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  1. I might be inclined to agree with you except the Arrowverse (really hate that name) shows are all extremely interconnected, to the point that it's probably easier to have one place to discuss it rather than bouncing back and forth between threads. Also I'm not sure each show really warrants an entire thread to itself. I might make such a thread since I'm currently watching Arrow and Flash.
  2. Nick telling Chris and Jake about a section of the Zelda map that's a big maze reminded me of Chris trying to explain Link's Awakening to his dad. "So the objective here is to navigate this maze"
  3. Even if they do manage to eek out individual movies, they're all going to suffer following a team film because now you have to constantly answer "Where are the rest of your super buds?" and construct scenarios where the title character has to do things solo. Unless you make them all prequels or go the Marvel route and call it a Captain America movie even though it has a bigger cast than the Avengers.
  4. I have the exact model of long shoehorn that Chris linked. I got it for my wife when she was pregnant because she couldn't bend over easily to put her shoes on and the standing shoehorn helped immensely. Since then it's been hanging on a hook next to the shoe rack and it is very satisfying to use.
  5. I dreamt last night that Jake was a professor teaching game design at a high school. He still worked at Campo Santo and still did all things Idle Thumbs related, but was also teaching. For some reason I was visiting this high school and was very surprised to run into Jake (who in the dream had blonde hair and wore a white dress shirt and shorts but was otherwise Jake). He let me sit in on his class, half of which was conducted in Spanish for no discernible reason. At the end the students took a test and we chatted about random topics. I mentioned that I was planning to send more candy and asked if their address had changed. He offered to give me a tour of the Thumbs studio (even though I don't think this dream took place in San Francisco). He collected the tests and we were about to leave when my alarm went off and I woke up.
  6. I've seen things like that before. The cure is worse than the disease.
  7. I mean, don't get me wrong it works. It's just garbage that after decades of systems it still has to be done.
  8. I am opposed to any kind of control scheme that forces me to adopt the claw position just to play it well.
  9. This is true, but the main user base for consoles is going to increasingly skew towards people who don't have the same history and introducing a more functional controller would be an easier adjustment for them. Personally I didn't find it to be a difficult transition at all and I've been gaming since the days of Atari. Then again my brain might have passively prepared itself for this given how much I hate face buttons.
  10. Gotham doesn't interest me at all. There's already enough Bat-media as it is. I have no desire for more, even if Batman isn't technically in the show. Unless it's a Kevin Conroy voiced thing. Then I can't get enough of it.
  11. It's not in the same vein as Streets of Rage et al. but the box art for the SNES game Phalanx has always made me laugh. It's so completely incongruous with what the game actually is.
  12. Again, I feel similarly. I'm on Season 2 of Arrow and haven't watched any of the rest except for the first episode of Flash (I'm attempting to watch them in a "chronological" order). They're super comic book soap opera and it's a huge contrast to the Netflix stuff but I'm having fun with it. Arrow at least is gritty in that he straight up kills people (at least in the beginning) but because it's a network show and therefore subject to broadcast standards there's not the buckets of blood and guts the Netflix shows seems to revel in. It's full of conveniences and nonsensical logic but, as you said in a goofy SyFy kind of way that I haven't watched in a while. Are the Arrowverse (god I hate that name) shows worth making a separate thread for? I'd like to discuss them more but I'd rather not be talking to myself <insert Goldblum noise>. I feel they should be kept separate from the Netflix stuff which is far different in tone and plot.
  13. QTEs are a terrible thing on their own, but I remember God of War 3 (I think it was that one) having their button prompts appear on the edges of the screen that correspond to their placement on the controller. As in the bottom button prompt would appear at the bottom of the screen, the left on the left, etc. That way you didn't have to know what letter/symbol/color/shape/whatever was on the button, just it's relative position in the layout.
  14. Button placement is one of the many outstanding issues I have with most controller designs. I've long been irritated that for almost all controller actions are located on the front of the controller where sticks/d-pads are. The introduction of triggers and shoulder buttons helped some but that still leaves four (or three depending on how you hold it) fingers that could be doing something, ANYTHING else. Stuff like the Steam controller or the Xbox One Elite controller are better still in that they have paddles on the back that can also activate face buttons, but I want a controller with all buttons on the back. Things like how I position my hand on the controller shouldn't have such a large impact on how I actually play the game.
  15. Ugh. I didn't watch it at all despite it sitting in my queue all weekend. Every time I went to try my brain screamed at me to stop so instead I started watching the OTHER tv comicbook universe (Arrow). From what I've heard I really don't want to watch it but I'm afraid of missing something in the Defenders because they're trying really hard to tie all these together. I'm a dumb plot guy who hates missing out on details like that. Maybe I should just read a plot summary.