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  1. I believe this was the case. Either him or Abby. I finally finished Most Disappointing. I was surprised at how much I found myself agreeing with Dan (that just leaves a bad taste in my mouth). I haven't played RDR2 and never plan to but I feel like I'd share his annoyances. I'm rather like Jeff in that I don't have any fondness for RDR but having seen enough Rockstar gameplay I think Dan's got some good points. I thought Brad was very reasonable at first but he definitely started to dig his heels in too much at the end (Alex as well to a degree), especially considering Dan managed to turn several people over to his side. I totally agree with Jeff's sentiment that it made for a much more interesting discussion than if everyone just agreed from the start. Look at the complete lack of discussion for Sea of Thieves. Everyone pretty much agreed it was the winner from the beginning so it wasn't talked about at all. Hearing them hash out RDR and Fallout 76 was way more entertaining.
  2. I've just started that part and from what everyone has said about it so far I'm not sure if I should be dreading it or looking forward to it.
  3. I can appreciate that. I do like that The Orville is trying to appeal to the classic Trek aesthetic and not going for "gritty realism". I find some of their ideas clever and I even like that many of the situations don't resolve cleanly. I'm not very into the characters though (except maybe for one who seems to have left the show) which makes it hard for me to feel invested. It sounds like I might hate Discovery based on what I've heard.
  4. Abby was never going to be happy with the final outcome. She's in a similar position to Austin and Patrick before her. She favors the less mainstream games which just aren't going to make the final cut most of the time. Not that the rest ignore these games but the number of "games that no one else has played but me" is probably higher with Abby than anyone else on the crew. It's also why I dislike GOTY lists. GOTY discussions are fine, great in fact, but lists are terrible.
  5. I've long accepted that the more solemn, dignified Star Trek of yore is gone to make way for lens flares and dramatic chase sequences. My main beef with The Orville is it's suffering an identity crisis. I can't tell what the show's trying to do. It wants to be everything while simultaneously doing and saying nothing. Some parts of it are refreshing such as showing the crew having actual lives outside the bridge or talking more like actual people instead of an academic conference. But at the same time you get episodes where a virus infects the ship via a porn download while they're trying to save the last survivors of a planet before their sun explodes. It's a very strange juxtaposition. I can find no fault in your logic.
  6. Half-Life 3

    I just want some kind of closure. Although if an actual HL3 game came out, it would have to be such a different beast compared to the previous entries in order to not feel extremely dated and clunky. Which would be great but it seems unlikely.
  7. The main reason I'm still watching The Orville is because I'm trying to figure out why other people seem to like it. It's one of those low critic, high public score shows. I've seen several pieces talking about how people think The Orville is better Trek than Discovery. Having not seen Discovery yet I can't make the comparison myself but it makes me wonder if either I'm missing something about The Orville or if Discovery is really that bad.
  8. I've been watching The Orville season 2 and I'm not sure how I feel about this show. I liked the first season enough but it's really all over the place. It's not very funny, it's not very serious, and it's there no real message, story, or focus of any kind. I felt like the first season had a lot of "everyman" Star Trek in it but now that definition makes the show feel very undefined. It's got all the trappings of Trek without any of the merit. The moments that are meant to be poignant don't feel earned and are rather awkward when paired with the attempts at humor. I don't want to dump too much on the show and am legitimately trying to give it a chance and look beyond it's pedigree but man it's hard.
  9. I haven't gotten to most disappointing yet (I'm about halfway through hottest mess) but hearing Brad's discussion of RDR thus far it does seem like he's being excessively argumentative. Alex also seems to share his enthusiasm for the game but at least he's open minded enough to be willing to hear and acknowledge everyone else's opinions. Also Alex calling Fallout 76 the French waiter of video games made me laugh entirely too hard.
  10. Recently completed video games

    I finished The Messenger today. I was watching the run from AGDQ and they mentioned that it was free with Twitch Prime so I picked it up. It's a 2D platformer that starts very reminiscent of NES Ninja Gaiden but then later turns into a Metroidvania. It's pretty fun, although the back half of the game has way too much required backtracking. There's a few portals that let you quick travel but they're spaced pretty far apart so you still need to cover a lot of ground. There's a lot of meta humor that frankly got old quick. I have a couple of nitpicks with the movement and controls but I eventually got used to them. The music is absolutely fantastic, definitely a highlight of the game. I liked it overall, though I suspect many people will find the first half more fun than the second. A couple of my favorite tracks
  11. Idle Thumbs Hiatus

    They haven't charged for the Patreon since the hiatus started and don't plan to until they can figure out how to produce content again. They even refunded last month when they forgot to waive the charge. You could back them now for essentially zero dollars and get informed of any updates posted on Patreon. I'm sure they'll say something before they start charging again.
  12. AGDQ 2019

    The Super Metroid run this year was reverse boss order and it's really intense. A big chunk of the run is done without having the needed suits so Samus is constantly taking damage just from the environment. There are multiple points in the route where the runner uses the crystal flash technique to restore his health, all of which are intended.
  13. AGDQ 2019

    I've started watching the VODs. I admit my enthusiasm for this event has waned over the years but its still fun to watch. So far the Dead Cells race is a highlight. It's really confusing if you aren't familiar with the game and probably still is even if you are but it's fast paced and very energetic.
  14. I've had an urge to watch some Trek lately so I've been dipping into random TNG and Voyager episodes. Still good in case anyone was wondering.
  15. Movie/TV recommendations

    Another movie I just remembered I watched, The Incredibles 2. It was pretty good, though I like the first one more. There's a lot of lingering plot details that either never get resolved or fleshed out enough to feel relevant but I read that this was due to the release dates of it and Toy Story 4 being swapped.