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  1. New Incremental Design Tool Coming Next Week!

    The tool is now live: Please try it out and provide feedback
  2. Have you ever wanted to create Incremental Games but were stopped by your lack of coding skills and understanding of how the elements of the game should be structured as well as how they relate to each other? Tool is accepting pre-beta signups now. Get in on the ground floor! This new tool allows creators to define currencies, producers, upgrades, achievements, and prestiges. With a few clicks, the appearance of individual elements within the game can be altered. Additionally, interactive instructions are provided that explain what each element does and which options are available to the creator. If you are interested in beta testing this new tool, please sign up at https://www.incrementaldesigntool.com/beta as soon as possible, as there are a limited number of beta accounts.
  3. Spacegame - need feedback

    it looks good, I am personally interested in this type of game. However I am not to keen on any Multiplayer Aspect. You may want to try something more mission based like Star Trek Legacy. Also the models look like they could work well in a game like free space, which is a modible 3d space game with an existing ifrastructure https://wiki.hard-light.net/index.php/Main_Page i myself do not have modding experience, but from some of the mods I tried it was a very good engine from a player standpoint.
  4. IDLE ISLAND TYCOON: Survival game

    wow, this looks really good. Will totally give it a try