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  1. Cora is a great place for sandwiches! I should add it to the list
  2. Oops! That wasn't meant to be this horrible wall of text And I can't seem to edit the post on my mobile phone :'( [edit] This is a bit better, now that i managed to find a laptop
  3. Hey Doug! You had to come to the source of stroopwafels and good beer, didn't you? Sadly I'm driving around somewhere between the Netherlands and Sweden helping my little sister move to Stockholm so I won't be able to show you around Amsterdam personally :/ But here are some tips anyway. In random order, with map! 1. Pathe Tuschinski (Reguliersbreestraat 26-34) - A beautiful Art Nouveau Cinema from 1921. Try to see a movie in the main theater. Failing that, at the very least take a peak in the main lobby! See also https://www.pathe.nl/bioscoop/tuschinski 2. Toastable (Singel 441) - Hidden in the basement of a classical Amsterdam grachtenpand(house) is this small lunch place where they sell the best toasted sandwiches you'll ever taste. It can be a bit hard to find: go to Koningsplein and with your back to the supermarket (Albert Heijn) go left and walk towards the Kalverstraat. Just across the (very wide) bridge go right onto the Singel. Toastable is in a basement with a tiny terrace out front. 3. Frietsteeg (Heisteeg 3) Go here for the best fries in Amsterdam. Much better than the touristy crap they sell on the main streets. Alternatively, a 5 minute walk from here you can find Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx (Voetboogstraat 33) But that place is often very busy. 4. Cafe Gollem (Raamsteeg 4) - This tiny dark cave of a bar has a great selection of Dutch and Belgian beers on tap and is great for a afternoon beer after a day of walking around Amsterdam 5. Proeflokaal Arendsnest (Herengracht 90) - If you don't like the tiny Gollem you might enjoy het Arendsnest more. Try to score a seat on their waterfront terrace and enjoy one of the 100 dutch beers (a lot of them on tap!) They serve an excellent cheese platter which I can really recommend. 5. Restaurant De Lieve (Herengracht 88) - This is a Belgian restaurant right next door to het Arendsnest. I can highly recommend their 3 course menu called 'Belgisch Barok'. 6. De Jordaan - Wikipedia can explain this one better than I can: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jordaan Just stroll around this neighborhood and enjoy the sights. 7. Westerpark - This park at the western side of town is host to various cafe's and restaurants and during the summer several festivals are held here. Especially worth a visit is the TonTon club: a bar/restaurant with a very interesting japanese/american fusion kitchen. But most important of all: it's an arcade (With DDR machines!) During the summer they stay open till 3 in the morning on the weekends. See also http://www.westergasfabriek.nl/ and http://www.tontonclub.nl/#westergasfabriek 8. Canal tours - Pick any of the dozen boats here and take a canal tour. Super touristy, but probably the best/most affordable way to see the city from the water. 9. Zeedijk - Take a walk down this very crowded and busy street from central station down to the Nieuwmarkt, skirting the red light district. Lots of small shops, brown cafe's and galeries. 10. Shipping museum (Kattenburgerplein 1) - Interactive museum in former storehouse with virtual voyages & replica, 18th-century merchant ship. Go here for your history lesson on the Dutch and their shipping. 11. Amsterdam Roest (Jacob Bontiusplaats 1) - Converted industrial buildings housing a laid-back bar with outside picnic tables & live music. Also known as an urban beach. Check http://www.amsterdamroest.nl/ for their programme 12. Natura Artis Magistra (AKA Artis) (Plantage Kerklaan 38-40) - Amsterdam's version of the New York Central park Zoo. 13. Albert Cuyp mark (Albert Cuyp straat) - Iconic street market since 1905 with lots of stands selling clothing, local foods, flowers & more. Get your fresh stroopwafels from one of the stalls here! 14. Restaurant Sluizer (Utrechtsestraat 45) - One of the oldest restaurants in Amsterdam specialized in Dutch Fish cuisine. Highly recommended if you want to eat with a bit more style while still being affordable. http://www.sluizer.nl/indexeng.html 15. Paradiso (Weteringschans 6-8) - A converted church now housing a live music and night club (It still has the glasswork of the original church behind the main stage!) See https://www.paradiso.nl/ for their agenda. 16. Het Vondelpark - Amsterdam's biggest park in the center of town. Stroll through the green lanes and relax in the grass. See http://www.openluchttheater.nl/ for a schedule of the open air theater 17. Melkweg (Lijnbaansgracht 234A) - Amsterdam's other big live music and night club venue. Their programme can be found on https://www.melkweg.nl/en/ 18. Cafe de Zotte (Raamstraat 29) - Good food and a great belgian beer selection. slightly of the beaten path, which makes it a nice change of pace from the busy touristy areas of Amsterdam 19. Ellis Gourmet burger (Prinsengracht 422) - If you're feeling homesick and want to eat a proper american burger then this is the place to be! http://ellisgourmetburger.be/nl/locations/nl/amsterdam 20. Kantjil & de Tijger (Spuistraat 291-293 I forgot to mark this one on the map, sorry) - Since indonesia is a former Dutch colony you can find quite a few indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam. The Kantjil & de Tijger is probably one of the more well known ones. Lots of restaurants, cafe's and bars on this list. I hope there's something to your liking on this list of stuff to see & do in Amsterdam PS I can also recommend taking the train to nearby Haarlem and renting a bike there and bike from the city center through the dunes to the sea for a glimpse at the Dutch country side that isn't just polders with cows and windmills.
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    Added myself to the list!
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    Yes, this coming Wednesday, 9-9-2015 I.E. tomorrow.
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    I created an event for next Wednesday. You guys better be there!
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    I'm available to play tomorrow if anyone is up for it.
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    I really want to finish off the heists tonight by doing the last one in one go. I really hope 3 other people show up tonight!
  9. There actually was a 'detective' TV show that did the gun drone as a murder weapon thing: It actually has a 3D printed gun mounted on a drone! Two scary future things in one! Granted it's no CSI but it's close!
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    Waiting patiently for you guys to join mumble for tonights GTA!
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    Yall ready for another heist tonight?
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    Your last link is broken
  13. Movie/TV recommendations

    Friday Night Lights is the best! Great acting and great stories. Despite a weak second season thanks to the Network excec's messing with a good thing it's really great television. ps. Still sad this thread isn't pinned anymore
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    Happy '1 day after your birthday'-day, James!