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  1. Jotun, Viking of the Colossus

    Hey guys, I've put some thoughts together on Jotun, mainly how I see it as continuing the tradition of oral storytelling. Beautiful game, loved every minute.
  2. Super Mario Maker

    Hey guys, I too have been playing around with Super Mario Maker and I've made a Dark Souls-inspired level called The Catacombs: https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintendo.net/courses/766A-0000-016C-6D7F Please take a look and let me know what you think! I've got a few others uploaded as well, but I like this one the best so far. Beardo.
  3. Plug your shit

    Hey guys, after a long break I've finally finished my new video. This one's looking at the three games I've spent the most time playing and examines why that is. Basically, I like making characters. Check it out! Beardo
  4. We can remaster him. We have the technology.

    My latest video's about the Resident Evil HD Remaster (a remake of a re-imagining) but also looks at the recent trend of remakes, remasters, and re-imaginings. I like a re-release as much as the next guy (especially in the case of Resident Evil; I must've owned 6 or 7 different copies of RE2 over the years) but I think this trend is more about cashing in on name recognition and an inbuilt fanbase rather than real creative iteration.
  5. Android Games

    I've been having loads of fun with Kingdom Rush and its sequels. For me it represents a great pick-up and play tablet game.
  6. Lords of the Fallen: Clunky Souls

    I've done a video review of Lords of the Fallen, mainly in comparison to the Dark Souls series. I enjoyed the game and do think it improved on some aspects of Souls but ultimately it's a much shallower experience.
  7. Aha, good to know. Very interesting.
  8. One minor character in this episode really stuck out for me. When Audrey is getting prepped to meet the owner of One-Eyed Jacks she's being tended to by a bizarre woman, hunched over. When she's finished, the woman scurries off into a hidden door. Seemed to me like she was deliberately disguised, like she was a recognisable actress doing a weird cameo. Stuck in my head.
  9. "Ethics and Journalistic Integrity"

    I wanted to do a video response to all the shit that's gone on recently but I didn't want to repeat arguments that others have better written. So I decided to do a simple list of my favourite women characters. This won't change the world but I had to do something, anything, to show that video games are better when diverse and inclusive to all.
  10. Android Games

    I've played a bit of Wayward Souls but I can't quite get away with the onscreen controls. I'm waiting to play it with a controller, possibly on the newly announced Nexus Player.
  11. Android Games

    Do Androids play with Electric Thumbs? The first in my new series looking at Android games: a review of Hitman Go.
  12. Super Time Force from Capy

    Trying something different with my newest video. Thought I owed it to this amazingly creative game.
  13. Spoiled for choice: adrift in a sea of games

    Some good ideas and discussion here. It's a situation I bring on myself, definitely. There's a lot of interesting research into the paradox of choice, as highlighted by itsamoose.
  14. I know this is a total first world problem, but my latest video explores how and why I struggle to choose my next game to play. Hopefully this doesn't come off like I'm bragging about how many games I've got (I know many other people are in a similar position). I'm just basically thinking out loud. Let me know what you think and if you guys experience similar decision making struggles.
  15. Introverts, social anxiety and multiplayer games

    I did a recent video on this very topic, exploring the reasons why I tend to play multiplayer games solo. I can relate to a lot of the experiences in this thread. Even when I played with a guild in Warcraft I stayed off voice chat and tended toward awkward penguin behaviour. A large part of me playing solo is related to selfishness, as I want to play games on my terms but another significant part relates to social anxiety and introversion.