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I know I've strung everyone along and I'm so sorry for taking your time. The other player, Corey, has kind of gone off the radar and I think I'm gonna call it on this game.


I like to think of myself as more committed than the classic flighty GM, and while I could talk about being bummed the Hunter game I was running ending, or trouble scheduling and wrangling people, or personal life changes, blah blah blah, everyone's got reasons.


I hope I feel more bad about this than y'all do. 'Cause I feel pretty embarrassed.


Everyone here at Idle Thumbs is fun to play with and I hope we find a new opportunity to do so in the future.

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It's alright it happens. This stuff is hard to do and schedule.


Besides any news that let's me delete Skype can't be all bad. ;)

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