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  1. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

    I think it would also be nice if they put some kind of indicator on the main screen that you had requests for help. When you get a new friend request or a kudos, you'll get a blue dot icon on the menu button but a quarry help request icon is only shown when you actually look at your friends list next to the person asking. I've probably missed several requests simply because I just didn't know they were there.
  2. I showed the commercial to a friend of mine and they initially mistook it for a Mr. Show bit.
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    I finally got around to watching The Martian last night. I really loved it. It feels somewhat incomplete, probably due to content being lost during the book to movie transition, but I still found it very enjoyable.
  4. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

    Mobile feels like a really good fit for Animal Crossing. A game designed around bite size interactions that refresh every couple of hours is much easier to do with a device that's always with you instead of having to carry around a gaming handheld or turn on a console. I don't even mind the microtransaction stuff. In a way it feels like using Leaf Tickets is counter to AC's philosophy of taking things slow and chill and letting the game develop over time. Plus the three hour game cycle renders a lot of it unnecessary. The only thing I've used them for so far is adding crafting slots. That said, I do hope there's more to this game. It lacks a lot of the more interesting bits that the full games have. I've only been playing on and off for the weekend and already I feel like I've hit the limits of the game. My favorite part of New Leaf was actually expanding and improving the town. It made me feel like I was actually improving their little digital lives. In Pocket Camp I'm just collecting junk to cater to the whims of whatever animal I haven't yet maxed my friendship with only to kick them out and start the process over with someone new. I'm also disappointed that Isabelle isn't a camper I can have over. Talking to her over in the market area just isn't the same.
  5. Cuphead!

    You're both probably very correct. I consider myself an outlier in regards to platformers and other similar games in that I find even the "hard" ones less difficult than it seems most people do. I'm no expert but I'd like to think I'm above average. Who knows, Cuphead might kick my ass. The two things that I constantly hear about Cuphead are how amazing it looks and how hard it is. The first part I agree with. The second part I just keep thinking about other games that are known to be brutally, punishingly hard to the point of being unfair and yet I feel I've heard more said about Cuphead's difficulty than those. Maybe because Cuphead being hard is unexpected? And to be totally clear, I'm not trying to belittle anyone who thinks the game is hard. This is entirely one of those cases where I see something and I think "I could do that" regardless of whether this is true or not.
  6. Cuphead!

    I really want to play this game, not because I think it looks especially fun (though it does look fun) but because I want to prove to myself that it's not as hard as people say (or that I'm better than the people I see playing and everyone else is a baby). From what I've seen of it, it doesn't seem THAT difficult.
  7. Stranger Things

  8. Arrowverse (DC/CW shows): Arrow, The Flash, etc.

    Rather than wait and binge the entire season at once, I've started watching the current runs of the Arrowverse via the CW app. I'm caught up on Arrow and almost caught up on Flash. I'm saving Supergirl for later and may not even bother watching Legends. In a couple ways I commend Arrow for trying to do something different than a complete retelling of the comics such as but I'm pretty disappointed that they're doing so by such forced methods. None of the plots feel natural or logical. Granted those are two characteristics that are super hard to pull off when your source material is comic books but I wish there was less soap opera twists and drama and more actual character. The Flash continues to be the Flash. It's dopey as hell but compared to the forced gravitas of Arrow it feels refreshing in a way. Looking forward to starting Supergirl.
  9. Stranger Things

    You should read this for an alternate take on that scene.
  10. No worries. Your original point of the gif being tangentially related to your original topic is valid. I just found that knot interesting in the same way you did the original article.
  11. Stranger Things

  12. Stranger Things

    One interesting thing I was reminded of that came out of Beyond Stranger Things
  13. If you follow the link I posted along with the gif, the creator of the Ian knot talks about which direction to tie the starting knot so as not to make this mistake. If you look closely at the gif it begins with the starting knot already in place. The Ian knot is functionally identical to the bowknot or standard shoelace knot, it's just a faster way to tie it. And in the interest of pedantry, technically the square knot or reef knot is a different kind of knot. A square knot has no bows in it. Its what you get when you tie the starting knot twice in alternate directions.
  14. If we're assuming that clothes and ink might not transfer with your time delay ghost, then I'm going to also propose that anything spoken wouldn't function either unless the vibrations in the air are also somehow captured and recorded in the ether the same way your ghostly personage is.