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  1. Life

    Don't move to London Nach! That's the devil's territory. Logically, that's probably the only place for you in your chosen line of work though. I made a pact with myself years ago to never move to London, as I was at university in Reading and that was 'the thing to do' once you graduated. I never had the urge, as visiting the place always made me feel filthy, blowing horrible black shit out of my nose for days and this horrible film sticking to your skin - am willing to admit this may have been down to the areas that my friends lived in, being poor ex-students. I did end up living in London for 10 months recently, but that was with a cracking salary, so I could go where I wanted and do what I wanted whenever, with a flat in Angel. Moving there with no money can be a miserable experience. That said, I couldn't be bothered to go out all the time, but I enjoyed the weekends there going to all the museums and the odd show down the west end. My housemate had some kind of Tate Modern membership, so we (the g/f and I) got into loads of stuff there on the cheap using his card. I did notice that I became a wanker in crowds more or less immediately, with no patience at all with people dicking around being slow on pavements: to the extent where one guy, walking backwards towards me while chatting to a girl crossing the street nearly walked into me. Instead of me moving, I gave him a double-handed shove out of the way. Now back in the provinces, in the countryside, I have returned to my polite ways Regarding boozing - some much in this country seemed angled towards getting lashed on fridays. Of course, I used to do this but grew out of it in my late twenties, particularly the busy bars with loud crap music where you're all sandwiched in 'having a good time'. I still get lashed (though nowhere near as often or as bad as my body is getting old! ), but in much more pleasant surroundings. Am more acutely conscious of the way booze inflicts harm on my body too. In short though, you should be able to feel comfortable in not ordering alcohol in a bar if you don't want to. Stick to your guns
  2. COH2

    Ah, yeh, sorry. I never refer to it as it's full length title, mainly 'cos I know what it is immediately. Contextual error on my part there. There appears to be a new Theatre of War game mode in this too, which seems to be a bit of co-op.
  3. Nextbox 1080: The Reckoning

    Yeh, the always online thing makes a little more sense after that article. Still not keen, but it at least makes more sense.
  4. Nextbox 1080: The Reckoning

    XBox Infinity. Kind of destroys the brand for any further advancement beyond this one.
  5. Nice to see someone that good still have problems with that corner on Chenghou!
  6. PS Vita

    Papercraft too. Incidentally - is that Marvel fighting game any cop?
  7. PAX East 2013

    'Enforcers'? That sounds pretty sinister! Also, last year I'd promised myself that I'd fly over for this. But no, forgot to buy tickets, and when I did think about it, they were all sold out. So maybe next year. Wanted to visit Boston for a long time.
  8. Life

    Best get ready to kill her and roll her up in a carpet before dumping her in the river.
  9. Anyone playing The Castle Doctrine?

    Yeh same. An 'MMPG' if you like.
  10. SimCity: The City Simulator

    Well. Suspected. Now we know.
  11. SimCity: The City Simulator

    Maxis employee breaks cover. Oops.
  12. Retro/Grade

    Anyone played this? If not,I strongly recommend that you try it! (Came out in August, so chances are you have ) Heard that it had come out on steam, a lot of good stuff written about it. so grabbed the demo from PSN. Played it solid for the last 3 hours. In short: Reverse schmup, but a beat-matching game. 'Gather' your laser blasts in time with the music, while avoiding bullets. Hm. Sounds lame when described like that. Don't listen to me - check out EG:
  13. SimCity: The City Simulator

    Check this shit out! Good effort from someone.
  14. Retro/Grade

    It didn't actually occur to me that you would have to use a guitar - there is the option, but because it's cloaked in schmup uniform, quite happy using the pad. I don't have a guitar any more anyway
  15. SimCity: The City Simulator

    This one is though!
  16. Life

  17. PS Vita

    Assassins Creed III sounds pretty good. I also bought Dokuro recently, which is a fab little game with really discreet puzzles and instant restart. Thinking about Marvel Vs. Capcom too. Currently holding my attention is Super Stardust Delta and Wipeout. (& Dokuro obvs.)
  18. EVE Online

    It is not very much like WoW, beyond the MMO moniker I don't think. The permanent loss of gear for one thing makes it far more heart racing. There aren't many games that make you sweat and shake so much after a PvP engagement - more so if you happen to have a full set of snake implants. As for the cockpit business, the ships don't have a 'cockpit' in any real sense. The lore goes that you are in your 'egg' that is buried deep within the ship, and it interfaces directly with your brain, so there are no windows to look out of etc.
  19. EVE Online

    I msg'd you last night as you popped up on steam playing eve. Been toying with a re-sub.
  20. Life

    'Second Wind'?
  21. Getting into PC gaming

    I've been looking at an upgrade. With being so far behind on current tech, I have found 2 links which give a rough guide to prices/power: With the 2nd one having a better mobo (so I'm told), but the first one having a better gfx card. Here is a list of things that you could get for £685 (including taxes) 128GB SanDisk Pulse, 2.5" SSD 7mm Slim SATA III - 6Gb/s, MLC-Flash, Read 490MB/s, Write 350MB/s, 8000 IOPS 2 x Corsair 3XS Only Vengeance LP Black 1600Mhz C9 8GB Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H70 Core Performance CPU Cooler with 2x PWM Fans 120mm Radiator Intel Core i5 3570K,1155, Ivy Bridge, Quad Core, 3.4GHz MSI Z77 MPower Zalman Z9+ Case MSI HD 7850 OC 2048MB with Tomb Raider & Bioshock PC Games The numbers are meaningless to me at the moment, but that will change as I look into it. These could be a good starting point for you - but you can of course, spend as much as you want to. I've seen full on gaming rigs for over £6K!
  22. Edit. Sorry, this appears to be very old indeed. Only just seen it
  23. Games that nail atmosphere and immersion

    Strange how different games do this to different people. I was excited about DE:HR before it came out - after playing it for a couple of hours, it was more 'meh'. It bored me silly.