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Favorite Games

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  1. Playing through Miasmata, I'm struck by how much I love it, and how much I've loved other games that conjure a different place incredibly well, often through not being terribly gamey. There's no HUD until you absolutely need it, and the gameplay mechanics force me to pay close attention to my environment; I love when the terrain is so important, and knowing my way around becomes essential and is supported by the mechanics. ----- STALKER and STALKER: Clear Sky were incredible for this; I loved them both to pieces because they had incredible worlds and game mechanics and stories that pushed you out into those worlds, often in a very immersive way. Far Cry 2 (duh): With the sound off this is an incredible one, for the lack of an intrusive HUD and open, do-it-yourself gameplay. This is why Far Cry 3 (let it never be named) is such a failure for me; intrusive UI, horrible minimap, on-rails missions in a gorgeous, immersive world. Just too painful to be near. Crysis; Awesome to just be in that world, though it was only playable on Delta for me, because I hated the enemy and grenade highlighting on lower difficulties. I loved being a predator, and how the UI stuff mainly happened in the main game. Not a lot of HUD and map management. Skyrim captured my imagination in a serious way, though there is a bit too much game here to be on this list. Too many menu screens, too much sorting of stuff to really fit the bill as an immersive game about atmosphere. --- What are the others? I hear Metro 2033 has some amazing atmosphere, and STALKER: The Middle One will probably be really fun for me as I loved the 1st and 3rd games. What else has incredible atmosphere and is really immersive?