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Favorite Games

Found 4 results

  1. Void Eclipse

    We (my brother and I) are a small indie studio (< 4 people) working on a new strategy game. We put our project, Void Eclipse, up on Kickstarter last week and I wanted to share it with this community. Void Eclipse is a blend of genres for fans of turn-based 4X empire building, story-driven single-player campaign, and card battling strategy. Players explore a universe of unique planets and star systems to discover the origin of the android protagonist, interacting with NPCs and saving an alien empire faced with a mysterious threat. Characters in Void Eclipse are represented in battle as 3D animated cards in tactical, turn-based combat. We take full advantage of the Unreal Engine to provide our impressive visuals and special effects. I'd be happy to answer questions folks might have about the game, so speak up! We recently did a short Q&A with eXplorminate too. Check out our Kickstarter and give us your feedback, we're planning to do a beta run next year and would love to have some strategy fans on board helping us.
  2. Heya, Spinner, an indie game dev here! My Online 4X SciFi MMO AD2460 is ready with its ninth cycle, named The Art Of War. The updated game started this Saturday, and it promises a whole lot of improvements, upgrades and changes. A new Battleship is being introduced in the form of the Sun Tzu, featuring a dreaded primary weapon capable of delivering extra chain lightning damage to up to 6 hostile vessels. Also, the entire TechTree has been remade to open up for new combinations of ships and tactics, with new types of buffs, new buff targets and some rather interesting Tier 6 effects... More control has been given to Alliance Leaders and Governors as well, with customizable Bank- and Station-commanders. Not counting the balance-changes, this cycle offers more than 100 improvements compared to its predecessor. And with a fair share of emphasis on improvements that help new players get into the game, this is the perfect time to join. Join for free, no pay-to-win, and a refreshingly friendly, if a bit small, community! I hope to see you in the game!
  3. Civilization V's elimination of unit stacks was a big deal when 1st announced, and now has people asking developers of 4x & TBS games whether they are going to have "stacks of doom" in their games or not. I just got this idea while falling asleep last night. A potential solution to "stacks of doom": pincer attacks. If a stack is attacked in the same turn (or simultaneously, depending on the game design) from more than one direction, it receives a penalty relative to the #/positioning of attackers, as well as the size of the stack. This represents the difficulty of arraying a large army, with its greater reliance on baggage trains and camp followers, against harassing tactics. The alternative is not stacking (putting army in a column). Thoughts? This just came to me.
  4. I don't know if anyone here plays AD2460, but we just launched a huge Add-on for the game, called "Stations". Stations in AD2460 are huge structures within a sector that alliances can take over to increase their dominance in a region. These stations also provide the entire alliance with different types of benefits. The stations will need to be well-defended, as there is no doubt many who will want to lay claim to these mysterious structures. In addition, the user interface has been given an update, and the combat viewer is now full of new and cool information updating live as the battle unfolds. If anyone is curious to how this looks, here is a sample combat from the live game: As I am one of the developers in our 3-man-company, feel free to ask any questions you might have, and I will do my best to answer them! Kind regards Christian "Spinner" Lassem