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  1. Dead Cells

    The Stilt Village used to be called the Fog Fjord. The level progression map changed quite a bit over the course of development. The boss names all changed too (I still think of them by the old names and keep getting surprised when I see a different name pop up).
  2. Dead Cells

    The complaint about lesser weapons poisoning the (weapon) well has been around since the game was in early access. There have been several calls from the community for a way to lock out certain weapons so they won't drop but I feel like that's a double edged sword (pardon the pun). If you can lock out all the stuff you don't want, then you can essentially just pick a power build and never deviate from it which defeats a lot of the point. Personally I'm hoping they continue to weapon balance and make changes as needed. They've done it with several weapons over the development of the game. The wrenching whip for example started off really weak but it was modified to attack faster with a critical third hit and became one of my favorite weapons. I also agree the bosses need a bit of work. I'm not a huge fan of the small confined area since it's counter to every other part of the game (the exception being Conjunctivius, formerly known as the Watcher aka the big tentacled eyeball). I also dislike how they completely negate most of the mutations which forces you to change everything just for one fight. I disagree that their design favors faster, weaker weapons though. The most effective methods are the tactics, mostly traps or grenades since they can be deployed without having to stop which allows you to spend time dodging since most of the boss difficulty lies in the fact that they never stop attacking. Of course this means you need to plan ahead and put points into tactics, which can be a (very) effective build but less fun in my opinion. Also agreed about enemy scaling. Never a fan. In other news I beat the Hand of the King last night. I ended up scaling back to zero boss cells and using some speedrun tactics (double heavy turrets with bonus damage to flaming enemies and a weapon that spreads fire). It was my first time going back to my early access save. I had initially started a new one on the recommendation of the developers but after a while the thought of unlocking everything and grinding all those cells again felt too tedious considering I had already done it. At this point I think I have 2 or 3 things left to unlock and I'll have 100%.
  3. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yeah Steven U has a ton of little hints sprinkled throughout the show. A bunch of subtle (and not so subtle) callbacks will be missed by not watching everything but the majority of what makes the show great will still come though. I'd make the list myself but I'm not nearly as well versed in the show as I am something like Star Trek.
  4. Movie/TV recommendations

    I started watching Steven Universe with a friend though I haven't kept up with the last few seasons. Incidentally Ben, I've asked her to make a skip list for season one that might help you out.
  5. Dead Cells

    While I agree that the bulk of the variety comes from what weapons/skills you find I think in a run based game you'd still want randomization otherwise you could just book it straight to the exit. Peak play then becomes about memorization rather than knowledge of the game's systems and your skill with them. Granted you can just ignore enemies and run around looking for the exit if you really want (and that's probably what speedruns of the game will end up being), but I think knowing where everything is ahead of time removes a lot of the spontaneity as well. I wouldn't discount the impact the combination of weapon, enemy type, and level layout have on encounters. Most of the time it won't matter but every now and then it does and you're only going to get that with procedural generation.
  6. Dead Cells

    I've been playing DC on and off since it first came to Early Access but I've not tried the final release or the last beta update before that so there's probably some new stuff I haven't seen yet. I'm tempted to start over fresh but I've already invested so much time unlocking and upgrading that it's probably not worth it. I might record some updated gameplay if there's any interest in that. Heck, I may even stream it. I'll probably crank the difficulty back a bit though. The last time I played I was using 3 boss cells and I still haven't beaten the final boss yet.
  7. Dead Cells

    Just a heads up, this game is officially out now and 20% off Steam this week.
  8. Movie/TV recommendations

    The Expanse takes some time to gain traction and the more sci-fi bits are harder to swallow given how grounded the bulk of the show is but I'm a sucker for hardboiled/noir stories. I still need to finish season 3 but I'm glad it's getting a 4th.
  9. On the surface I love the idea of more Picard but I'm worried by the statements that it won't be the same Picard. It makes sense from a story perspective given how Nemesis ended as well as from an actor perspective as I doubt Patrick Stewart would want to return only to rehash his previous performances. What worries me is the direction the "change" will take. It could be great but it could just as easily be a complete disaster. I'd rather he remain the classic character he is now than some half assed attempt by CBS to justify their streaming service.
  10. Missions Impossible

    I'd reverse 2 and 3 but otherwise agreed. I don't remember much about 3 apart from not really liking it. 2 I actively dislike. 4 and 5 were much better than I was expecting, 4 in particular. I really like 1, especially in contrast to the following movies (although 1 also has a HUGE pet peeve moment for me during the infamous computer heist scene). I like that Ethan just barely manages to come out on top, he's competent but not the super agent he is in the rest of the movies.
  11. The Big FPS Playthrough MISSION COMPLETE

    Are you still open to revisiting any of the games or are you sick of FPS's for the time being? Namely I'm thinking of Left 4 Dead, TF2 (which we never did get around to playing), and maybe a handful of other co-op/multi games.
  12. Star Wars Episode 8

    Mostly agreed. Part of the anger toward the characterization of Luke is also his status in the lore and fandom as the literal white savior of the galaxy so naturally making him anything but perfect amounts to heresy. Except he's not the savior. His struggle during Empire and Return is a personal one, he doesn't do much on a galactic warfront scale. All of this other companions are the ones who actually bring the empire down, he's at best a distraction to the Emperor. I even have issues with the way he takes down the first Death Star. Besides a lot of design nonsense that bothers me (keeping in mind I haven't seen Rogue One), I have a personal theory that the Force had nothing to do with it. Also regarding Rey I agree that she's too much of a blank slate.
  13. Star Wars Episode 8

    Luke is kind of a crappy Jedi. I think he gets way more credit than he deserves. I feel that Rey has more potential than any Force user seen thus far given all that's she's been able to accomplish with zero training but as @Gormongous said character portrayals have been very inconsistent.
  14. Star Wars Episode 8

    I'd agree with most of that