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  1. As a person of Chinese decent myself I can completely understand that position. I just wish Kim evolved more beyond the eager beaver. The Doctor and Seven are great characters, but they're also a little too easy since they both start as blank slates so you can graft whatever personality you want onto them, much like Data was often used as the vehicle to discuss human nature. In this way I admire DS9 for not having a literally emotionless character yet still doing a lot character-wise (one could argue that Odo is pretty stiff but he's not physically incapable of it in the same way that Data, the Doctor, and Seven are). Also Jeri Ryan is a treasure. I'm bothered when she doesn't get her due credit as an actress and is written off as eye candy. Although dressing her in nothing but skintight outfits doesn't exactly help that cause...
  2. Here's the Voyager episode list I compiled earlier in this thread. A few people added some more if you keep reading. I felt a certain sympathy for Kim if for no other fact than he was Asian. There were a few jokes made about the fact that he was a perpetual ensign (such as what Gorm mentioned above and another episode where Tom Paris is promoted and Kim jokes he didn't see a box on his console). I also liked his friendship with Tom, but I was more than a little annoyed that he often defaulted to the sidekick role. I agree that for the most part Chakotay was boring. The actor that played him was really outspoken during the show's run about how displeased he was with his character's development. The most egregious example I can think of is a later season episode that starts with the crew discovering an old Mars mission shuttle and Chakotay is all excited because he's supposedly really into that part of history. Except ten minutes in he gets sidelined due to an injury and all the character development goes to Seven. The only Star Trek book I've ever read was a Voyager one and it mostly starred Chakotay. It was probably the most development on his character I've seen and it completely doesn't matter.
  3. I Had A Random Thought...

    Yeah that's kind of one of the things that makes me uncomfortable about a kid getting pierced ears before they can talk. Someone who's old enough to say they want it (even if they don't truly want it but they at least know enough to have an idea) is one thing but to make that determination for them before they can even have a base understanding is another. In all honesty I'll probably cave and let my daughter do it if she asks but I at least want her to be able to ask the question.
  4. I Had A Random Thought...

    For those of you with kids (or without if you feel like answering) What is an appropriate age to get piercings? My first instinct is double digits but I guess babies get them now?
  5. Dead Cells

    I spent some time away from Dead Cells to try and avoid burning out early (also because I was getting frustrated at not getting blueprint drops after much grinding). I came back to it over the weekend and there was an update last week that changed some things. Scrolls drops have been rebalanced to not appear primarily in shops, instead they work like they used to. They added a combo mechanic of sorts. If you kill multiple enemies in a short amount of time you get a movement speed boost (doesn't affect attack speed as far as I know) which you can extend by killing more enemies. Money was also changed a bit with the cash recovered after death being a static amount (between 3k and 15k) instead of a percent. There's also a passive ability you can unlock to recycle unwanted drops for gold. One of the bigger additions is the new daily run mode. It kind of works similarly to other daily run roguelikes such as Spelunky or Binding of Issac in that everyone gets the same seed which changes each day and there's a leaderboard. The main differences are it's not just a specific seed of the whole game, rather it's one level with a boss at the end. Scrolls boost all your stats, there's a time limit and a scoring mechanism, plus you can keep retrying it to improve your ranking. Frankly I don't like it because it's not like the main game. Scoring is not a thing outside the daily mode so the decision to have one is really bizarre. Being able to continually retry the same seed makes a daily pointless to me. The fun of the daily in Spelunky was you had to use your knowledge and skill at the game to make it through a one shot run. This isn't really true in the DC daily since you can keep trying shit until it works.
  6. Duolingo - TWO LANGUAGE-O

    What language is it for (or does that matter)
  7. That's the improv bit I was referring to in one of my earlier posts. It legitimately took me a while to realize it was Dan and had me laughing so hard I nearly crashed my car.
  8. The Big FPS Playthrough CURRENT GAME: Bioshock (2007)

    The Rosies are a reference to Rosie the Riveter, which was an American icon during WWII that represented women who entered the work force to fill in for the men fighting in the war. The Rosie big daddy is the one that's armed with a rivet gun, hence the name. (Technically the image doesn't depict Rosie the Riveter but it's the one that's often associated with the idea)
  9. I've also had a similar Amazon experience, except I kept receiving ties instead of vases. The fix wet electronics with rice thing is a popular half-truth. Dry rice is not a very effective desiccant and people have done trials with other things that work far better. Even leaving it out in the open to dry can be more effective.
  10. I'm going to repeat myself and say that this is one of the things that bugs me too. I don't necessarily mind what he says (although some of it can be real problematic in context), it's just the "I don't get what the big deal is" attitude that gets to me. As though because he was able to do it anyone and everyone should have no trouble with it either. Or that because it's not an issue in his life it's not something worth thinking about and shouldn't be a problem for anyone else either. Again, I don't think he actually means it that way but that's how it comes across, at least to me.
  11. You are technically correct. The best kind of correct. Normally I'd leave my goof up there but now that you've brought it to my attention I am irritated to no end and it must be corrected. Also the other two times I fucked up.
  12. I personally don't think he brings the Beastcast down but I do agree he brought the Bombcast up. The Mario Party Parties alone are proof of that.
  13. Life

    That's awesome man! Can you give any details on it? Will it be something publically viewable?
  14. I count myself in the "I like Dan but find him problematic" crowd. I find Dan to be enthusiastic and entertaining in a way that most of the Bombcast crew weren't before he moved East. That bit of improv he did a few weeks ago was maybe one of the funniest things I've heard on the Beastcast. And I derive a not-so-guilty pleasure at seeing corrections aimed directly at fixing the dumb things he says. All that said, I recognize the issues that others here are finding in him. As I previously stated, I don't think he's a bad guy and he isn't out there with the intent of purposely misleading people. But he does give a lot of advice* from a place of ignorance that is at best bad and at worst harmful. That he often admits he doesn't know what he's talking about is good but it's not an excuse that exonerates him. And I am absolutely guilty of this sin myself so I'm not trying to place myself above him. The difference is he has a very public presence and I know a lot of people aren't going to hear the part where he says he doesn't know better and just remember the (bad) advice. At least that's what worries me. I'm not saying he can't have or express his opinion or talk about his own life experiences. I'm not even saying that he shouldn't. What I am saying is I wish he were more aware of it (and to his credit he does appear to be trying) and maybe try to educate himself more rather than relying on his immediate peers (who also probably don't know significantly more than him) for answers. There isn't an immediate answer if one even exists at all. But I think its worth pointing out and discussing the issue instead of ignoring it one way or the other. *I don't necessarily mean regarding anxiety, I honestly don't know what his book says or really remember what he himself has said in the past. I'm fortunate enough to have not had that issue in my life (at least to the point of needing medical help, I certainly have anxiety about plenty of things) so I can't personally speak to how good/bad his advice is.
  15. I feel like this is an accurate assessment. I don't truly believe that Dan has any malicious intent or that he even necessarily believes what comes out of his mouth or expects people to take him seriously. But the way he says things in his "I don't get what the big deal is" tone really rubs me the wrong way, especially about things that actually are a big deal.