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  1. This looks gorgeous, and in the ultimate form of flattery, I really want to see if I am able to replicate this in some way. The controls look really intuitive, introducing a micro tutorial to the start screen is ingenious, and the colour scheme is gorgeous. Please keep this up!
  2. [Released] Dunkin' Bronuts

    It's probably a fools hope, but I now plan to sleep. Turns out, Labour can be *hard*! I've added Released to the title name. Thanks everyone!
  3. The style of this is through the roof! Well done!
  4. [Released] Dunkin' Bronuts

    After 2 days and 4 hours of labour, my little lady is about to arrive! And with that I am calling this game released. 🍼
  5. [Released] Dunkin' Bronuts

    Playtesters needed! It's quite hard to test a 2 player game by yourself, so if you and a friend have a minute or two to spare, give the latest version of the game a try and give me feedback. So, we now have sound effects! We have a better throw feel! Any extra changes to the game that I want to do will probably take longer than I'd like, and may have to wait until after baby is born before I'm willing to take them on. If someone wants to help with more sprites, for jumping, and throwing states of the creatures, for example I'd be happy to code them in, but I don't have the time to do that work myself. I'd also like to make the arc of the throw slower, so players have more time to try and catch the nuts, but that would require me rewriting my (terrible) throwing code. I would prefer to ship this in it's current state with the hope of revisiting it at a later date. Any smaller feedback I receive will be worked on when resting from putting together baby beds and things.
  6. [Dev Log] The First Great Brand War

    ughhh this looks so good!
  7. [Released] Christmas is Cancelled

    Good start, and more Overcooked is fine by me. Welcome to Wizard Jam!
  8. That Warroid is a Dick [Devlog]

    zerofiftyone was being literal.
  9. Veggie Panino Tactics [Release]

    I'm far too excited to see how this shapes out. I'm loving the style of what you have so far.
  10. Priority Businessing

    Another game engine recommendation: check out PICO-8 if you are looking into Love. The tight constraints of the engine may help keeping your work in scope.
  11. I'm very interested in this! placeholder graphics withstanding, I can see what you are aiming for. The movement looks fun.
  12. [Released] Dunkin' Bronuts

    I've now updated the game so it tells you who wins. It also has music, and a splash screen. The game is feature complete, and if I had to release the game in it's latest form, I would be okay with it. That being said, I would love to give the game more polish. I would like to tune the difficulty of the game a little bit. Catching the opponents nuts is too difficult as the throw is too fast. I would like there to be more of an arc to the throw. I would like more animation on the characters, and I'd like to add some screen shake when a character scores. It would be good to add some sfx to actions, too.
  13. [Released] Dunkin' Bronuts

    I figured out how to export to a html file! I'll get something up onto now. Edit: link is in the first post
  14. [Released] Dunkin' Bronuts

    I will host the game on if I can, it is more that I don’t know how to turn a game made in the PICO-8 engine into a web game without hosting it on their forum.