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Favorite Games

Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone, I’ve begun creating 2D game art that you are welcome to freely use in your projects. Some is pixel art, some is derived from 3D objects that I created, and others are backgrounds that might be useful in visual novels and interactive fiction. You’ll find them on my new “ART” pages on my website: The art pages are located at the bottom of the menu list on the right side of the screen. At this point I’m experimenting with different styles and methods so hopefully I will be able to offer a good variety of things. Please feel free to modify / edit as needed. If you happen to find any of these images helpful and decide to use them, please attribute me in the “game art” section of your credits area. Enjoy!
  2. Hey. I am open to your suggestions on commissions. I can draw almost everything. My prices are very flexible, and you can specify the price in PM. Garanted short terms of painting and high picture quality. I work with professionnals (books, game) and I have a great experience with individual commissionners since three years. My prices are very reasonable. You can check my portfolio here: bradyrain.artstation Skype: Brady Rain Facebook: https: We can negotiate the prices. Feel free to contact me and discuss about the project. -------------------------------------------------------Regards, Dmytro Veseliy-----------------------------------------------------------
  3. ISC's Dev Thread

    Draw! Iv never drawn anything in my life and the assets I make for my own games are ass. So I figured id learn to draw. I've started working through that Scott Robertson perspective book and I do a daily Walk cycle animation. Really though i'm pretty clueless about what i'm actually doing. If anyone has any study advice or whatever i'm always interested. Here's a handful of cycles from the first week or so. Iv got some actual sketches too which i might include in the next dump. Edit: some sketches I left out.
  4. Hey everyone! I'm also learning to make games, but as an artist, not a coder. This thread will (hopefully) be a record of my progress. I don't actually have any work in the industry yet, but hopefully I can get there! Enjoy!
  5. Creativity

    So, I listened to the podcast about the giant print of someone's art here on the forum. What are other people in the community making right now? It can be anything as long as you are making or made it yourself
  6. Artists

    This topic is to help get developers and artists together. This can be either visual or audio. If you're an artist seeking a developer, provide some examples of your work and what types of games you'd like to make. If you're a developer seeking an artist, describe what kind of art you're looking for, possibly a game description or prototype if you have one.