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  1. This is pretty much the opposite of the kinds of games that I like to play, but I am very glad that this Game/Simulation was covered. It's interesting seeing what's out there, even if I'd never want to master something so involved.
  2. Dungeon of the Endless?
  3. Wowzer. 1997 was the first year I was allowed to buy games with violence. For me, that meant Warcraft II, Age of Empires, and Total Annihilation.
  4. Episode 403: Survival Strategy

    Tropico 2 is definitely the odd game out of the series, given the different period and mechanics. Good point! Pirates are usually pretty awesome, though. Honestly, survival strategy could probably be its own podcast, given the popularity of survival mechanics. Also, there goes the 85 hours I spent on Dungeon of the Endless when I was doing archaeological fieldwork and living out of a motel room with only my laptop.
  5. Thea: the Awakening rewarded play, regardless of whether a game was a win, loss, or abandonment. I'd probably play a lot more RogueLikes if I got goodies for sticking it out.
  6. That I don't know, and I was being a snarky doofus in my last post. Apologies if any offense was taken. Back on topic, I think that a lot of games don't really get into how effective mass arrow-fire can be after the history of roleplaying games nerfing ranged weapons. After all, having melee troops is pointless if you don't have a way to get the into melee before being killed by projectiles. Perhaps the fire-arrows in M2TW are overpowered and weren't as historically-important as they are in the game, but their overpowered nature probably derives in part from the player's inability to tell their shield-carrying troops to "hold their damn shields over their damn heads" while advancing under fire.
  7. Yes. Yes you should. It's like E.A. Poe + H.P. Lovecraft + tactical rpg + heroin. I'm 50 hours in, getting adventurers sent through the meat grinder, and I couldn't be happier.
  8. Of course archery is powerful, why else would England put so much effort to mandating longbow practice?
  9. Meh. It's Bruce's on the podcast to be contrariness, I think. That's part of being Bruce.
  10. Paradox buys White Wolf

    There's a lot of good games that could be made, besides sequels to Bloodlines. There need to be some games exploring White Wolf's spirit world.
  11. Battlezone Sacrifice Brutal Legend Hostile Water: Antaeus Rising Kingdom Under Fire Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War Yeah, that's definitely enough games for an episode...
  12. Never played Antaeus Rising. Could be good for a lark. There seems to be enough games of this type for an episode?
  13. Listening to Ep#274 (mail call) and Rob's fond reminiscing of Sacrifice, I was reminded of another similar game of that mold. I got a copy of Battlezone with the Gateway PC I had as a kid (along with some non-strategy games) and played the heck of it. Admittedly, the orders interface wasn't great, as it relied on moving from the WASD to the number keys, but trying to shoot and command at the same time was rarely a good idea in-game anyway. The setting was also pretty ridiculous, but it does make me wonder why there haven't been that many similar games, or ones that used a similar interface...
  14. Civilization V's elimination of unit stacks was a big deal when 1st announced, and now has people asking developers of 4x & TBS games whether they are going to have "stacks of doom" in their games or not. I just got this idea while falling asleep last night. A potential solution to "stacks of doom": pincer attacks. If a stack is attacked in the same turn (or simultaneously, depending on the game design) from more than one direction, it receives a penalty relative to the #/positioning of attackers, as well as the size of the stack. This represents the difficulty of arraying a large army, with its greater reliance on baggage trains and camp followers, against harassing tactics. The alternative is not stacking (putting army in a column). Thoughts? This just came to me.
  15. Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation

    Nye, while not an actual scientist, is an excellent science educator. However, I prefer Stephen J. Gould's popular books on evolution, as they were written in the pre-Facebook era and are thus less preachy.