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Ben X   
On 2/23/2017 at 0:16 AM, SgtWhistlebotom said:

a bed of music under paid advertisements? does anyone have specific feelings for or against this?


I think I would find this mildly irritating - it would break the flow of the 'cast (which one could see as a cynical argument for it, as it would encourage people to support the Patreon for the ad-free version).


I'm also mildly disappointed that Jake doesn't include T2 in the list of bad Terminator sequels. It's mostly great right up to the point after the mental hospital escape where the T1000 loses his grip on their car and tumbles along the road. After that it gets very flabby and sappy.


I haven't read the recent Flintstones comic run, but I get the impression that "dark and gritty" is not an accurate characterisation. It seems 'satirical' or 'politicised' might be closer - apparently the latter overtly tackles gender inequality, capitalism, art criticism and PTSD amongst other things, whilst the act by the same writer in his upcoming Snagglepuss series of making the eponymous character overtly gay and in struggles with the HUAC seems to go beyond grimdarkification. I know the Thumbs were also talking about the recent trend of simple properties being reimagined through a prism of ponderous modern significance too, though, which seems to fit.


Anyway, loved the first episode and am looking forward to catching up with the next few! One thing I'd like to hear more of going forward is music and general audio foolery from Chris. It's always great to hear a new theme tune, song, or playful audio edit.

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Music under ads makes them easier to skip, because you can just keep advancing until the music stops. 


Relatedly, I like having the option of paying for an ad free cast. I enjoy supporting the show, but I had no interest in the advertised stuff. The only offer code I ever used was for Hover, so that was a while ago.

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I am also of the general opinion that having an ad-free version is good.  While I generally enjoy the way ads are read and greatly prefer them to other podcasts that just read words off a page, I haven't yet switched my feed over to the ad-less version.  I've actually used some of the services advertised before.  There's been a number of requests in the past on the forums for a central listing of the services advertised and their associated promo codes.  If that existed then I'd swap feeds.

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