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  1. http://steamcommunity.com/id/myurlforsteam Looking for people to play L4D2 or TF2, if I have a co-op game in my list that you want to play with someone just ask and I will probably install it.
  2. Will do, I havent listened to all the current games so I was unaware she was the resident evil expert.
  3. Video Game Recommendations

    I assume that not everyone can know everything about what new games are out, or even all the old ones that they should really play. So I made this thread where people can name some games off the top of their head that they enjoyed and other users could recommend something based on those. While similar games are fine, it is even better if you can recommend games that on the surface do not share a whole lot of similarities with the suggestions but would still be entertaining based on the aggregate of someone's list.
  4. Creativity

    Yeah, I kinda just made this thread to see what everyone else was up to, Plug your shit seems to be a bit too corporate I guess? not sure that is the right word, but some high schooler can post to a short story they are writing here for fun if they want to. At least, thats what I hope happens with this thread.
  5. Creativity

    How big are these things? There isnt really anything for scale but they look big
  6. Creativity

    Got any pictures of the other ones handy?
  7. Creativity

    So, I listened to the podcast about the giant print of someone's art here on the forum. What are other people in the community making right now? It can be anything as long as you are making or made it yourself
  8. Recently completed video games

    I've heard as much, and I didn't mean to imply that I thought the games are similar. Everything I have ever heard indicates that RE4 was a pretty big change from the first three games. however, many people say RE1 is their favorite, and since I already really like the game universe I am willing to try out the first one even if it is radically different from the 4th
  9. I heard that game Braid could do that.
  10. Recently completed video games

    Wow, now that I think about it I haven't completed a game super recently. My most recent would be my yearly run through of Resident Evil 4 (Gamecube version). I adore this game for a multitude of reasons, and I have been wondering if it's worthwhile to buy Resident Evil 1 HD on steam? I hear that 4 was the first big departure of the series, but if I love RE4 will I still love RE1 if even for different reasons? Also, I am ashamed to admit that this was the first playthrough where i happened to find out about Ditmanning ( I dont know why but I have never read about the game online before this year). Are there any other weird tricks in RE4 I may not know about? Or in any game really, I like reading about this stuff.
  11. New people: Read this, say hi.

    Hi, really like the podcast and after hearing about the forums so much, I decided to see what was up!