[RELEASE] Mr. Puffin in The Dark Castle

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Ha, that's great! Your animations are hella good. Though - and this is likely completely irrelevant for the final product - from this angle it took me a couple of watches to figure out he was getting the sword from the suit of armour...

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Thanks everyone! Hope I can get all this new stuff implemented before Part 2 of the WizJam stream! :tup:


@Ben X Oh man, you're right, I somehow managed to pick the exact angle where Mr. Puffin's leg blocks the sword from view.. It won't matter in the game, because you'll walk up to it and there'll be a "Press A to Pick Up Rusty Sword" or something. I guess I was too excited to share the Mr. Puffin's head tuck to notice I'd hidden the sword behind him.:o

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