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  1. Infinite Jest

    That was basically my reaction too. Wallace had a fertile brain that sprouted ideas like kudzu, but like kudzu they tended to overwhelm the story (not to mention the footnotes). I understand Wallace's editor had to fight tooth an nail to convince him to whittle the sucker down to even semi-manageable form. That editor deserves a Purple Heart. If it were me, I'd have excised the whole Quebecois bit and made it a separate book; it wasn't essential to the main story and was a massive distraction. In general I feel IJ was the po-mo version of Ulysses - a long, complicated work that many more people claim to have read than actually did read.
  2. Black Mirror

    Agreed. Not sure I'd have launched the series with that one, as it is not really representative of the show. But it is intriguing as hell and even moving in a twisted way.
  3. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hihihi peoples! I'm here cuz of the Twin Peaks wrap-up episodes, which are illuminating and thoughtful. Haven't explored the other fora yet but the site is very well designed. Otherwise I'm just a wanker passerby.