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  1. I've mellowed out on it, mostly because I haven't seen it since but I really, really disliked Daybreakers which was another weird vampire movie with mostly corporate overtones. I watched it in a really fun way! My highschool mediastudies class co-ordinated with three other highschools and we all went and saw the movie at the office of the chief censor, we watched the movie in their HQ theatre, talked about the context of judging media for content ratings, then tried to rate the film as a group. For some reason I just really capital H hated it but everyone else thought it was awesome. Might actually have to go back to that one some time. Anyway for a proper one is basically every marvel movie, it's not just over-exposure they're all pretty forgettable for me now. Maybe the first Iron Man, the Captain America movies, and Thor Ragnarock really stick out. Everything else is warm toast. Something I eat sometimes and forget about.
  2. Life

  3. If you weren't opposed there might be a mod or two to de-junk a lot of the proc-gen gun fluff in SW2 but like also you've just played through #1 so maybe #2 isn't the thing you want in yer life atm
  4. I played BI in a stoned haze when it came out and it was kind of the perfect game for that as it just led you by the nose everywhere. That said I still resented it for that. I remember rolling my eyes at the story and having some bigger problems with it (which we've all heard before). I felt really disappointed at the cut enemies and the loot ratting felt really tedious. Umm I also really disliked that the better weapons and enemies by the end were just.. red? They didn't seem to do much new, you saw more uncle sam robots but.. eh? I played it and felt very tired at the multiverse thing, it made the mistake a lot of interesting b movie sci fi does where it picks a point to remove every layer of mystery for a heavy handed explanation along with a "now This is where you Feel" moment. I don't think I felt like I ever really played a combat differently after a point, just a constant cycle of rinse and repeat that felt unfun. A few modern shooters I call amazing also have that problem in parts but they usually make up for it elsewhere.
  5. Marvel movies

    My super bad then.
  6. Marvel movies

    Infinity War (this is just what I said in slack) For the record my favourite Marvel films are probably Captain America's run, Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther (having a villain with personality was nice I wish he'd been given a deeper treatment though), Spider Boy Homecoming, Avengers 1. I like the GotG films but more for the characters and some of the aesthetic than the plot, the music track nostalgia, etc.
  7. Jeff Goldblum

    Sounds like this is the wrong thread for you.
  8. Movie/TV recommendations

    Yeah +1 It's not a saints or sinners thing for me I love watching some properly flawed ordinary people. The extrapolation of me not liking this character meaning I only like characters you find traditionally 'exciting' is not one I agree with. It's more specifically about this archetype who I see getting a relatively freer pass than many others in media because typically they hew closer to the idea of a self insert or a beloved sendup common to introverted self absorbed indie directors (not necessarily a statement about Judd Apatow). I don't find their actions charming; I can understand how/why they act but ultimately I'm just tired of their shit. Anyway I've been really enjoying Grace & Frankie since I started it and season 2 of Atlanta has been fantastic for me. I think the more I watch Atlanta the more I appreciate the weirder spin off episodes. I already loved B.A.N. and with the recent Darius adventure and Paperboi's haircut episode, it's been amazing. Grace & Frankie particularly because a somewhat believable twilight years drama about old people whose only super power is they're mostly well adjusted enough to share their feelings and look beyond their own (sometimes) is rather refreshing. Also I saw Love, Simon recently and y'know it's fine, tame teen drama about a coming out story and high school public shaming surrounding 4 friends with almost perfect lives and they all live in the suburbs with massive mid-upper class houses. It just goes to show that even the kid that gets a modern car for their 16th birthday and drives his friends to pick up iced coffee every day can also have some really tough problems too yaknow? Okay, I have a small chip on my shoulder from this, I've read too many privileged kids saying that gay movies aren't for them because the main character isn't also a white dude who has almost everything and that they don't identify with the mostly indie movies about poor kids with gay problems. It's fun, it's nice to have a light hearted gay movie, I wouldn't have had it quite this way but it's fine. We get another teen movie where the protagonist narrates the movie but this time the main guy is a mostly 'normal' (straight passing) gay boy. I kind of had the same reaction to Closet Monster because it has a similar protagonist only that character and the film deal with more serious issues; but CM went through all that and ended with a very soft landing.
  9. Movie/TV recommendations

    I bounced off hard from Love because I can't make time for Gus' character. I don't know if he is this but he reminds me too much of the sympathetic quiet-nerd-who-needs-a-chance archetype who probably lives in New York or dreams of going there, definitely listens to The Shins and knows a whole lot more about art and culture than you (knowing more than you is a major pillar of his identity) and whose ideal relationship match is somewhere between a sexual companion, therapist, and a student. There's just something going on there that provokes a strong visceral reaction from me. It might not be a Woody Allen character exactly but it feels like a Jason Schwartzman character (an actor who I do like despite some very insufferable -for me- characters)
  10. The Asian Film Thread

    Most of us might know Korean director Park Chan-Wook for making Old Boy but it's actually the last in a series called the Vengeance Trilogy. I think they're unconnected stories but it's pretty interesting watching them as a sort of triptych. He also produced Snowpiercer and directed the American set Stoker. I saw The Wailing the other night and it was a very interesting horror film, parts of it did feel a little lost in translation and funnily enough my partner and I spent so long looking for Asian themes in the film that we overlooked a lot of obvious intended themes from more familiar cultures. Also shoutout to The Host, I don't remember a whole lot but it was very good. My favourite Asian director is Takashi Miike by a long shot. He's known for directing a very wide variety of films from the family friendly to the absolutely bizarre. You might know him from Ichi the Killer, Audition, or 13 Assassins but some of his smaller movies are absolutely amazing. Lesson of the Evil was a very well put together slasher movie. Gozu is an exercise in the surreal. Izo is.. about an immortal samurai on a mission to kill God? Blade of the Immortal looks like a fun popcorn action fantasy flick. Also I mean, I think most people have probably checked out this film at some point but I think Battle Royale is such a well put together film that it'd be a shame not to mention it. Also V/H/S/2 has a really good Asian setting horror short story co-directed by Timo Tjahjanto who I think is a German born Indonesian film maker. He's one half of The Mo Brothers and together they directed Killers which looks pretty neat. I haven't really kept up with many other contemporary Asian directors although I always love hearing about new horror movies, especially Korean horror. Watching Train to Busan soon, & eventually going to dive into Akira Kurosawa.
  11. Mindhunter

    I liked the show and I liked Holden's portrayal, kind of went through liking him and enjoyed as they drew out his flaws to the point that stopped. As for him being a real character I kind of see pieces of myself in him from back when I was coming out of some heavier things in my life. I really wish they'd done more with the female characters, kind of had standard Fincher vibes where the female leads were quite under-utilised and let down in places; it's been just about long enough that I can't really name specifics so it's just the impression left on me.
  12. For anyone who watched Tickled I really recommend you watch this epilogue shot during the festival and wider release screenings. Also the subject of the film is deceased but due to US law chicanery the producer and directors of the film are still being sued in their name by the executor of their will.
  13. Quick Zach & Terrible update: The NZ Dept. of Internal Affairs is considering looking at the Whales & Terrible NZ Charitable Trust over failing to comply with financial reporting standards & one doctor who was involved in the trial is asking for proof that Zach is what they claim it is.
  14. I shared the article in the forum thread for the previous episode but I think someone else emailed it in as well which is pretty neat.