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  1. Agreeing with everyone else about family vacations. As a (relatively new) parent I love my kid and want to spend time with her, but I'm not going to use her to jump to the front of the vacation line. In the past I'd voluntarily work those days and take my vacation in the off season (something I still highly recommend if at all possible) but there have also been times where I've planned something far in advance and cancelling at the last minute in favor of someone else was not going to happen (short of a true emergency). Your family is also family and you should be allowed time with them. On a personal front, I've started a diet and exercise plan. It hasn't even been a week yet but I already feel better for the most part. I'll still occasionally feel terrible but I suspect it's because of my rather abrupt change of diet. My body seems to be trying to adjust to these green, leafy things I keep feeding it. The stress thing is a work in progress.
  2. From now on I will direct all search inquiries to instead of Google.
  3. Managing my work stress mostly amounts to trying not to worry about it too much while I'm here and not thinking about it when I'm home. I talked with my supervisor about my condition and he was pretty understanding. I told him that I might occasionally leave early or come in a bit late depending on how I'm feeling but I would do my best to get my work done in a timely manner and he said he'd do what he can to help me out. Unfortunately he's going to be promoted to another position in a different department soon so there's not much he can do long term. I know the person taking over for him and he's pretty laid back too but I'll have to have this discussion again with him.
  4. Will second this. I've been using OneNote a lot at work too and it's a pretty handy tool for things that don't fit completely into Word or Excel. I create new notebooks for each of the projects I'm working on and it really helps keep me organized given the amount of stuff I have going on. One neat trick I've been using it for is to extract text from a screenshot. If you take a screen clipping and send it to OneNote, you can right click on it and copy the text from the image and paste it somewhere else. You can also make the text searchable and leave the image where it is.
  5. I've finished both Arrow and Supergirl's latest seasons. Lots of spoilers ahead if you haven't seen them yet. Arrow continues to be shitty Batman. I found the Prometheus story to be really weak. The motivation for Evelyn's betrayal of the team felt especially weak to me. The whole team knows that Oliver is not above killing, but learning that he had a specific list of evil doers is what makes him wrong? And the answer to that is by siding with a guy who is arguably worse in every way? I don't buy it. At the very least I'm hopeful all the island flashbacks will be done with now that the flashbacks have progressed to his getting off the island and it was blown up in the present. Of all the Arrowverse shows, Supergirl continues to be the best. Not only some great, strong (in multiple senses of the word) female characters, but also prominent LGBT ones as well. I like that Mon-el starts out as a the literal prince of the dude-bro planet but gets some sense knocked into him by Kara, in both the physical and figurative way. I also like Kara's relationship with the Luthor family. I legitimately hope that Lena doesn't go bad because the parallels to Superman/Lex are too obvious. I also didn't realize how great a character Cat Grant was until she left and came back. The last thing that stuck out to me was Hank Henshaw calling himself cyborg superman. I know that's his comic book identity and was waiting for him to appear but having him say it out loud was far too hilarious.
  6. I've been feeling like crap lately, to the point that last night I took a trip to the ER. Turns out most of my problems are because I have extremely high blood pressure (somewhere around stage 1 and stage 2 hypertension). I've done a piss poor job of taking care of myself, something I intend to fix immediately. I think the other main contributing factor is work and life stress. I'm doing what I can about work stress, but the main source of life stress for me is the ongoing state of Trump's America. As much as I hate the idea of turning a blind eye to it, I think I have to stop paying a lot of attention because every time I do I get really worked up which in my current condition is potentially dangerous. In other words Trump being President is literally killing me. (I joke about all this as a coping mechanism, in reality I'm actually quite scared)
  7. Seconded. I would prefer to hear some marketing talk to an awkward script. Or better yet just let the game speak for itself.
  8. Anthem looked pretty but nothing I saw made me interested in playing it. Not that I'm dismissing it entirely but graphics are the last thing I usually care about in a game. I'm pretty sure I've crossed into old man territory because I haven't seen anything yet that makes me excited at all with the exception of some titles that were already known.
  9. I'm not a big fan of most DOT stuff in this game (bleed, poison, fire, etc). Unless you stack a bunch of them it takes too long to produce a meaningful effect. I'd much rather get closer and use my more powerful melee weapons to take them out quickly. The only time I really use them is when the damage modifiers line up. I'm down on turrets lately. They die so quickly I often feel they don't do anything at all (except for the ceiling turret maybe, which is only useful in some areas). I prefer items with more utility, like freeze/stun grenades. I've been getting a lot of use out of the improved bear trap. I've been doing runs lately where I force myself to pick up every drop I see (with some exceptions). It's a bit chaotic as my tactics have to change every few minutes but it's quite fun.
  10. Ivy grenades work wonders against the Watcher. I beat him the first time I got there using ivy grenades and the rapier. Freezing items are also useful. Just make sure you time it so he's stuck somewhere you can hit him.
  11. I do understand your position. Sometimes I will pass up a weapon that does more damage but otherwise wrecks my combo even though I know it will be less effective in the coming level. The thing I think needs more tuning is projectile weapons, especially against bosses. Any ranged weapon with limited ammo is almost useless against a boss since you don't get any of that ammo back until the fight is over. From my understanding there is an item ability that gives you some of that ammo back on a hit, but I've never gotten it when it mattered so I can't speak to it firsthand.
  12. A number of these complaints have been addressed in the current opt-in beta. The rapier was reworked to have a smaller crit window (basically you can only get one critical hit in per roll and you have to be fairly quick). The range on the electric whip was reduced some. Timed doors have more rewards, as do challenge portals, in the form of extra cells (10 I think, though I'm not sure if this scales with level). Weapons have more variety because of new effects (like poison clouds) and elemental synergy (like oil actually igniting and water spreading electricity/ice). It's still a dice roll to have them line up but I feel like there's more overlap now and its easier to get a workable combo. A bunch of new weapons and skills were added as well. My new favorite weapon is the impaler, a spear that does critical damage to enemies against a wall. It's quite fun with the Spartan sandals (which I otherwise dislike). Shields also got a big rework making them a far more viable option than they were before. Turrets/traps were reworked to require you to be within a certain range for them to work (though you can still cheese the crap out of them). I can see why not having a static setup can be annoying to some people, but I really like it. I know from past experience that I'm the kind of person who will always do the "optimal" strat given the chance which often leads me to get bored faster than I should. Being forced to work with what's available forces me to experiment and adapt in a way that I normally wouldn't. I'm also a big fan of improvisational tactics, something this game brings out quite a bit.
  13. Netflix added the newest seasons of Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl (which actually surprised me quite a bit given how recently they aired). I'm not going to annoy everyone and bombard this thread again every time I watch more. I'll just wait until I finish a season then annoy everyone at the end. To that end, I watched Flash season 3. All the big payoffs were ruined in advance by Youtube spoilers but I'm pretty sure I would have figured them out anyway. A lot of my previous complaints from earlier seasons remain. My new complaint is their rules regarding time travel. There's almost more time travel in this show than Legends, and that show's set on a time travelling spaceship. They're constantly contradicting themselves for the sake of drama. I realize it's a comic book superhero show and things like logic are basically nonexistent but it bothers me that they keep saying "We can't do this" and then they go and do it.
  14. Regarding refrigerator crisper drawers: The purpose of the drawer is to control humidity. Some drawers come with an adjustable slider or vent to allow for high or low humidity, while non-adjustable drawers are usually for high humidity. The majority of humidity comes from the fruit/vegetable itself (humidity being removed by the air conditioning process that keeps the fridge cool), so high humidity drawers are sealed to prevent this moisture from being lost. The reason you want a high humidity drawer is to retain that moisture as some vegetables will lose moisture quickly and start to wilt. A low humidity drawer is better suited for some fruits and vegetables that release ethylene as they ripen, which can make other ethylene sensitive produce ripen faster. Regarding peeing Calvin: Bill Watterson (the creator of Cavin and Hobbes) was famous for never licensing his strip, so by default almost all merchandise of Calvin and Hobbes are bootlegs. The peeing image is most likely ripping off the first panel of this strip
  15. The shield enemies do something similar where if you're standing slightly behind them, their charge attack will still hit you. This was fixed in the beta update, I'm sure other hitboxes are also on the list. I might make a second video when the beta gets a stable release. I've already had it crash twice so I don't think I could get anything usable just yet.