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  1. Job Hunting

    Sometimes my fantasies about working a job that is Not This One get so out of hand that I think of applying to a great company in a far off place, say, oh, maybe Amsterdam, knowing that the associated salary and requirement to uproot myself, belongings, and associated lives would be a complete wrench and indeed a Very Difficult Decision. But then it is a great company doing something truly worthwhile, so. Hm. This reminded me of the stories about Apple's first live demonstration of the iPhone. Not that I'm saying Apple is or was haphazardly managed, but that account makes the iPhone demo sound like a very close-run thing. Of course they had many additional factors in their favor. I don't know why I brought it up really. Silly.
  2. E3 2015

    I'm not sure how relevant it is, but the Xbox conference didn't start horribly late in Euroland, unlike Bethesda, Ubisoft and PlayStation.
  3. Steam Summer Sale Spendapalooza

    Yeah, according to Steam you are "not available to trade".Unless there's another way then maybe it's time to sell what you have for Steam wallet funds before the Sale cards vanish at 19:00 European today?
  4. Steam Summer Sale Spendapalooza

    What card are you missing, Tanu?
  5. Perhaps it's that Tales already had a reputation that was framing perspectives on what Sunset was. Sunset's appreciative critical reception would have enabled them to more effectively court that audience with whatever came next, if it was as 'accessible'. Well. Back to hoping for Pewdie / Notch / Mobile or Console Publisher / David Bowie to swoop in.
  6. Whaaaaat. But surely Sunset is their best work yet, a true breakthrough moment, a beacon for things to come. Is it not? Is it not good?
  7. Job Hunting

    Tanukitsune, am I right in saying that English is not your mother tongue? Because your written proficiency is top level. If you can acquire the relevant certification (or perhaps even if not), perhaps you could leverage your bilingual skills and knowledge of the butcher's trade to find something in a trading or logistics company? Or do localisation for Squenix. Congrats Merus. Sounds like it'd be right up your street. Keep it up Nat!
  8. E3 2015

    Xbox is another co-sponsor along with AMD. Which could make things slightly awkward for other outlets if anything big about Xbox console / Win10 cross-play is dropped during the conf.
  9. Half-Life 3

  10. Steam Summer Sale Spendapalooza

    Thanks Dew! Yeah that was part of the appeal but i'm sure those guides will prove invaluable. Or at least as valuable as my $1 purchase. Found myself in a Monster Summer Game room with a couple of other Thumbs this time. I don't know who organized it but it's insane. Only 43rd in the world but steamrolling through levels in 5 seconds a pop.
  11. Can We Discuss the Possibility of Shenmue 3?

    Come on GC, everyone knows it'll be worth $20k in 10 years time if you keep it factory sealed.
  12. Steam Summer Sale Spendapalooza

    I bought Divine Divinity for the heavenly sum of one (1) smacker, then webSteam logged me out and won't let me log back in. Thanks, I guess?
  13. Steam Summer Sale Spendapalooza

    Yeah, the group I was in for day 2 had around the 1,000 minimum split almost evenly across the three lanes. Maybe 20 players were active at the 15/17 hour mark? Turns out it's possible to choose a room using console commands, there's also a site that shows which room numbers have the most levels and clicks for maximum pile-ons. I guess I'm kind of glad it's not as mercilessly honed as other examples of the form...
  14. Job Hunting

    That's great news Mangels! Congrats and all the best for a humane Monday
  15. Steam Summer Sale Spendapalooza

    Is there any merit, or at least minimal disadvantage, in us trying to pile into the same game together when it resets in a few hours?
  16. Steam Summer Sale Spendapalooza

    Yeah I was thinking about getting hold of that too, as a multiplayer mode is coming July 1 and it could provide some good japes.
  17. Steam Summer Sale Spendapalooza

    Clicker Heroes crossed with Dota 2, right? The pre-sale price rise stuff seems like a thing that would go against consumer protection laws in a lot of places.
  18. General Video Game Deals Thread

    Steam sale imminence. I should have idled those 90 cards months ago!
  19. Splatoon is Ink-redible

    I have this but I don't have a Wii U why
  20. Media by women

    Thank you so much moddy and ftd for the music selections. Maybe because I am browsing at just the right point in the day, after a relatively prolonged absence from IT boards, but it's good. It's good. (I am also hideously out of touch) Here's one that might work for May 31st? The Jim O'Rourke cover of the Ivor Cutler and Linda Hirst song.
  21. Plug your shit

    Thanks to you (and them), that was a great read.
  22. howdoyoudeletepostsusingmobileview
  23. Amazing thanking of Obama there. The Konami thing, as a result of all this KojiPro brouhaha I learnt that Konami operates a number of gym complexes in Japan. Guess they've got other things to be getting on with!
  24. At this point I'm most interested in seeing if and how GOG (and, to a lesser but related sense, The Witcher 3 team) might respond to this.
  25. So are the Thumbs maybe, just maybe saying that on this occasion Nintendo EAD might be a codeword for the secret remnants of THQ Blue Tongue of De Blob fame? ...maybe?