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  1. Baby Driver (Boss Baby Successor)

    I thought the comedy in this film worked especially well because the film was otherwise so straight-faced. I guess I just left the film thinking about the dazzling stunts and meticulous setpieces more than anything else. Every scene, even the simplest dialogue scenes, almost felt like action setpieces! I haven't been able to *stop* thinking about this movie for days now.. Also, I'm really happy that it seems it did well already. Made on a $34 mil budget and its US box office numbers are already at $39 mil I think (unless that's an estimate?). Would've been sad if this was the end of big budget Edgar Wright movies.
  2. I just have to say the title of this episode is out of control! Love it!
  3. Baby Driver (Boss Baby Successor)

    Baby Driver was fantastic. Absolute blast to watch and I left the theater with a real sense of joy. Have been listening to the soundtrack on repeat since seeing it last night. It's a beautiful film, with both action and regular scenes choreographed perfectly to the soundtrack. The film isn't just edited to the music, the scenes are acted in sync with the music in long takes and it's mesmerizing to watch. It's like the jukebox scene from Shaun of the Dead extended to an entire film. The story is super simple, basic car chase/heist film pastiche and knowingly so. It's almost singularly focused on dazzling you and it's well worth it, IMO.
  4. Is this the Jumanji envisioned by young Nick.
  5. Here's the demo reel from the VFX house in charge of the visual effects in The Return. Suffice to say, they're a bigshot CGI house. They did the effects for the new Cosmos and are currently doing VFX for the new Blade Runner movie. It's really exciting to see an established VFX house like this, who are able to create basically anything, directed to create some weird, totally Lynchian effects. They're sparingly used (except in this latest episode) and the CGI stuff they do doesn't always look like standard seamless CGI effects (like that weird effect when Cooper was sucked into the electrical outlet) but it is executed flawlessly from a technical standpoint. If we're lucky, BUF will eventually release a VFX breakdown video for Twin Peaks The Return. We can only hope! EDIT: Haha, wow there was even some Batman & Robin footage in that demo reel. Possibly the same people working on Mr. Freeze's effects have now made a flawless slow-motion atom bomb for Twin Peaks.
  6. Holy shit, that slow-motion atom bomb.. Like.. this episode was absolutely *packed* with grade A CGI. The slow-motion nuclear blast looked amazing. The insides of the blast effect looked amazing. Even the ocean and long track into the Giant's domain looked fantastic. All that really complex CGI coupled with the classic overlaying footage and weird timelapse motion stuff.. I feel like this episode made it absolutely clear that Lynch's visual choices in regards to CGI and compositing are totally considered and deliberate. When he wants things to look real, they look real. Sometimes he just wants weird hobos overlaid on top of footage like ghosts... and sometimes Lynch wants realistic, gross liquid simulations coming out of a monster's mouth.
  7. Megaversion 1.3 is out on all platforms now. Enjoy the carefree terminal warping.
  8. CONTROVERSIAL v1.2 UPDATE I've added a difficulty level selector in the main menu. "Walk In The Park" for baby gamers, "Just Normal Stuff" for regular people and "Extremely Difficult" for Lu. Also, after much thought we've disabled the auto-scroll. RIP auto-scroll. Get all the hot new platform versions at
  9. Mac and Linux builds are up!
  10. The Squenix gif? Looks fine to me.
  11. Whoops! Null Reference error!
  12. [Release] Order Order

    Oh wow, this is looking slick! Can't wait to try it out!
  13. Getting ready for death animation prefab!
  14. Lu and toblix have been hard at work on the game loop, making it perfect. Meanwhile, I've been art'ing some more. Here's the enemy drone's animation:
  15. E3 2017

    The little skyscraper bonus-level looks really sparse, but the rest of New Donk City looked amazing IMO. Tons of good attention to detail (like the stoplights being question blocks!) and just a really nice, weird aesthetic. I would definitely not call it rough, at least that wasn't my impression after seeing the three different worlds demo'ed.
  16. E3 2017

    METROID FUCKING PRIME 4! That title's all we get, but fuck if it isn't exciting. Also Mario Odyssey is deliciously weird. It's one big-ass bowl of all the weird shit Mario Team could come up with. Everything! I love it!
  17. E3 2017

    I really, really liked the Mario+Rabbids thing. It looked like a fun X-Com with long strings of combos. And the art was good.
  18. God damnit, Richard Horne running over that kid hit me so hard... I had to stop and take a break from the episode...
  19. E3 2017

    I'm bewildered they link to that thread, because he did not come off well in it IMO..
  20. And now CTRL.SHFT shoots!
  21. [Released ] The Wizard

    Oh my god this looks so impossibly good!!
  22. Thanks so much! Looking at our github repo, it seems it took about two hours to do the power station graphic, animate it and put it in the game.
  23. Thank you, atte. CyberJKO appreciates!