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Well, I think you have different criteria for successful satire to me, which is fair enough. It might help to watch the whole 45 minute episode, though...

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I won't because the illusion was broken so early on. I'm not in the mood for Black Mirror's cynicism very often, but I enjoyed a few episodes a lot, such as the one with Jon Hamm. It helps to look at episode ratings to find the good ones. 

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Well, after 3 seasons with nearly no duff episodes (in my opinion!), the fourth one has been a bit of a letdown.


They put the big action-y 90 minute one up front this time, and it is so much better than the previous one ( the one with the bees, not that it's a high bar to clear). It re-used some ideas from previous episodes and it got a little cheesy in places, but overall very fun and full of fantastic performances, attention to detail etc. Basically, as long as you're happy with Black Mirror going for different styles of episode, it's a good one.


2, 3 and 4 are all okaaay. They also feel like repeats of previous episodes, but don't have the fun charm of the first episode to get away with it.


The fifth episode was awesome. A straight-up thriller, really lean and terrifying. It would fit in well as part of the Terminator franchise (and easily be the second best thing in it).


I haven't watched the final episode yet; it's another long one and I hear good things...


EDIT: Last episode was really good! Very fun and some cool ideas. They really need to retire the


existential terror of being a personality simulacrum stuck forever at the whim of someone else

concept, but at least they did some fun stuff with it here. And the idea of doing an


Amicus-style horror anthology episode within an anthology series, even down to the charmingly malevolent host

along with all the


series crossovers

gave it a really cheeky vibe.

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On 9/26/2017 at 2:14 PM, Ben X said:

I'm surprised no one likes the pig episode - I think it's fantastic. A simple but intriguing concept and cutting satire.

Agreed. Not sure I'd have launched the series with that one, as it is not really representative of the show. But it is intriguing as hell and even moving in a twisted way.

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