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  1. Stumbling around Hyrule - A Link to the Past Randomizer

    If you're playing on the no major glitches setting, then the logic will never require you to traverse a dark room without the lantern. That means that if an item is required to progress is hidden behind a dark room then the lantern will also be required and can be found outside them. Some of the better runners know how to navigate the dark rooms without the lantern which lets them sequence break a bit but I'm not there yet. The one that always bugs me is the boots. Finding them last means you spend the entire game walking instead of running. As you get more familiar with the chest locations you soon learn how to route things for efficient item gathering but even then the game can still mess with you. I think that's why I like it so much, it's a fun puzzle to solve that changes every time you play. It's "I need the hookshot to beat swamp palace but the hookshot is in the library which needs the boots that are on the island in the lake which requires the mirror and the flippers..."
  2. Stumbling around Hyrule - A Link to the Past Randomizer

    Literally every item is not where it's supposed to be and the ROM is based on the Japanese 1.0 version which includes some glitches/tricks that were patched in later versions. The randomizer generator requires this version and it's the preferred one for speedrunning anyway because of the tricks. One example is the thing I do where I perform the spin attack then touch a staircase and move very quickly. The randomizer really only appeals to people who either played the original game or like speedrunning; in my case it's both. I could do additional runs and explain more things but that probably wouldn't make it any more interesting to watch. I highly recommend anyone try the original game if that's something you can do because it's a fantastic game. If someone is interested in trying the randomizer I could help get that going too. I'm not an expert by any means but I know enough about the base game and the randomizer that I could definitely get you started. Also the randomizer includes about 70 sprites you can substitute for Link. For my first run I chose Pride Link in support of a friend. In my current game I'm a Squirtle.
  3. Stumbling around Hyrule - A Link to the Past Randomizer

    Last part. Hopefully the audio sucks less. I also got a better tracker. I'm going to keep playing but I'm not sure I'll record any more unless someone wants to see it.
  4. Stumbling around Hyrule - A Link to the Past Randomizer

    Part 2. Almost done. I need to do something about my audio levels.
  5. Stumbling around Hyrule - A Link to the Past Randomizer

    I should probably explain about the tracker a bit. It's not part of the randomizer itself, it's a script running in a browser window that lets me keep track of what I have and where I can go. I have to manually add each item when I get it as well as check off the locations on the map. The version I'm using also automatically indicates what areas are accessible based on my equipment which is nice for a newbie like me. The abbreviations on the bottom two rows above the map are for the dungeons. Swamp Palace, Skull Woods, Thieves Town, Ice Palace, Misery Mire, Turtle Rock, Eastern Palace, Desert Palace, and Tower of Hera. Misery Mire and Turtle Rock require medallions to access in the vanilla game, but those too have been shuffled around which is why they're on the tracker. The green pendent is tracked independently of the other two because the green one lets you get an item from the old man near Eastern Palace (the boots in vanilla LttP). The fifth and sixth crystal are also significant because they unlock the big bomb in the dark world which you can use at the pyramid. One thing about the tracker I'm using I don't like is it doesn't track items that don't unlock things like the bug catching net or the cane of byrna. It's not a huge deal but I can see myself forgetting I have those things when they might be useful.
  6. Stumbling around Hyrule - A Link to the Past Randomizer

    Here's the first part. I'm really rusty at this game.
  7. Lately I've been getting into watching A Link to the Past Randomizer races and it's reached the point that I want to try this myself. For anyone unfamiliar, ALTTPR takes the base game and randomizes all the items among the chests in the game. This means that any item could be anywhere (with some exception, there is a logic in the randomizer that prevents unbeatable scenarios). There's also a number of variants that shuffles dungeon keys as well or requires all dungeons to be beaten or requires the use of major sequence breaking glitches/exploits. There's another randomizer that combines it with the Super Metroid randomizer and makes you jump back and forth between the two games. Since I'm a baby I'll be starting with ALTTPR on easy difficulty (I get more hearts, all items are available, enemies don't hit quite as hard, the randomizer logic won't require me to perform any major glitches or exploits). I even went as far as getting a USB SNES controller. If anyone wants to watch me get lost and confused, I'll be streaming it as well.
  8. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    And speaking of all that nonsense, I got my controller today. I have OBS setup and everything is ready to go. I plan to stream some tonight and I'll upload the recording later. I'll make a new thread so I don't overtake this one.
  9. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    There's some great variants and tournaments that randomizer allows and I love it. One of my favorites to watch is crowd control where the chat can actively mess with the runners by doing things like upgrading/downgrading their weapons, taking their ammo, making them have ice physics for a while, etc. Another randomizer variant is called keysanity which not only mixes up the items but also all the dungeon keys. This means that you can find something like an Ice Palace small key in Link's house or the Turtle Rock big key in the Swamp Palace. The game will tell you what the key unlocks when you pick it up but it still requires a super intimate knowledge of the game to complete and I'm just not up to that yet. If you want a LTTP/SM run specifically, I recommend the one from GDQx. It's not a race but a co-op run where on person played the Zelda part and another played the Metroid part, passing the controller back and forth. If you want good races, it's hard to recommend specific ones because they're frankly all really good. There's inevitably a moment that comes where both runners need one or two more items to get to "go mode" (the point where they have everything necessary to beat the game) and since you never know when that's about to happen it's always exciting when it does. That said, there was a summer keysanity tournament for LTTP and games 1 and 3 of the finals were amazing. Perhaps not coincidentally it features the same two runners who performed the LTTPR race from AGDQ 2018.
  10. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    I actually have considered streaming my inevitably disastrous attempts. I've watched enough runs that I think I know the theory but putting it into practice is another thing entirely. I'm supposed to get the controller this weekend so I'll probably give streaming a try at least once.
  11. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    I've just ordered a SNES controller. Someone stop me.
  12. I Had a Random Thought (About Video Games)

    Over one year without random thoughts! I've been watching a bunch of A Link to the Past randomizer races lately to the point that I now really want to try getting into this. I've generated a random seed (albeit on easy mode) and picked up an item tracker. But I really don't want to play with a keyboard and none of my controllers (360 and Steam) are well suited for this type of game. I'm really considering getting a USB SNES controller. As an aside to this, I started getting into these races because I was watching stuff from GDQx which happened a couple weeks ago. I completely forgot to mention it at all but one of the better runs was a Link to the Past/Super Metroid randomizer. If you're not familiar with that, it's a combination of both games where all the items are mixed between the two so that it's possible (and indeed extremely likely) to get SM items in LTTP and vice versa. Certain doors act as transitions between the two games allowing for some creative routing.
  13. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    She's having some ups and downs lately. I won't get into detail since it's not my place to discuss her personal life but I've been trying to help her out as much as I can.
  14. I haven't watched any of the shows since the Defenders, except for a handful of Jessica Jones season 2. From what I hear Daredevil season 3 is the one to watch though so I might pick it up. Is there anything from the other shows that I need to know about first or is it self contained?
  15. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    I feel naked without my cute nose laser blasting reindeer, drawn for me by a long gone forum member who I still talk to on an almost daily basis.