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  1. PS Vita

    Pretty sure I've read that it's region free. Is anyone more certain of this than me? I'm off to Japan very shortly... And will be back before UK launch date. If they are, I reckon there might be an ebay premium for folk who MUST HAVE IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Failing that, might get one for myself, if they are cheap enough. Heard that there are discounts...
  2. San Francisco Residents!

    I know there are a few on here. We're planning on coming over to the states in January, hopefully for a month, landing at SF and driving to Tampa, potentially Miami, depending on how we feel. From sea to shining sea, so to speak - but this ain't no Cannonball. Anyway - what are the temps like in Jan in SF? Are they ok? Or are they quite low? The intertubes say that it can go as low as 5 degrees C (~40 F). Does it usually get down that low? Or is the average a little better? Thanks
  3. Mad Men

    I saw 'Mad Men' on Beeb 2 last ninght. Enjoyed it a lot, I think it's by one of the guys beheind the Soprano's (which, as we all know, was the best thing on telly in it's early series ).
  4. I loved these type of games. While I never played the seminal Dungeon Master, I played EoB1, 2 and 3 to death. This harks back to it, and the review have been very positive across the board! Supposed to be released 11/04/12 - so I waited up until midnight to start the download. Yes, not been this excited about a game for a loooong time. Anyway, turns out it's a worldwide release, so we have to wait for steam. 17.00 GMT, I think.
  5. Movie/TV recommendations

    The Grand Budapest Hotel. This film is delightful..
  6. Post your face!

    Mine is still as bushy as ever (although not in that pic), however, I have started to go grey at the temples. Time.
  7. Post your face!

    Sigh. When this thread started I wasn't nearly 40. Now I am.
  8. Job Hunting

    Agreed. It often means they're just going through the motions to show due diligence before giving the job to someone they know - who clearly was the best for the role, as no-one had the required experience etc. etc. etc. blah blah
  9. Job Hunting

    I hear you. However, I just rely on one or two agents that I trust and knowing people. I think the last job that I got from a CV was in 2000, since then it's just been a good relationship with a person at an agency who isn't a dick and knows me, and contacts that I've since made. I look at the job market now and really do feel sorry for people coming out of school/university and having to go through that whole rigmarole.
  10. Amsterdam/Brussels

  11. The blackwell convergence Anyone played this? It looks quite charming.
  12. Ever since RPS previewed it in Oct, been waiting slavishly. The alpha is now out, for the princely sum of ~$8 - half the full release cost. It's blimmin difficult, particularly as there's no documentation around how the trap logic works - although that's part of the fun. The 'robbing' section seems a little crap at the moment, as if you fill your house with rottweilers and nothing else, it's hard to get around, as you probably can't carry enough guns (v. expensive) or drugged meat. So, some balancing required, or the game itself might reach its natural balance as people get more experienced.
  13. Movie/TV recommendations

    I'm looking forward to this. Only heard about it about a week ago, and read the synopsis, but reading what you said makes me all the more excited. Jan 17th in the UK!
  14. San Francisco Residents!

    Man, it's coming up to 1 year since we visited SF (and the US). Where the fuck did it go? *mutter mutter old man mumble*
  15. Things That Improve Your Life

    Real-time updates to wikipedia from unregistered users. Pretty mesmerising!
  16. Meeting people from the internet is weird

    During the earlyish (pre-teen I suppose to anthropomorphosise) days of the WWW ('93) I used to spent a lot of time on the online real-time 'talkers' based on the Ew-too code. Called Foothills, Surfers and a myriad of others, but those were the two I hung around on. Foothills was US based, Surfers UK. Anyway, it was really cool as I got to talk to actual people around the world! So there were a couple of meets organised, and as Reading University had a fairly large Surfers presence, the first meet was held there. I think around 30 people made it down/up/across. That was pretty weird, as you may imagine it was mostly geeky types that turned up. I found it all very uncomfortable in the main, trying to get along with people IRL when previously it was so easy to do so in text form. There was a lot of posturing and geeky showing off. Not much fun. Now I'm a bit older, I can appreciate meeting folk from the internet - it's a lot more common now, so people have got used to doing it and 'know' how to behave. If you follow.
  17. Cartoons!

    Like the idea of a story arc. Plus there's loads to watch and catch up on! Nice one
  18. Cartoons!

    What's it called? Mystery Incorporated?
  19. Cartoons!

    This new scooby doo - is it 'What's new scooby doo' from 2002?
  20. Life

    Ah right. Well, am building one now myself, was going to offer advice if you needed it Best of luck! Ours has been a non-stop rollercoaster of things not happening as they should!
  21. Life in you're going to build it from scratch? Or it's just tired and needs refurbing?
  22. Life

    San Antonio was one of our favourite towns that we visited while we were over there. At least you live in a lovely town to do whatever you decide in.
  23. Life

    Ones that I use in Eve daily: /o\ - oh noes! 07 - salute
  24. Life

    ...or perhaps just British. Having travelled all over Europe and further afield with a vegetarian friend, the choice available to veggie (and other dietary choices) is pretty thin anywhere but here. This might might be changing slowly, but was certainly true a few years ago to my experiences.
  25. COH2

    Any of youse planning on getting this? The beta is shaping up nicely. I know TychoCelchuu is playing, 'cos I see his name all over the Sega forums, Gamereplays and