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  1. Job Hunting

    I think this is a common enough state to warrant its own thread. I'm going to start with a rant, but there's room for positive stuff, advice etc too! I remember when to get a job you just had to post your CV in, come in for a ten minute chat and that was it. Now you have to register online, fill in all your details (address, education, job history, references) bit by bit into badly formatted boxes, write a massive long thing about why you're right for the job, write out different examples of when you showed innovation, dealt with a difficult customer etc, then attach your CV and cover letter anyway despite having just fed them piecemeal into a load of shitty text boxes, then go for an interview, do some fucking Krypton Factor challenges, then do an interview where you get to answer the same stupid example requests that you've already written a mini-essay about in your online application. Then a second interview where you talk about the same stuff but with another person in the room listening, then you get turned down because you talked about having regular catch-up meetings but you didn't use the phrase "one to one". Other shit thing about job-hunting: everyone asking "how's the job-hunting going?" Well, I haven't got a job, so it's going poorly. It will continue to go poorly until I get a job, at which point it will be over. What do they expect the answer to be? "Oh, it's going really well! I haven't been offered any jobs yet but applying for them is so FUN!"