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Found 4 results

  1. Hey, I just finished a new episode of "Game Audio Lookout"! This time it's about musical sound effects in the Super Mario series. Here's the link to the video on YouTube: -- Musical Sound Effects in the Super Mario Series | Game Audio Lookout We’ll have a deeper look at musical sound effects in the Super Mario series in this episode of "Game Audio Lookout". I guess everybody has heard the sounds of the Super Mario series before. But I believe most of us don’t exactly know how these were constructed and what efforts were taken in later instalments of the series to produce sound effects that even harmonise with the game’s music. -- Feel free to let me know what you think Alex
  2. Hi, I’d like to show you my current video project “Game Audio Lookout”. It is not a game itself but a series on YouTube about how music and sound design in games work. There is three episodes I produced within the last month and I’m planning to release them on a regular basis! Currently I made 3 episodes so far: Playlist link to all episodes so far: Link to my channel: -- Enhancing Gameplay with Music in Celeste - On the surface, “Celeste” is a brutally hard 2D platforming game about climbing the imaginary Celeste Mountain but it is much more than that. It narrates a compelling story of main character Madeline fighting with her demon doppelgänger. Gameplay-wise, super tricky levels combined with tight controls let you fail and re-try over and over again. But what it makes it even more enjoyable is the wonderful soundtrack composed by Lena Raine we’ll have a look at in this episode of “Game Audio Lookout”. EarthBound - A Quirky Artistic Synergy of Story, Art and Music - In fact, there’s many ways how the three elements writing, artwork and sound can play together. There’s AAA titles with cinematic writing, photorealistic graphics and epic orchestral music on the one hand. Another good example is the “Super Mario Odyssey” world “Steam Gardens” with its funky vibes due to a coherent artistic feel of character design, graphics and audio. But today, we’ll go back to the Super Nintendo era to have a look at one of the strangest games Nintendo ever created: “Earthbound” Deconstructing a Musical Level in Rayman Legends - Rayman Legends has found its way into many “Best Platformer Games of All-Time” lists. Though it closely fails to beat the uncrowned king Super Mario, it found a safe place next the Nintendo mascot. The Rayman series was created by French game designer Michel Ancel and started in 1995 with the 2D jump’n’run Rayman. It was followed by two 3D platforming games: Rayman 2 and Rayman 3. But the series went back to 2D sidescrolling with Rayman Origins in 2011. Origins was also the first Rayman game using the UbiArt Framwork which also was adopted by the 2013 release “Rayman Legends”. In this episode we’ll deconstruct one of the incredible musical stages in Rayman Legends.
  3. Is anyone aware of other sites/youtube videos/whatever that do this kind of thing? Specifically I'm looking for sites that aim a critical eye on the specifics of mechanics, the competence of narrative, implications of a game's technical implementation (P2P vs client server, damage models, etc), and not things we see on most game related sites such as product reviews and other opinion pieces. As much as I do enjoy these consumer focused sites, I feel as though there is a severe lack of academic or other critical analysis of a game's systems or ethics, aside from an occasional piece on gamasutra or in a classroom somewhere. I enjoy finding these kinds of conversations on this site, but most other places tend to devolve into people yelling opinions at one another, or other chest thumping nonsense. In case I'm being overly obtuse, here are a couple examples: Matthew Matosis, Errant Signal, and Instig8tive Journalism, three youtubers with a similar analytic style Groping the Elephant a blog dedicated to level design in games Tiny Subversions a blog written by Darius Kazemi, generally more focused on the technical implementation of game mechanics and those implications. Also a really nice guy. Cane and Rinse podcast retrospectives on 1+ year old games in a kind of book club format
  4. Inclusion in Gaming

    Hey guys, I've been thinking lately about inclusion in gaming. I've made a video exploring my opinions about inclusion in first person shooters, but I thought it'd be interesting to open up the discussion to other genres as well. What stops you from playing a particular game, or particular genre? Are there any games in particular that feel especially tough to get into, whether due to perceived complexity or difficulty? What about games that were once exclusive but have now become mainstream hits? Is there a game you really want to play but can't for some reason (like it's too expensive, or it would take up too much of your time)? Beardo