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Favorite Games

Found 3 results

  1. Assassin's Creed Origins

    started playing this the other day and was surprised to find a lot of the qualities Thumbs folk usually bring up when talking about a Far Cry 2-like. Yes, it has hunting and crafting, but it's fairly simple and mostly just encouragement to stalk new kinds of prey through the dunes/savannas . It's heavily inspired by The Witcher 3, though its rpg elements fall more on the action/stealth side, (numbers shoot out of people when you hit them) though there are also similarities to what MGSV was doing. --- Here's a story about the attached image. I was hunting some lions and hyenas for their pelts to craft better armor. near one of the lions i killed i found a cave, in this cave was some money and a shrine, alone with a note about how some dude wanted to start a new life living with lions on the hill west of there. ( i should point out a previous quest established that this region worships a lion-god) I made my way up the hill, found and fought the pride of lions, and found the poor dude and this note. on my way back to the city I was scanning the area with my pet eagle, Senu (she's basically a drone and can mark targets) and noticed an armed convoy of gold heading into town. I decided to attack it. just as i started shooting arrows and swinging my sword on horseback, a lion also attacked the convoy and split their attention. I hacked up two guys, and the final one had gotten knocked off his horse somehow and was cornered by the lion. He was the one carrying the gold. The lion finally noticed me, and turned on me instead as the soldier watched on, occasionally firing an arrow at me. I'd already built up my adrenaline gauge from fighting the other two guys, and while slicing at the lion it finally got high enough for me to trigger it. for the weapon i was using, that basically meant i started flailing wildly and hacked the lion to death in seconds, then as my character literally roared, i rushed at the final man. he was a level below me (the lion was my level) and didn't stand a chance. --- the game controls a lot better than some previous ones, and stealth is pretty fun too. you can light things on fire (if you want to light your arrow on fire you literally stand in front of fire and nock an arrow, it's great) which works as a great distraction, and do typical stealth stuff like whistle or hide in tall grass and bushes. But I personally think the types of readers on this forum will be most interested in the kinds of things that can happen when stuff doesnt go according to plan or weird systems collide, like a rival group of bandits raiding the bandit camp you're trying to sneakily steal something from, or a sandstorm rolls in when you're in an isolated area. (you can't use your scouting eagle in a sandstorm) Uh, also, if you play this game at all, play it on the hardest difficulty. anything below that really won't challenge you to use everything you have access to.
  2. Hello everybody! Not sure I've posted here before. I was watching the Idle Thumbs stream of Far Cry 2, and they were idly postulating whether they could stream themselves playing Far Cry 2 with the Oculus Rift, but have the gameplay stream itself look normal, and not the lens corrected two eye distorted dealie. I wrote to them, initially to explain it could be possible, but in researching my answer I started to figure out how to do it in practice. The Vireio Perception driver creates a directx 9 proxy to hijack the API calls coming out of a dx9 game and present it to the viewer in stereoscopic 3D and warped for viewing in the Oculus. This works for a variety of games, including Far Cry 2. This is the driver that made playing Skyrim in the Oculus Rift possible, if not a little awkward. Its not perfect, but it's the only way OR support will come to some of these titles. So before long I had a lengthy explanation of how to go about playing Far Cry 2 with a Oculus Rift, with some adjustments to the Perception driver to add additional views to the output which were undistorted. Trouble is, I made some mistakes, and didn't actually test it with the game before I sent them the details. Long story short, what I sent along is vary unusable. So I decided to come here and enlist some help from others with the Oculus Rift Dev Kits who would like to help me figure this out. There are two main issues I haven't worked out: 1) creating an entry in Perception\cfg\profiles.xml which make Far Cry 2 work well with the Oculus Rift, and 2) to design an effect file which correctly maps the eyes to the Rift, while also presenting undistorted views to the other monitors in an NVIDIA Surround configuration. I attached my draft instructions and HLSL shader which goes into Perception\fx The main idea here is to set up a virtual device spanning multiple monitors and then put undistorted views to the right the distorted ones directed at the OR headset. My current shader crops to 1/3 of the resolution but that's some serious tunnel vision. There is an attribute aspect_multiplier in the configuration files, but this variable isn't actually used in the source code. Work in progress, I guess. Thanks in advance. farcry_rift_instructions.txt SideBySideRiftStreamdotfx.txt
  3. Playing through Miasmata, I'm struck by how much I love it, and how much I've loved other games that conjure a different place incredibly well, often through not being terribly gamey. There's no HUD until you absolutely need it, and the gameplay mechanics force me to pay close attention to my environment; I love when the terrain is so important, and knowing my way around becomes essential and is supported by the mechanics. ----- STALKER and STALKER: Clear Sky were incredible for this; I loved them both to pieces because they had incredible worlds and game mechanics and stories that pushed you out into those worlds, often in a very immersive way. Far Cry 2 (duh): With the sound off this is an incredible one, for the lack of an intrusive HUD and open, do-it-yourself gameplay. This is why Far Cry 3 (let it never be named) is such a failure for me; intrusive UI, horrible minimap, on-rails missions in a gorgeous, immersive world. Just too painful to be near. Crysis; Awesome to just be in that world, though it was only playable on Delta for me, because I hated the enemy and grenade highlighting on lower difficulties. I loved being a predator, and how the UI stuff mainly happened in the main game. Not a lot of HUD and map management. Skyrim captured my imagination in a serious way, though there is a bit too much game here to be on this list. Too many menu screens, too much sorting of stuff to really fit the bill as an immersive game about atmosphere. --- What are the others? I hear Metro 2033 has some amazing atmosphere, and STALKER: The Middle One will probably be really fun for me as I loved the 1st and 3rd games. What else has incredible atmosphere and is really immersive?