time ago about this, and there was something about only females can have tetrachromacy, and that any male children born to them are almost certain to have red-green color blindness. I’ll see if I can dig up that article.
  6. Plug your shit

    I have a pseudo-dev blog for my WIP game, Labyrintheer.
  7. Safe Words

    What character set are YOU using?
  8. Something True 6: Häxprocesser

    "On the night of 23 December before 04:00 the South Merchant goat was set on fire and was burned to the frame, even though it had a thick layer of snow on its back.The goat had two online webcams which were put out of service by a DoS attack, instigated by computer hackers just before the burning." Gävle Boy would be proud...
  9. Hoisted

    I've also considered adding hoisted to the game I'm working on. I've thought this about a variety of things that the Thumbs gang has said and have wondered if it wouldn't be genius to create a Thumbs-related game, something like Stick of Truth or other parody titles, that just weaves Idle Thumbs and Important if True bits throughout. I even figured Robot Nick and Fake Rodkin would be characters, though I've yet to come up with anything good for Chris.
  10. Safe Words

    ********* is our safeword. For obvious reasons. Edit: Wait, what? LOL Pine-apple is disallowed here?
  11. Jeff Goldblum

    Does anyone live out in Cali where Jeff Goldblum performs his musical delights? I think someone should get a video of Jeff saying "Wax House, Baby!" as a gift to the Thumbs crew. It would probably become a great soundbite.
  12. I believe, during the discussion about the genie-wine bottle breaking, that you may have inadvertently created a new Yule Lad: Carpet Wine Licker, who comes, I must imagine, for less than a day solely to lick the magical genie wine from your carpet after the Twista family has harmonically destroyed the bottle. Kudos for your fine cultural endeavors. Google Translate (sorta) tells me that this lad would be named vínsleikir.