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Favorite Games

Found 2 results

  1. I didn't seem to see any threads for this anywhere so I figured I could set one up! I've become a next level nerd and played my first game of D'n'D with some friends this year so I got into other games and started listening to pods about it. It seems real fun! Even if I'm just an enthusiastic baby who hasn't played many games. In particular I just discovered that there are a lot of 2 person games, so I want to find out about ones that I might be able to play with my brother who hasn't played any (that I'm aware of). Anyone got suggestions for 2 person games? Especially comedy ones that are welcoming to newbies like us, though we're both up for rules and systems. Also if people wanted to play some sort of game together here might be a place to talk about it (wink wink, nudge nudge) I got bored and made a Google Sheet of info you can add to or peruse for possible players:
  2. Saturdays at 4PM PDT (11PM GMT, 1AM CET) The game is streamed live here. Watch old episodes . Game Master: Jason Reynard: Vulpes Absurda Sidri: Korax Shobi: Moddy Fuzzy Wits: Corey New players are always welcome! Hit me up in PMs or (preferably) in the Slack chat!